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Ahem. (smiles pleasantly) Anyway, this is my newest work...just starting chapter five. No, it's not that far along. But it's adorable! Kawii! This chapter's actually reallyreallyreallly short! It's a intro chapter! (readers: oooh! Ahhhh!) Yes. Very professional and classy eh? (kura: -.-;) For later: the summary thing might change...I'm not completely sure what kind of twists this fic might have, so bear with me on that for now. Just for a note: all the other chapters will be in first person POVs of different characters and will be MUCH longer. This is a Yugi/Kura fic. Give it a chance here, huh? It'll work. Trust me on this one.

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Heh. Anyway, there is a perk to this story. Yugi's older, hotter...

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I want to be free from all the terror

The pain, the anguish, the screams.

I will fly above the clouds

And leave you in your own realm

Reality sinking in at last

As you stare at the sky-less above.

Intro: Beneath the Surface

The silver haired youth raced along the moonlit beach. Trip, scuttle, trip. Flying sand, scattered shells, stubbed toes of naked pale feet. He fled to the sea, fingers curling around the rough runny sack. Heart pounding, crystal beads of sweat trickling down the creased brow, he ran. He ran for his life.

The teen skidded to a halt with a spray of white sand, waves barely grazing his toes. His thin form rose and fell in labored breaths like the water crashing in and out. The ocean could feel the urgency, rising excitement mixed with primal fear.

Taking a shaky breath the boy took a tentative step forward, water crawling over his foot in an attempt to grasp his lanky ankle and pull him in. Another step…five…twelve…twenty-seven…He was dashing into the sea. There was no terror of deep water creatures that could reach up and drag him down into the unknown depths below. He did not heed them, panting as he struggled against the liquid walls that continuously hurled against his lithe form. It was the contents of the wretched bag that frightened him to the core. He held said bag high above it all. Not yet. Not far enough.

He was up to the middle of his chest, bracing his body onto his tiptoes as the waves pushed him backwards. Gritting his teeth he used trembling hands to tie off the top of the bag in a knot. He stood for a long time staring at the scratchy cloth, eyes blazing with hatred.

"Good riddance," he hissed and with that chucked the sack as far as he could into the murky depths beyond him.

It landed with a hard plop, the splash neither as big nor dramatic as he'd imagined it would be. It should have been a tidal wave…some impressively terrifying typhoon. Then he stood there waiting for something to happen. Staring down at his bare heaving chest, he lingered. Nothing.

Then it wasn't the same boy. He smiled. His eyes were now bright, a look of life returning to them. It was over.

'I'm free!'

Laughing, he turned only to be shoved beneath the salty water, choking as waves pushed him further and further under the surface. He fought, panic taking over as the angry waves bore him down…down…down…

'It's him!'

Terrified, he fought the under toe, kicking furiously. In an instant he burst through the ceiling, coughing and sputtering. Heart still beating frantically he thrashed for the shore, tripping and getting pushed under repeatedly. He didn't stop or turn even as his feet touched the shore, racing as fast as his weary legs would carry him away from the water…and what lay beneath.

Yay! So that's the first "chapter". It will have humor, angst, drama, etc. Hopefully plenty of humor. The Deep was really hard to write for my morale. Need something more uplifting, eh? Oh and on another note: Mai is going to have a major part in this story. No she's not in a triangle with Yugi and Kura. That's just...(shudders) Yeah. But I'm not bashing her either. (nods)

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