((A/N: i don't own Quest64 or anything. i also do not actaully have the game or played it in a while (going off memory) so please tell me if you see anything horribly wrong. Brain's pretty out of charater, but he's cute. and dumn,.. so anyway, if u've never played quest64 this probally won't make much sence, but enjoy!))

Our hero Brain has set off on a dangerous journey. One that will require him to be brave, daring, and all out heroic. This quest will be hard, and there is no guarantee he will return. DU DU DUH

"Send me off to recover some stupid book…" Brian walked down the road to the village, grumbling, "Sure, my dad was a spirit tamer. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna be great at it."

He whirled his staff as he walked into the village, accidentally hitting some old lady.

"Hey! Watch where you put that stick young boy!" She said, swinging her purse at him.

"Ahh! Purse!" Brain said quickly, running out of the village, the old lady hot on his tail until he was safe outside the city gates.

"A stick… Who the hell goes on a magical quest with a stick?" He started down the road, not really paying much attention to where he was going, "Shouldn't I at lest have a legendary sword, or a axe or something?"

Suddenly a very unfriendly looking wolf type thingy appeared from thin air.


Brian ran back into the gates, then back out. Deciding scary wolf thingy was not as scary as the purse lady.

"Ok Brian," he said to himself, "Think, they taught you how to do this in class remember?" He thought back to Spirit Tamer School…

/flash back/

"Ok kids, here's what you do when confronted with a scary looking monster." The teacher held up his pointy stick, "You simply blah blah with the blah blah and then blah blah!"

Brian looked out the window, not paying attention. Instead he watched a man being chased by the crazy purse lady.

/end of flashback/

"So I have to blah?" Brian said to himself, or the wolf, or the air. Anyone of the options made him crazy anyways.

He held up his staff confidently, "BLAH!"

The wolf froze.

Then laughed.

In fact the wolf thingy laughed so hard he rolled off a cliff into the ocean below.

Brian stood stunned for a moment then cried, "I DID IT! Maybe I'm not a complete dunce after all!"

He continued on his way, humming along and wondering where he was going.

"Didn't that old guy say something about someplace?" he said, again talking to absolutely no one, "And going there?"

Somehow, and I really do wonder how, Brian made it to Dondoran.

"Dondoran? But why did Don do that made him run?" Brian said, confused, "And why did they put it on a sign?"

Shrugging he walked inside the gates. Hoping that he won't encounter any reason that would make him run like Don.

((so anyway, i have to get a hold of someone, or of a guide, so i can remember what happens next. well, i know whats next, just not much about it. somthing with a king and a stone...review please!))