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The Return of Mewtwo

Chapter XXVI



"So long!"

Ash leaned further over the rail of the S.S. Mary as he continued waving. Brock, Misty, and Pikachu did the same as they all crowded together at the stern of the supply ship. Even Jessie, James, and Meowth were huddled alongside them, shouting their own farewells to Ivory Island as they sailed away under the setting sun.

The days following Giovanni's invasion, as calm as they were by comparison, had not been uneventful. Mewtwo had seen the light that day, and although he'd allowed his clones to leave the confines of Mt. Ivory's crater, he had decided to remain there himself. The psychic had found his purpose on the small island; it was only appropriate to make his home there as well.

Kara was also content to stay. Whether her decision was because of Mewtwo or her revived fascination with the island, she couldn't say, but the girl was now certain that she was happy. This place was her home, and she was needed here too. Even so, Ash hadn't boarded the long-awaited supply ship with nothing—as he waved goodbye to her now with one hand, he held her pink seashell pendant in the other.

"Just bring part of me with you," she'd explained as she'd given it to him. "That way, no one'll have any regrets."

The simple philosophy had rung true for Ash, and for lack of anything more meaningful, he'd given her his flashlight in turn. It was a joke shared between them that even Mewtwo didn't understand.

Ash could still see Kara from this distance. The girl was up on a grassy ledge that hung out over the ocean, accompanied by Mewtwo, Mew, Lola, and of course Mankey and the Pikachu clone. Lola was waving goodbye alongside her daughter while the little fighting and electric pokémon at their feet gleefully shouted their names to the departing ship. Mew was zipping back and forth in the air as she always did, but she kept her eyes on the S.S. Mary the entire time. Only Mewtwo was perfectly still and silent.

The boy met his strong gaze from across the water, growing quieter as well. There was a calm warmth on the cat's face that could be seen even from this distance, and Ash could just sense that it was being directed solely towards him. It still amazed the young trainer; a week ago, he thought he'd never even heard of Mewtwo, and after everything he'd been through with the mysterious pokémon—their shocking encounter in the woods, the test to find those Remoraid in the cave, the talk with him about the injured Mankey—he realized that he didn't need to remember their first meeting on New Island. Ash had learned so much more about Mewtwo in a week on this peaceful setting than he ever would've hoped to on that battlefield. What was more, he'd had Kara there to help him complete the puzzle. Ash had taught Mewtwo the exact same lesson as two years ago, but this time, it had sunk in fully.

Back on the grassy ledge, the gray and purple creature shared these thoughts.

"You had a right to know," he said in a voice that only Ash could hear. "The years did not change you. Twice, you showed me what I did not wish to believe, and I know you would have proven it a thousand times again. I will not forget you this time either."

Confusion flashed on Ash's face at the call, and he glanced over at Brock, Misty, and Team Rocket. None of them appeared to have heard it. When he saw this, his amazement returned stronger than ever.

Misty noticed his odd behavior and hesitated. "Ash? What's wrong?"

The boy looked to Mewtwo and Kara again, smiling calmly to himself. "Nothing, Misty. I just got the feeling like we'll be back here again some day."

"Pikachu!" his little friend chirped in agreement.

Brock nodded. "Hopefully it'll be more relaxing next time."

"More ideal for the frady-cats!" Meowth added brightly. The ship pushed on towards Reef's Coast, carrying its passengers past a handful of familiar-looking water pokémon that surfaced nearby.

Kara stopped waving and squinted at the white vessel. She could barely see it anymore. Lola also stopped, and seeing them, Mankey and the Pikachu clone did likewise. Mewtwo, however, was in too good a mood to let it all end here. The glowing light suddenly returned to his eyes, lifting the four off the ground in a shimmering blue haze. They were startled at first by the gesture, but understanding the reason behind it, they grinned and resumed waving at the once again visible ship. Mewtwo watched them calmly from his place on the ground.

Beside him, Mew twirled idly and turned to face west. Then she took off.

Her brother immediately whipped his head around, surprised by this unexpected move. Concern seized him, and keeping his hold on Kara and the others, he impulsively left the ground to follow the smaller feline.

"Mew!" he called after her.

She came to a halt and turned back to face him, a pale spec of pink against the deep orange sky. "Mewmewmew mew mew. Mew mew."

Mewtwo stopped as well, reluctantly understanding. "Of course," he murmured softly. "You have your own purpose to fulfill, sister, and it leads you elsewhere."

Mew blinked her sapphire eyes and paused, staring fondly back at her brother. He always worried too much. "Mew mew, mew mewmew mew mew!" Then with a flash of white, she was gone.

Mewtwo remained hovering in the air, allowing her words to echo in his head. He smiled just then.

"Yes," he said quietly. "We shall meet again in dreams…"


The End



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