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Ch. 12

Harry gave a deep sigh as he walked into the gym. If O'Neill wanted to test his fighting skills, he was going to give him the show of his life. Nothing would be left in dispute. And knowing him, he was going to pick the best fighter on the base to pit him against. Hell, he may even request he fight multiple people or throw in a 'surprise attack'. And he had to do it all hand-to-hand, no magic allowed. That's what sucked about all this training- he couldn't use magic at all. If he wanted to practice magic he had to do it in the confines of his own rooms. Eventually he would have to request a space on the base to practice with both, but for now he was just trying to learn.

Harry threw off his shoes, cross, and wand holster. When he was done stretching he started moving towards a punching bag at the back.

"Hey kid! Looking for a sparing partner?"

Harry turned to see a captain walking in his direction. He was heavily built and walked with a bit of a swagger.

'Oh no, not another one of those...'

"Name's Captain Donovan, and you must be the kid several guys are grumbling about," said Donovan.

"Indeed," said Harry.

The captain gave him a strange look. "You been hanging around Teal'c lately?"

Harry returned the look and Donovan shrugged it off. "What ever, just thought you might be interested in some animated competition."

'I do need practice, and if I can't beat this guy then I'm screwed,' thought Harry. But to Donovan he just said, "Sure."

"Great. Let's get this party started," said Donovan.

They each went to their respective ends of the mat. Several soldiers were standing around watching with smug expressions. The funny thing was- they weren't aimed at Harry.

'They must have said I was pretty good when I beat them and now this guy wants to prove they were just lacking,' thought Harry.

The guy attacked first- mistake number one.

The man attacked with a running assault- mistake number two.

The man opened his side gut to him in a straight punch - mistake number three.

Strike! You're out!

Harry grabbed his punch pulling Donovan towards him and then around with his arm twisted back. He gave him a sharp kick in his open gut and at the same time he reached up, grabbing a certain spot on the guys neck. He was down in less than a minute.

"Too easy," said Harry, letting some guys pick him up and drag him towards the showers.

"Then why don't you pick some bigger prey," said a familiar voice behind him.

Harry turned to see O'Neill walking towards his mats. He bowed as the general walked on, but never let his eyes leave the man. "He offered. I merely accepted."

"Ah well, boys will be boys, even after they've supposedly 'grown up,'" said O'Neill. But he leaned in closer. "But for the record, he and several others have had this running bet on who could beat you. Once all of them started losing they had to change the rules to 'whoever lasts the longest.' That guy in particular was pretty full of himself. He deserved what he got."

Harry snickered before he turned back to the task at hand. "So did you come over here to rescue me from my, err- 'fan club' or are you on business?"

"Neither actually. But seeming as you've lost your partner, care for another? Perhaps one more challenging?"

"That would be great, especially considering you're the one picking the person I fight at the test. And I'm betting it won't be Donovan."

"Damn skippy!" said O'Neill with a nod of the head as he headed to his side of the mat.

"So what all will be allowed in the duel?"

"Any form of martial art - tae kwon doe, jujitsu, boxing... hell, even tae boe if you must. No magic obviously, and it would be too dangerous to throw in weapons in this setting; both of you will be walking away with bruises, there is no need to add scars as well," said O'Neill.

"Scars don't bother me, I've got plenty of them," said Harry.

"Well they bother me, and that's all that matters," said O'Neill, swinging his arms back and forth and rolling his shoulders. "Now if you're done..."

"Ha! Blame it all on me! That figures..."

"And we start," said O'Neill. There was a pause, and then both of them moved.

Before in the spar with Donovan it had been simple hit and go, not a real fight. When it's real, you know it. It takes on a dance like quality, and that's how it felt to Harry. They spun and rolled across the mat.

"A good defense is an excellent offense," said O'Neill as he swept Harry's legs out from under him and went for a shot to his head. But Harry rolled away just in time.

"And the best way to avoid a punch is to not be there when it hits," said Harry, coming up into a crouch.

"So you are learning," said Jack with a pleasant nod as he went into a series of kicks at Harry's head.

In response Harry sprung up into the air from his crouch position, flipping in the air to land behind the general who executed a spinning round house as soon as he landed. Harry leaned back in a move that reminded Jack forcefully of the matrix and waggled a finger.

"I told you, no magic," he said.

"I didn't. I honestly have no idea what that was," said Harry, a confused look on his face. One second he was doing the dance and the next, in the middle of his flip, he felt a sensation similar to what he had felt on PX39-52. It was a sort of elevated haze and somehow Harry had known what O'Neill was about to do. And just as he landed, something seemed to- 'click', as it were. He hadn't known what he was doing, he just did it. So if it was magic, he had no clue what kind.

As for Jack, he figured a) the kid was lying, or b) he had honestly no clue what had just happened. But something had happened because for a split moment as the boy was in mid-flip he could have sworn he had seen a faint red glow come off of him. But if that was so, it was so momentary that Jack wasn't at all sure if he had even seen it. But his gut told him he wasn't hallucinating. And he usually listened to his gut.

"Listen, Harry, I've been meaning to talk to you about what happened on the planet. Daniel thinks the weird gate speed up process may have triggered some effects."

"Like what? I've felt fine..."

"No, not necessarily bad things. Tell me, how did you know that the jaffa were about to attack from behind that soldier?"

Harry paused as he thought about it. He had been wondering that himself since it had occurred, but nothing had happened since his return so he had put it off to one helluva intuitive hunch. He told Jack just that.

"Maybe, but Daniel thinks otherwise. Have you ever been able to 'intuitively' tell things like that before? Any more of those 'hunches'?"

"No... well, maybe occasionally. At Hogwarts I could sometimes tell when something was about to happen. Not pinpoint like on the planet, but I could feel it. But just now I knew that you were about to do a round house. I don't even know why I did what I did. I just... did," said Harry.

Jack nodded, "So you have an active intuition. You have that gut feeling. That's good. But I can tell you from massive experience that no one's gut is that good."

"So what did Dr. Jackson think?" asked Harry.

"He thinks that the reaction in the gate has triggered some kind of 'foresight' where you can sometimes see what will happen beforehand. And considering what you've just told me, I'd say there's a pretty good chance he's right."

"Well, divination is an aspect of magic, but few are true seers..."

"Something else he mentioned is the possibility that when you go through the gate and speed up you thin out the layers between time or reality or some crap like that, effectively giving yourself glances into other points in time."

"Strange... has anything like that happened before?" asked Harry.

"Nope, which is why we suspect whatever it is it's somehow connected to your magic," said Jack.

"Damn, I can't even be normal in another world…" said Harry, scuffing his feet against the mat.

"Why be a copy when you can be an original?" said O'Neill with a cheesy grin on his face, throwing an arm around Harry's shoulders. "Now how about we go to the cafeteria and grab some grub?"

"What are they serving today?" asked Harry apprehensively.

"Meatloaf surprise! The surprise is whether or not it was really made of out of meat!"

"Err- I think I'll order in tonight…"

"Hey! I've got an even better idea! Why don't we go back to my place and order in pizza! My treat of course," said O'Neill,

"In that case, lead the way General!" said Harry, snapping off a salute.


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