I was doing a little spring cleaning to my hard drive and discovered I had about five stories written. This one included, I had began to write it for a challenge for another site but got side tracked.

It takes place Freshman year (Meaning no Rory and dean debacle, She's still a virgin). Steph, Paris and Rory all went to Chilton. Dean and Jess are both a thing of the past. Rory is a little more society than she is in the show.

So I'm going to post it here and see what you guys think!

"Are you serious?" Rory asked. Steph nodded "Yep, I think we should go shopping!"

"Is that seriously all you think about, Vanderbilt?" Rory questioned. Steph just nodded and began to file her nails.

"Why does she want to go shopping this time?" Paris asked only hearing the last half of the conversation. "Apparently, Steph thought it would be a fun idea if shesigned us up for a fundraise for writers of the Yale Daily News." Rory informed her.

"That's not so bad, we did fundraisers all the time in Chilton." Paris shrugged. Rory shook her head "Yeah, but this fundraiser is us being auctioned off, Like we are picnic baskets!" Rory ranted.

"Picnic baskets?" Steph and Paris asked simultaneously. "Never mind." Rory dismissed.

"It's for a good cause Rory, No one is asking you to marry the guy who buys you. It's one date." Steph tried to reason.

"Whatever, I need a dress. Let's go." Rory picked up her purse and walked out of the dorm not caring that her friends weren't following her.


Rory really didn't want to do this. It was degrading, Humiliating and with her luck she'd get stuck with a freaky drama major.

"I need coffee." She mumbled to herself as she walked to stand in the coffee cart line. She was standing in line trying to figure away out of the auction when three very loud people got in line behind her.

She glanced behind her to see two brunette guys and one blonde. All of various heights but one thing was common they were all rich, she could tell by their appearances. They were also very loud.

"This day cannot get worse." She said as she turned around. "And Why would that be, Love?" A accented voice said from behind her.

"Excuse me?" Rory questioned she was not in the mood for a total stranger to be asking what her problem was. "You said this day couldn't get any worse, and I asked why." he reiterated.

"I'm sorry, If you think I'm regaling a stranger with my problems you're seriously mistaken." Rory said coldly as she turned and ordered her coffee.

"Finnegan Morgan, These are my friends Logan Huntzberger and Colin McRae." He said pointing two his sidekicks. "Now, You know my name therefore I am no longer a complete stranger and you can tell me your problem." He reasoned.

"Yeah, I don't think so." Rory paid for her coffee. "RORY! COME ON! SHOPPPPING!" Steph called whining.

"Nice to meet you." Rory said sarcastically and retreated towards her friends.

"She's hot." Logan commented watching Rory walk away. "Yes, Indeed she is. But her friend is more my type." Finn said pointing to Stephanie.

"She's not a redhead, Finn." Colin observed. "No, That she's not. But I saw the way you were eyeing the other one." Finn grinned.

"Well, We'll just have to make it our mission to see those three lovely ladies again." Logan smirked as he turned to order his coffee.


"Who were they?" Paris questioned. "Yeah, They were hot." Steph giggled.

Rory rolled her eyes, Leave it to her friends to find the three guys she was completely annoyed by attractive.

"Logan Huntzberger, Finn Morgan and Colin McRae." Rory stated as she remembered Finn introducing them all.

"Finn? He's the tall, tan brunette?" Steph asked. "Yes, And has an accent…Australian, I believe."

"That makes him one hundred times hotter than he was five seconds ago." Steph explained. "I am guessing Rory caught the blonde's eye." Paris said from inside the dressing Room.

"He was staring at you with fascination when we saw you and you have a tendency to dazzle, rich, blonde boys with your innocence."

"No, They were all very annoying. I mumbled something to myself and one of got all Dr Phil on me." Rory rambled picking up a dress and showing Stephanie.

Steph shook her head at the suggestion.Rory put it back on the rack and continued searching for a new one. "I cannot believe you guys talked me into this. I mean I am going to get stuck with either someone who completely repulses me or someone who I like but just doesn't think we have chemistry."

"Your to jaded to be nineteen." Steph said handing Rory a dress and sending her into the dressing room.

Rory opened the door to get Paris and Steph's opinion on the dress that she felt showed way to much skin.

"Oh my god Rory, Your gorgeous!" Steph gushed. "You've got to get that dress." Paris added.

Rory looked at her reflection the dress was a dark blue satin material that fell to the floor with a slit that went all the way up. The top was a halter that dipped low in the front.

"I don't know. It's really…revealing." Paris rolled her eyes at Rory's modesty "It's a gorgeous dress and you look amazing in it. Your getting it. Case Closed. Now lets go. The auction's in three hours." she said glancing at her watch.


"Bring out the booze and broads!" Finn yelled from a table in the back of the room. "Finn, None of these ladies are going to interest you. They all have brains, It's a writers auction." Colin commented Dryly.

"Colin, Buddy. That's where you are wrong. You get any girl drunk enough, She will be exactly what interests me." Finn smirked.

"That's the charm our mothers would be proud of." Logan laughed. "So, Why are were here again, We don't need smart girls. We can get easy girls and easy girls are my favorites!" Finn rambled.

"Because, I have my ways of knowing those lovely ladies we saw earlier will be here. I also know that there is LDB soirée coming up." Logan smirked proud of the information he had acquired throughout the day.

"So pretty much, You found out who these girls were and did a little digging and then I am assuming threatened Robert because he is the one whose turn it is to plan the next event." Colin concluded.

Logan grinned and nodded. It was the truth. He had remembered that the name Rory had been yelled from the girls walking out of the Branford dormitory building. So he casually asked someone coming out of the building if they knew who Rory was. And he got the name and Room he needed.

Rory Gilmore, Lived in 13A with her room mates Stephanie Vanderbilt and Paris Gellar. Now the last names Gilmore, Vanderbilt and Gellar didn't usually mean anything to anyone, But Logan being from the Hartford Elite knew they were not just normal names.

So he did a little digging on his own then made a phone call to the queen of gossip, His mother.

Lorelai 'Rory' Leigh Gilmore the third. Her Mother is Lorelai Gilmore who had escaped Society at age sixteen, Granddaughter to Richard Gilmore who was the insurance tycoon of Hartford. Her father Christopher Hayden, Who happens to be the Son of Strobe and Francine Hayden. A name that holds more power than Huntzberger ever would.

Stephanie Vanderbilt was the Daughter of Adam and Clarissa Vanderbilt who owned one of the biggest oil companies in the world. Stephanie of course being the heiress.

Paris Gellar, Her mother was a top notch therapist to the rich and famous and her father was one of the best lawyers on the east coast, Next to Colin's father.

These girls were no ordinary girls, These girls had just as much, if not more power then Colin, Finn and himself. Not only were these girls rich and powerful, they were smart. They had a brain and knew how to use it, something he wasn't familiar with.

He hadn't spoken a word to Rory Gilmore, But she already interested him. Her birth alone was a scandal, but the presence she had showed she wasn't a child of society, she was her own person. Something he admired.

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