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Chapter notes: If you don't know what happens after episode 27 and don't want to find out yet, this will make no sense to you.

Tears of Yesterday
Theme #1 - long lost fables

When Altessa was little, her favorite part of the day was right before bedtime, when Bright would spend most of his time reading his favorite storybooks. She'd latch onto his arm, staring at the beautifully-detailed images accompanied with a long tale of adventures about knights lashing at beasts, or fairies dancing in the moonlight. Much as she loved the breath-taking stories themselves, she loved the lazy feeling in the air that settled around them as Bright read out in a loud, clear voice.

Besides the mystical adventures of heroes and heroines living happily ever after, Altessa loved fables. She always thought it was intriguing that a story could represent a moral in life. Though she wasn't the most intelligent thinker in the world, she liked to explain what she thought about the fable when Bright did not seem to agree or did not understand the story.

Altessa's favorite fable in particular was the one about the donkey in the lion's skin. It was logical that she shouldn't try to act like anyone else because that was completely absurd and wannabe-like. Sometimes she envied other people who seemingly had a better fortune than her, but Bright would say that her that her personality was the essence that made her stand out from others. Even though it seemed like a mere compliment, Altessa knew he meant much more than that. He was always encouraging her and doing such wonderful things for her. To Altessa, Bright important to her as much as the morals in the book.

Altessa could tell Bright loved to read. After he finished her favorite books, she'd ask him to read it again, and he'd gladly comply without any complaint or hesitation. When her sleepy jade eyes started to settle in a tiresome slumber, she'd always remember the loving atmosphere that hung around her, giving her the feeling that there was someone who still loved her.

Now, Altessa would sit by the bookshelf standing near the sunset-filled window, wondering why her brother said he hated her. The book of fables was still there, but she felt that to him they were long lost.