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Author's Note: Those of you who have read my story Painless will no doubt notice the writing style and so on is very different. There may come a time in later chapters where the intense feeling shown in that other piece shows through, but for now the story is just settling in for the long haul. I hope the story is good, I think it is. However, this story has not been beta-read as I do not have a beta-reader. But all the same, enjoy! And I present to you…

Child of Ra

Chapter 1

Harry limped through the fortress he had been made a prisoner of in the last three months. Three months in hell on earth. Voldemort had managed to capture him in a battle, and then had proceeded to take out 15 years of vengeful hate and anger while always leaving enough life to try and interrogate him.

But today, something had changed. The magic that locked all the cells had been disrupted. In fact, all the magic in the castle seemed to be sapped. Magically lit torches were cold; candles that had floated were lying all over the ground. It seemed as if all the magic had been diverted to somewhere else. And Harry wasn't going to let this chance go to waste. He was getting out of this castle today, dead or alive.

He had escaped the dungeons, which had been strangely free of Deatheaters, and had made his way to the room where he knew they had stowed his things. With the magic off kilter the door had been unlocked, so it had been easy to go in and locate his wand and robes (which he had changed into, out of the rags he had been forced to wear since his capture).

Now he was heading out of the castle, trying to remember anything from when they had brought him here. He had just about turn off into another corridor when he heard a strange whirring sound coming from a door left ajar to the right. And once again, his curiosity got the better of him.

Limping over to the door on the leg that only had sprains and bruises, he looked through the crack in the door and saw something that took his breath away.

A blue puddle of light shone from a wall to the side. It sent out ripples of shadow and lights like a stone thrown into a pool. Harry stared, captivated. He checked around the room to see if Voldemort or any Deatheaters were there. He saw no one, so he limped through the room to what he could only assume was a portal of some sort.

'Was this what drained the magic?' Harry thought.

Harry was so mesmerized by the spectacle that he didn't hear when Voldemort with his Inner Circle entered the room.

But when Voldemort saw he was out, he screamed to his Deatheaters, "Get him!" jolting Harry out of his stupor.

Wands were raised as Harry stepped backward, accidentally falling back through the portal.

"No!" screamed Voldemort in horror as Harry was taken through.

Shortly after, the portal closed behind him.