Chapter Seven: Give Me Strength

Last Time on the Love Square: After a harsh day of training, Sasuke decides to go in for the kiss and almost takes things too far, only to be interrupted by Hiashi Hyuuga himself. After proclaiming that no one would care if Hinata died, Sasuke admits to the world that he loves Hinata.

There was silence throughout the forest as Sasuke was done proclaiming his feelings. The Hyuuga heiress twiddled her fingers nervously. Love? Was that the feeling she had for him too, deep down in her heart? Love? Wasn't that reserved for Naruto?

No, she could feel it, deep down inside. She loved him too.

Hiashi now looked confused, but took his Juuken stance anyway. "You are aware that I can kill both you and Hinata in the blink of an eye, right?"

Sasuke blinked. Crap, he had forgotten who he was dealing with here.

"W-What are we gonna do Sasuke?" Hinata whispered. "H-How are we gonna f-fight my father?"

Sasuke shook his head. "I have a better idea," he said smoothly.

"What's that?"


Sasuke grabbed hold of Hinata's gentle hand and raced out of the forest, pulling her along with him. Hiashi scowled and withdrew a kunai, beginning the chase. But Sasuke knew this wouldn't last long.

The Uchiha twisted right and left throughout the forest, quite aware that he deadly Hyuuga was catching up. He ran alongside Sasuke now, slashing at his arm. The Uchiha winced as the blood withdrew crimson blood. He was going to stop running just because of a little blood. He'd continue on, for her.

"Give up, Uchiha filth!" Hiashi taunted, now tossing the kunai at Sasuke. In stuck in the boy's arm, refusing to move. Sasuke would've dropped to the ground then and there if he didn't have a purpose for running. If…if he stopped…Hinata would surely die.

"S-Stop!" Hinata yelled to her father, now kicking him where the sun doesn't shine. Hiashi growled in pain, hopping on one foot while trying not to curse out in agony. "Little bi-"

Hinata didn't hear the rest of his swear, however, for Sasuke had now maneuvered them out of the forest. She panted and gasped for air, looking back to see that her monster of a dad wasn't chasing her anymore.

"We made it, Hinata!" Sasuke said joyously, hugging the girl tightly. Hinata would've fainted if she wasn't still under the state of shock that her own flesh and blood tried to kill her.

"We still have to go back to Tazuna's though," Sasuke said with a nod. "We…we're still not safe here."

Hinata nodded, trying to be brave. She had to be brave, for Sasuke-kun.

---At Tazuna's---

"Are you serious?" Kakashi boomed, dropping Icha Icha Paradise on the floor.

Sasuke had just revealed to his sensei what had happened back in the forests. The Uchiha now clutched his wound, which Sakura now set to work on healing. Hinata was standing by timidly, rocking on her toes.

"I…can't say it wouldn't be like Hiashi to do something like that…" Kakashi spoke softly, stroking his chin. "We'll have to find him and put him away for good."

The silver-haired jounin walked over slowly to the door, keeping cool despite the situation the genin placed under his care were in. He opened the door slowly, only to come face to face with Hiashi Hyuuga himself!

The man held no kunai, no bloodstains were leftover on his clothes no more. The sinister Hyuuga grimaced at Kakashi. "You cannot prove anything," he merely stated.

Kakashi looked taken aback at first, but then shook his head. The silver haired jounin quickly withdrew a kunai from his back pocket and steadily held it against Hiashi's neck, not moving an inch. "And if I kill you now, no one will be able to prove anything either."

Hiashi was silent, a panicked look coming across his face.

"Think about it, Hyuuga. Would you rather your life, or imprisonment?"

"I'm no fool," Hiashi spat. "I am not selfish."

Kakashi laughed, "Coulda fooled me."

"I am not about to disgrace the clan's name with this news reaching Konoha," Hiashi stated simply, now becoming more calm. "I, unlike my daughter, knows what's best for the Hyuuga. Kill me now, Hatake. At least, if I am dead, the people of Konoha will not have to know about what went down here. I'd rather die then see Hyuuga clan suffer. That's what makes me selfless and Hinata selfish."

Hinata welled up at the eyes. She had wanted to die before, but Sasuke made her see that she could become something! Someone useful! Maybe…maybe she shouldn't be living..

Kakashi hesitated, but when he did, Hiashi slammed the jounin's hand harder against his neck, slashing his throat. Kakashi, bewildered, stepped away from the man and let him fall to the ground with a plop.

Hinata's eyes widened. "F-Father.."

Why was she now crying? Hiashi had done nothing except make her life miserable, and now, when he was dead, she cried? Sasuke embraced her in a hug that made Sakura eye the two with jealous. The onyx eyed boy comforted her to his full extent.

"I lost both my mother and my father at a younger age than you," Sasuke said silently, now breaking out of the hug. "Sometimes they weren't all that great. They'd always tell me how I'd need to keep my grades up, how I needed to be the best. Sometimes I wonder if I appreciated them enough…"

Hinata stopped crying. Who was she to cry over her father when she had NEVER been nice to her? Sasuke had all the right…but her?

But Sasuke shook his head. "No, go ahead and cry, Hinata."

A tear dropped from Hinata's check.

Not out of sadness, but in happiness. Happy that she had Sasuke.

Kakashi smiled sadly, now turning away from Hiashi's dead body to the new couple. "Guess this mission's over," he said with a sigh.

---A Week Later---

"Can you believe this?" Ino chimed to Sakura on a breezy Konoha day. They were walking through one of Konoha's parks, for once, not clawing at each other's throats.

Sakura furrowed her pink brows. "Out of all the girls in Konoha to pick, Sasuke Uchiha chooses Hinata!"

Naruto now joined the two, pushing his way between the two gossiping girls. "What do you see in that guy, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura sighed. "I guess I'm always attracted to guys I can never get."

"And here comes the lucky couple…" Ino groaned.

Sasuke and Hinata were walking down the pathway of Konoha's park. For once, Hinata actually looked confident, not her lame stammering self.

"Ohayo Sakura, Ino, Naruto," Hinata said with a smile, waving to the three. Sasuke noticed how she had dropped the suffix on Naruto's name. She only uses it for me now, he thought with a smirk.

"Hi…" they all replied gloomily. The couple continued on their merry way, leaving the three there to roast in their anger fumes.

"What does he see in her?" Sakura asked herself.

"What do you see in him?" Naruto pleaded, earning a slap across the face. He fell to the floor with a bloody nose, deciding not to question Sakura's opinion on boys anymore.

Ino shook her head. "Talk about love squares…" she said with a sigh.

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