The Ultimate Love Square

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At first, when Team 7 was told the news of their new mission, no one was too happy. Out of all of them, Sasuke was the most annoyed.

"For a whole month, we're supposed to be this girl's bodyguard?" Sasuke asked his squad leader, Kakashi-sensei. "But we've all seen Hinata fight, we know she can protect herself. This is just a waste of time."

"Her father believes that she will need assistance in her journey," Kakashi said simply, his head buried in his favorite book, Icha Icha Paradise. "Why are you complaining? This should be easy, if Hinata is a good fighter as you claim."

"Of course she's a good fighter! Doesn't anyone remember the Chuunin Exams?" Naruto asked stubbornly. "I say we go to her father and tell him how we feel about this! And how Hinata must feel about this too!"

"Naruto…" Sakura started, waggling her finger around. "It's not our place to question why we have to do our missions, we're just supposed to do them!"

Naruto opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it. He noticed how Sakura wasn't telling Sasuke that we shouldn't be questioning the reason of our missions. Sakura was too obsessed with Sasuke to even think about reprimanding him. He only growled and turned away.

"When do we leave?" Sasuke asked, giving up his argument as well.

"Funny you should ask that." Kakashi said, closing his book. "We go to the Hyuuga house now to pick up Hinata, and then we start escorting her to the Village Hidden in the Mist the next morning.

"Why is she going there anyway?" Naruto asked quizzically, which made him receive a glare from Sakura. He pressed on. "Hey, isn't that where we escorted Tazuna? Maybe we'll get to see him again! And Enari too! Hey, maybe this won't be too bad after all!"

"See, you should always look on the bright side of things." Kakashi said with a nod, and standing up. "Now come on, to the Hyuuga residence. We wouldn't leave a good impression if we were to show up late."


After a half an hour of putting up with Naruto's whining about the injustice being done to Hinata, the team finally made it to the Hyuuga residence. Hiashi Hyuuga, Hinata's father, was on the steps, waiting for them.

"Right on time." he said with a grin. "Excellent. At least I know Hinata won't die on this journey."

Naruto opened his mouth to give a comment, but Sakura gave him a glare so icy and cold he shut it. Sasuke wanted to say something to, but decided against it.

Hiashi stood up, and yelled with no emotion, "HINATA! THEY ARE HERE!"

A moment of silence passed. Kakashi took out his book after a few minutes and began reading. Sasuke tapped his feet impatiently. Sakura fiddled with her hair. Wherever Hinata was, she obviously didn't want to come outside.


Silence again.

Hiashi cursed to himself silently. Naruto crossed his arms almost in triumph. Of course, Hinata wasn't going to turn up willingly. He hoped she could keep herself well hidden, but it wouldn't be long before her father used…

"Byakugan!" Hiashi yelled, his veins near his eyes bursting. Hiashi turned towards the house, his eyes seeing past the walls of every room. He searched until he found his target, Hinata, on her bed, curled up in a ball with her hands over her head, like she could block out his calls to her.

"I see you, Hinata." Hiashi stated simply.

Like they had a mental connection, Hinata looked around, wondering where the voice came from. Then it hit her. Trying to stop tears from streaming down her face, she took her backpack and headed out the door.

Hiashi let the Byakugan fade away and gave a triumphant laugh. "She'll be here shortly." he told Team 7.

As soon as those words left Hiashi's lips, Hinata appeared at the door, with her backpack in her hand. She smiled at the group sadly.

Sasuke couldn't help but stare. How dare her father cause her this much pain! How dare he underestimate her abilities! How dare…how dare he…

Sasuke's thoughts became jumbled as Hinata began to walk towards them all. Her smile so sad, yet beautiful. Slowly, coming closer and closer to him…

"Hinata-chan…" he said softly, wondering what was wrong with him. What was this feeling he was having…

"Naruto-kun…" Hinata said softly and twiddled with her fingers. "You'll…you'll be escorting me too…?"

"That's right! We're here to protect you…even though we don't think you need it. You're a fine ninja!"

'Hey…" Sasuke thought, watching Naruto and Hinata talk. 'I'm escorting you too….what about me…?'

Why did he care? Hinata was just another girl to him…

He watched Hinata blush at Naruto's comment and look down at her fingers. A beast raged inside him, wanting Naruto to just disappear, so he and Hinata could be alone…

"Don't worry, Hiashi. Hinata will be fine in our care!" Kakashi said, giving him a wave. Team 7 and Hinata started off, while Sasuke tried to figure out what was going on in his head…

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