Author's Note: This is what happens when I'm on pain meds. You get stuff like this. This, I think, will be part of a series of little stories showing what goes on behind the scenes of Avatar.


(Aang, Sokka, and Katara)

Actors and actresses are walking around, some discussing previous takes. Cameras are temporarily shut off and brightly painted sets are not in use. It is lunchtime on the set of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Sokka sits in his chair, relaxing. A tall coffee cup from Starbucks in his hand.

Katara: What are you drinking?

Sokka: (looks down at cup, then takes a drink) Raspberry Mocha Latte.

Aang: (teasing) That's not a very "manly" drink, Sokka.

Sokka: (blushes for a moment and then glares at Aang) Oh yeah, well what do you know about being manly, airhead. You're only twelve.

Aang: (smiles brightly) Correction, one-hundred and twelve.

Sokka: (slaps palm to forehead and rolls eyes) Oh God, he's doing it again. Aang, listen to me, on the show you are one hundred and twelve. In real life, you are only twelve. Got it."

Aang nods, still smiling.

Katara: (glares at Sokka) Give him a break, Sokka. Out of all of us, he went through the most to get into character. They shaved his head and tattooed him.

Sokka: (slaps palm to forehead again) Not you too. Look they didn't tattoo him. (rubs hand across Aang's forehead and shows Katara his hand. Blue paint is smeared all over it) It's all makeup. Just like that Zuko kid. That scar. Nothing but the magic of makeup and a very gifted makeup artist named Sharon.

Aang: (rubs forehead and looks at blue paint on hand) Makeup?

Sokka: (takes a drink from the cup in his hand) Yeah. So I don't want to hear about my "unmanly" drink anymore. Especially from a guy who wears makeup.

I'm going to do more of these. This was fun and just silly.