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Two days later, Sam and Dean packed their things.

"Can you believe what went down?" Dean queried.

"I'm just glad you and Dad were able to banish the freak," Sam responded. His eyes clouded.

"Hey. You all right?" Dean questioned, picking up the change in demeanor. His brother shrugged.

"I don't know. It's just---" Sam trailed off, unsure of how to put his feelings. "The demon---it fed off of shame. I---I think it may have been going after cutters," he continued.

"Dang. And you were right in the middle of it," Dean realized.

"Yeah," Sam agreed. He sighed. "You know, if I hadn't be so weak---" he continued.

"Whoa. Stop right there," Dean interrupted. "None of us knew this freak was here. And if we had---we woulda---" he trailed off, not sure of how far he should go. He wanted to give his brother a chance to talk, but he didn't want to pry.

"I tried to fight it---I said 'Cristo'---" Sam began.

"Sam, it wasn't your fault. What the freak did to you was not your fault," Dean interrupted.

"Your brother's right," John agreed.

"But it was attracted to me because of my cutting," Sam said.

"Even so Sammy, you tried to fight. You gained control long enough to make sure you got yourself some help," John reminded his son.

"So I wasn't weak?" Sam asked.

"Absolutely not," John replied.

"Yeah, come on, man. We all know how hard it is to fight against a demon when he tries to use you for a hotel," Dean agreed, using just a little humor. Sam laughed.

"A hotel?" he questioned. "Dude," he chuckled. Dean looked at his brother.

"It wasn't that funny," he stated.

"Oh, I know, man. It's just---I totally needed that man," was the laughing response. John and Dean stared at Sam.

"Dad, I think Sammy's lost his mind," the older brother stated.

"He must've. He's laughing at your dumb jokes," his father said.

"HEY!" Dean protested. Sam laughed harder.

"Okay, that's enough," John said after awhile.

"Yes, Sir," Sam and Dean agreed, instantly calming down.

"Get your things. I'm taking you boys to Paster Jim's to recover," John told them.

"Dad, we can still work," Sam assured.

"No. We've all been through a lot. We need to recuperate," John disagreed. "Especially you, Sammy," he continued.

"Why? Because I got weak? Because I'm not at a hundred percent?" Sam pressed.

"Stop right there. That's not why, Sammy. It's because I'm worried," John told him.

"Worried? About me?" Sam wondered.

"Of course. I'm your father," John responded. "Dang, Sammy. When I saw all that blood---I thought I lost you. And that scared the heck outta me," he continued.

"Really?" Sam asked. John put a hand on Sam's shoulder.

"Yeah, Sammy. You boys---you're all I have left of your mother. And losing you---it'd be like losing Mary all over again," he said. Sam just stood there. Wow. I've never heard Dad speak like this before, he thought.

"Thanks, Dad. I---I really needed to hear that," he said out loud. Dean cleared his throat.

"Okay. No chick-flicks. Let's just get this show on the road, huh?" he suggested. John and Sam laughed.

"My son," John stated.

"What a tough guy," Sam added.

"Come on, boys. Let's get going," John instructed.

"Yes, Sir," Sam and Dean chorused. With that, the three men left the hotel room. John got into his truck and Sam and Dean got into Dean's Impala. Then, both started down the road.