Chapter 4: Another Goes Down

The ride back to the motel was silent. Sam watched out the window, oblivious to the fact that Dean was watching him for the second time that day. It wasn't all out staring as it had been the night before, but small sideways glances. Dean sighed. His little brother had too much of a guilt complex.

"Sammy... "

"I know."


"I know, Dean. It's not my fault. I didn't kill him." Sam stated, his eyes never leaving the window.

"Who are you trying to convince?" Dean asked. He parked the Impala in front of their room and cut the engine, but neither brother got out of the car. Dean turned to face Sam and asked pathetically, "Do we have to do this?"

Sam was facing forward now, staring out the windshield. He shrugged, "Least we're not in public."

Dean chuckled, "Yeah. Small favors... You gotta stop doing this to yourself kiddo."


"This 'everything's my fault' crap. You haven't done anything wrong."

"We didn't save that guy. I almost killed you yesterday. That sounds pretty wrong to me!"

"Good God, Sam! Listen, this whole pity party thing you got going on-not that appealing! First off, you can't save everyone. Especially if you don't get all the facts in the first place. Second, we already had this conversation. It was the doc, not you. Get over it. I am not having this conversation again. Got it?"

"Yeah." Sam answered, a ghost of a smile coming to his lips. "It's kind of funny how you were ready to rip my head off yesterday, and now we've had two semi-chick flic moments."

"Believe me, Sammy. I'm always ready to rip your head off. You kind of put that feeling in people."

Sam snorted, the smile growing. Dean always knew what to say to make him feel better. "Yeah, and everybody just loves you."

Dean opened the car door to get out, but paused. He stared at the floorboards, "Sammy... You know I'd never really do that, right? Hurt you, I mean. "

Sam rolled his eyes, "Let it go, Dean. I didn't mean anything when I said that. I know you'd never hurt me." He added with a smirk, "Besides, dad would kick your ass if you did." Sam jumped out of the car and headed into the motel room. Behind him he heard Dean mutter something about always running to daddy.


Her heart thumped furiously in her chest, quickly pumping oxygen-low blood throughout her body. She gasped for air, but the panic was making her throat tight. Her lungs heaved, trying to fill themselves with much needed air. She sputtered and choked. All she could feel was salty water in her mouth, running down her throat, filling her lungs. She didn't want to die. Not like this.


Sam gasped, pulling himself up onto the bed. He rested his elbows on his knees and held his head in his hands, willing the headache to go away. He tried to focus on the vision and the woman in it, trying to pick out any unique points that would help him find her. Again he came up empty handed and he thumped the bed with his fist in frustration.

This was how Dean found him. He had gone to the police station, leaving Sam to do the research. He was aiming to get the police report on how the man from the forest had died. He didn't come back empty handed, thanks to the cute, blond desk sergeant.

Dean dropped the folder on the table and quickly made his way to Sam. He kneeled down in front of his little brother and rested a hand on Sam's knee. "What happened?"

"Someone else is going to die. A woman. Damn it, Dean! I couldn't come up with anything from this one either. What's going on? Why is this happening?" Sam asked desperately. Dean's earlier pep talk made him feel better for a while, but he wasn't sure what he would do if another person that he could have saved, died. It was too much.

"Hey, hey! We'll figure this out, okay." Dean tried to assure his younger brother.

"In time for who, Dean? How many more people are going to die before I figure this out?"

"Before we figure this out. We're in this together, Sammy."

Sam sighed, "You aren't the one seeing them dying."

"I know. And I wish I could change that for ya, kiddo. You've just gotta understand that this may take some time. You can't take it to heart. It'll kill you."

Sam was silent for a moment and then, "This must be a personal record for you."

"What?" Dean asked. He was confused at his brother's sudden change of topic.

"Total number of chick flic moments in one day."

Dean threw his arm back in a dramatic manner, "God! That's why I'm so exhausted. It's hard work keeping your emotion-filled ass happy. You're lucky... well you're just lucky."

"Lucky you love me."

Dean got to his feet and pointed at Sam, "I didn't say that."

"You were going to."

"Was not."

"Were to."

"Can we get back to the situation at hand. Let's go over the police report and then you can tell me what you found on the web."


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