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Full Summary: They say amnesia is curable by a sharp blow in the head. But what if that sharp blow on the head is actually necessary for the heart. Especially when you don't have amnesia at all.

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Unreachable until….

On the cover of famous Science News Magazine, Vol. 43, Issue 3 was the enthralling face of 24 year-old Dr. Cagalli Yula Athha, a well-known psychiatrist, smiling brightly at the camera with her attention-grabbing aurora eyes looking at you.

Due to her assiduous public service for recent years, which have helped over a record breaking 2 million people, a famous council of doctors and scientists decided to pay tribute to her by making her known nationwide.

She specializes in the fields of psychology and medicine. She has the abilities to help people with mental problems, surgical procedures, and other vital things.

However there was one illness she couldn't speculate into.

It was something called…love sickness.

Enter Athrun Zala, reading the famous SNM (Science News Magazine).

He is 23, working for ZAFT corporations. If he is lucky, and is doing a good well sucking up to his boss, Gilbert Dullindal, then a promotion of vice president will be in his near future, but right now; it was his three-week vacation.

He gazed dazedly into the front cover. For over two years, he had kept a secret, which he has never told anyone except his buddies, Kira, Lacus, Yzak, Nicol and Dearka, they also worked under the same corporation as Athrun except for Kira and Lacus.

Here it goes…

He had a major crush on 24 year-old Dr. Cagalli Yula Athha.

Now normally, people will roll their eyes and say "So what? I have a crush on Brad Dittch!" that, which explains why he won't tell anyone outside his friends about his secret, makes Athrun feel dense.

Sighing, Athrun lovingly touch the front cover picture and imagined how it would feel to touch the real thing.Getting up from his easy chair in his apartment, he decided to visit Lacus's flower shop. He wore his black jacket over his green sweater since the weather was a little down.

After making sure his outfit was okay and his hair neat, he headed out the door.

Athrun walked down the sidewalk without a hurry. He walked on until he was near the small stained glass-windowed yellow flower shop, which belonged proudly to Kira and Lacus Yamato.

"Athrun, it's nice to see you." Lacus greeted optimistically. Athrun waved his hand.

Lately, Lacus was showing. Yes, she was pregnant but she still looked radiant.

"Hey, Lacus."

"Have you had breakfast?" She asked.

"Yes, but I'd like some coffee if that's okay with you." Lacus smiled and nodded.

"Okay, Kira is brewing some inside the shop."

They went inside, which would be the obvious thing to do. Athrun was invited to sit in the couch while Lacus went to the kitchen to get Kira.

No sooner then that, Kira and Lacus came to the living room Kira, with a tray with him.

"Hey, Athrun." Kira acknowledged. Athrun returned his friend's greeting. Pretty soon, they were all settled down drinking coffee and chatting a bit. Suddenly Lacus brought up something interesting to share.

"Did you know Ms. Athha, the famous doctor, is staying in Orb?"

Athurn almost spewed out his coffee at Kira. Lacus carried on.

"She's staying at Minerva Medical Center."

Kira gave Athrun an obnoxious smirk. "Hey, Zala. Here's your chance to get your dream girl." Athrun scowled at him. "Shut up!"

Lacus giggled at Athrun and Kira's act of childishness.

"But I do agree with Kira, Athrun." Lacus said with ease. Athrun sighed. "It'll be impossible to meet her."

"You know if our old teacher in highschool was here, do you know what he would say?" Kira asked the bluenette. Of course, Kira meant Mr. Flaga back in third year PE.

Athrun rolled his eyes and answered, "You can make the impossible possible."

"Exactly! Words of wisdom, I tell you."

"Shove it, Kira. What do you want me to do? Put myself in a box and have myself mailed to her office?"

Lacus cleared her throat before her husband could make a statement.
"Actually why don't you deliver her some flowers?"

Kira's eyebrow cocked. "I don't know, Lacus. That is so like the courting rituals our grandfathers used to do in their time."

Lacus shook her head. "No, it's a classic. And I really do mean it. You see Minerva Medical Center contacted me sometime this morning and asked if we could deliver a bouquet of two-dozen roses to Dr. Athha. Some kind of welcoming to their facility for her."

Kira was excited for his friend. "Athrun! This is it! You can be the one to deliver it to her."

"But I"—

"No buts, Athrun! You have to. Don't let this chance slip away! Who knows she could fall madly in love with you."

Athrun still didn't seem unenthusiastic. "Right and we'll marry each other three hours after we meet."

Kira glared at him. "Athrun, just do it! Don't miss out on the chance of a lifetime."

Finally, Athrun gave in to Kira's persuasions.

"Fine, I will. But only to see her in person."

The hospital in which Athrun was facing at…did not seem to be like a hospital.

With all the flowers and decorations, it could easily be mistaken for something else and not a hospital.

On top of the entrance were streamers and a huge banner that read:


With the bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers in his one hand, Athrun walked inside and went to the reception area.

"Good day. May I help you?" A woman in nurse's attire with the nametag "Aisha" greeted.

Athrun nodded. "I'm here to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Miss Athha."

"Oh, the bouquet of roses the owner of the hospital asked for, eh? Tell you what, the owner was suppose to receive it but had something in the last minute. Could you be a cute dear and send it up to Miss Athha yourself?" She winked at him.

Athrun blushed. "Yeah…why not?"

"Thank you, sweetie. You see everyone's really busy and you'd be doing a great favor."

She halted her words as she picked up a receiver of her telephone. "Hello, Andy. It's Aisha, listen; I'm sending a man up to deliver flowers to Miss Athha, okay? …Yes, we're still on for Friday night. Ciao then."

She placed the replaced the receiver and turned her attention to Athrun once more.

"Security's really tight around here since after all it's a famous doctor. Miss Athha's office is on the 6th floor, Room 54."

Athrun gratefully bowed his head. "Thank you."

Meanwhile in Room no. 54, Dr. Cagalli Yula Athha was doing some observations.

"Well…it's clean," she noted "but did they have to put lots of flowers?"

She picked up her cup of tea on her desk and took a sip when something clenched her chest causing her to cough and spill herbal tea oh the floor and her cashmere outfit.

"Damn! Shit!" She cursed wiping her mouth furiously and glaring at the spill.

"I shouldn't have gulped it down too fast… I need to call a janitor where's that phone? Oh hell! My 3000 dollar outfit!"

"This way," the security guard guided Athrun. "Just go down that hall until you see 54, easy enough."

"Thanks." Athrun said. Taking a deep breath and trying to hold out the excitement that he was finally going to meet his dream girl, he walked calmly and briskly to his short destination.

He hoped he'd make a great impression.

"Argh! The stain won't come off!" Cagalli complained to herself, as she furiously tried to get the stain out by trying to wipe it off with Kleenex furiously. But like her, the stain was stubborn.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in!" Cagalli shouted; she was too absorbed in getting rid of the stain.Athrun opened the door after her command and couldn't help but stare at Cagalli, who was busy wiping something of her shirt.

She had a lighter shade of blond in person, he observed…and she had sculpted legs and a nice figure. He blushed for thinking that.

Giving up, Cagalli turned her attention to the doorway."What are you standing there for?" She asked.

Athrun was star struck that she was actually talking to him."I well…err, uhh…"

"What, did a passing mad doctor take your brain?" She exhaled grumpily and pointed her finger to her desk.

"Well, put it here." She requested. Athrun blinked. "Eh?"

"The flowers!"

"Oh, right!" So much for good impressions, Athrun just made Cagalli think he was a retard. Not wanting to make her impatient and more cross, he walked quickly to put the flowers on her desk.

But Cagalli quickly remembered something. "Shit! Wait!"

But unfortunately Cagalli's words reached too late because Athrun stepped in the puddle of tea and slipped. He fell down hard and bumped his head in the floor with a groan.

"GOD!" She rushed to his side. "Are you…are you okay?"

"Miss Athha, I'm here to clean up the mess," a middle-aged janitor came in with a mop.

He saw the lying down Athrun and kneeling Cagalli and quickly dropped his mop and went closer.

"What happened!"

"He slipped…wait his eyes are opening."

"Ouch…" Athrun groaned feeling the throbbing pain in his head. That was one great slip. He saw Cagalli's face looking worriedly at him and he also saw the janitor.

"…Who the heck are you?" He trailed off, addressing supposedly to the janitor.

But Cagalli seemed to think he was questioning her with that.

"I'm Doctor Cagalli. I'm so sorry. Here let's help you up."

Unfortunately, Athrun's fall was still a shock in his system.

"What am I doing here again?"

"You came here to deliver flowers, we should really let you get up…"

"Who's You?" Athrun babbled on stupidly.

"It depends," Cagalli answered "what's your name?"

Athrun's vision suddenly became blurry and out of focus. "I don't remember…"

Guilt loomed on Cagalli and before Athrun closed his eyes and was temporarily disconnected from the world, he heard Cagalli say something.

"I'll take care of you until you remember."

He liked the sound of that.