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So here's a teaser chapter, if you will, to Chapter 11.

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Jesse's Past Chapter 11

I studied her hand, unable to focus on it while she was using her hands to express her emotions.

"What was he thinking? 'Go get food for Jesse.' 'I've got some papers for you to fill out.' Pfft! Yeah, right! A ring!" She waved her hand up in the air and gestured wildly to it. "I thought priests weren't supposed to lie!"

"Susannah, I cannot see what he gave you if you keep waving your arms everywhere!" My eyes grew wide. "Susannah! I wouldn't—"

Too late.


"Ouch! GAH!" She shook her hand in the air and tried to alleviate her pain from the metal contraption to my right.

"Come here," I said, taking the hand in question and pressing it between both my palms. "What's wrong?"

"This!" She pried her hand out from between mine and splayed her fingers and pointed to the left ring finger with the right index finger. "This stupid ring!" She jabbed at it repeatedly with great vigor.

"It looks as though it's a purity ring. They didn't have them when I was a child but they're part of the current customs for young women to wear them to show they will be pure until their wedding night when they can rightfully make love."

"Yes! That is exactly it! He said I had better be wearing it at all times and I had better mean it until my wedding night to you or whomever I decide to marry. Yes, he actually acted as though there would be someone else. I'll get back to that later, because I almost blew up at him for that. He said I'd be saying the Rosary five times! FIVE TIMES!! Not just one set, but ALL the sets five times if I wasn't wearing it or he found out we did something." She ended with a deep exhale. "I can't believe him."

"Oh, yes you can, querida. He just wants to protect you."

"I'll give him something to protect," she muttered under her breath.

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