Rescue me-

This will be placed after season two after the funeral of his son Connor.

His niece comes to live with Janet and his kids to help out then moves in with him, and falls for his fire house, which one will steal her heart.

There wasn't any rain, or clouds, the sun was shining, birds were singing, not a cloud in the sky. It was a beautiful day, for a wedding but Tommy was not a wedding of his oldest daughter, he was sitting next to his wife Janet at his youngest child and only son's funeral. The heavens should have been pouring with god's tears, instead the sun was brightly shining, and the only tears were his families and friends.

Tommy couldn't look at the small casket any more, he knew his wife would be pissed, hell she blamed him for his son's death, not the guy that ran his beautiful, smart boy down with out even stopping. Not caring what the rest of his family thought, he stood up and quietly walked away from the service. Tommy was looking at all the gravestones of small children that lost their lives, for whatever reason.

He felt around in his jacket pocket for his flask, as he untwisted the top and started to bring the flask to his lips, he saw a little boy next to a stone. Tommy was use to spirits now, even though his cousin and best friend had not come to him in a long time due to his affair with Jimmy's widow. Tommy walked closer to the small boy unsure if he was alive or not, really he didn't care.

He knelt down by the little boy, who now had his back to him "Hey, there kid. What are you doing all by yourself out here." The small boy turned around and he stared at Tommy. It was Connor. Tommy gasped and nearly fell over his own feet, it couldn't be Connor it was too soon to be seeing his son.

" I wanted to see you dad, uncle jimmy said it was okay. He told me all about how this works. You aren't going to light a candle for me yet are you?" Connor asked him.

Tommy tried to blink away his unshed tears as he looked at his son. There wasn't a mark on him, no evidence of the accident. He cleared his voice before he spoke " um Connor, not that I'm not happy to see you but I can't do this right now. Maybe later after the breakfast. Huh Kido?"

Connor thought about it for a second "Okay but please don't light a candle, I don't want to leave yet, not like Uncle Jimmy." Tommy smiled at his son "I promise Connor".

Tommy watched his son disappear; he stood up and walked slowly back to where the funeral was. He noticed his daughter's huddled around Janet; his sister was there along with his other family members and fire department.

There was an attractive young woman standing next to Janet, Tommy noticed he prayed it wasn't crazy Sheila. The young woman turned around and Tommy got a huge smile on his face.

"Hi Uncle Tommy " The woman said, as she wrapped her arms around him. This was his niece from Buffalo NY, down state. Rebecca Cole. Last time he saw her was years ago she was just turning 21. It was good to see her.

She let go of Tommy long enough to get hugged by the rest of their family members. Janet grabbed Tommy's arm and pulled him aside. Her eyes still red from crying, as she looked up at him.

" Rebecca is going to be here for a few months to help us out. Can she stay at your house for now? She is your niece." She added on.

Tommy rubbed his face and let out a sigh " Yea, I guess so, they guys have worked on my upstairs and it looks okay". Janet gave him a small smile and walked towards their daughters.

I know it is a short beginning but that is all I have right now…. I hope you enjoy