Based on the song by three days grace

Chapter 1: The Darkest side of me

The cloak struck 12, the chill of the night sky loomed over the tower.

Beast boy silently slipped down the hallways making sure not a single thing was knocked out of his place on his way. A permanent frown had been placed on his once happy face. He growled he shouldn't be trying to avoid them, he smirked evilly, not his usual mischievous grin more of a dark sly smile that would scare anyone. Beast boy stopped tip toeing around the corridors he looked at the names of the doors in his stride. He stopped at Robin's door he cracked his knuckles and scoffed at the door. Robin was the leader, bossy and once a criminal working for the enemy, never threatened with prison. "What about me Robin? Threaten me with prison? What about you? We never threatened you when you were on the wrong side, fool" his frown grew angrier as he spat at Robin's door.

Proud with what he had done, he continued until he reached Starfire's door.

He looked at it in its girly wonders, he had nothing against Starfire except for the fact she was dating a traffic light for a boyfriend "You're as dumb as him"

He chuckled evilly and continued down the hall, he passed Cyborgs room with no stopping; Cyborg was the only Titan that appreciated him in his eyes.

Beast boy approached the remaining door and folded his arms.

"Raven" he said smugly.

The one who hurt him, ignored him, insulted him but they weren't the worst, she confused him and he hated to be confused.

He clenched his fists into tight orbs, his eye twitching as his pupils shrunk so only white could be seen to the human eye.

"How do expect to me to understand you if you claim to be misunderstood?" he growled under his breath.

He hated her at times, but yet, he couldn't stop falling to pieces every time she was near, it confused him, the only thing he could come up with was anger.

She'd insult him; he'd take it to heart, but why?

An animalistic growl erupted from his lips.

Her voice rang in his head 'You don't know me' her words pierced his nerves.

Beast boy looked down at his hands as his nails dug through the gloves and into his hands causing him to bleed.

His insanely creepy grin returned as his underlined Raven's name with his bloody finger.

He took a step back; his work wasn't finished yet, with one more knife in his unstable nerves he swiped at the door causing the metal to dint into a scrape of blood and gash.

"You don't know me" he coughed.

Beast boy's eyes were still pure white, not pure more the darkest white.

He's body struck with a panic as he gagged in fear, back to reality, his eyes were jammed shut as his body felt strangled under the spandex he was wearing, sweat of fear ran down his cheek as he bolted back to his room to fall unconscious.

Beast boy awoke to the silence of the room, his hands stained with blood and his fingers aching.

He couldn't recall what happened, all he knew was his fingers felt like they had been into deep punishment. He was shocked at the sight of his own blood "What's going on?"

He mumbled to himself whipping the blood onto his uniform and chucking it into the laundry shoot.

He put on another uniform.

Beast boy grabbed the door with excruciating pain and opened it. His fingers seemed to be breaking under the gloves, it was so painful.

He was so confused, what exactly had happened to him? He couldn't recall any of it; he hated being confused about it.

He walked into the corridor; everyone was crowded around Raven's door.

Beast boy raised an eyebrow and approached the commotion "What's going on?"

He looked at the markings on the door as his chest tightened.

Raven placed her hood over her head "Someone has taken a dislike to me"

Robin folded his arms "I think this was an outsider's work"

Beast boy choked "Yeah"

He felt weak at the knees, what was going on? He was loosing air, he was panicking.

Raven raised her eyebrows "Are you ok?"

Beast boy nodded "I think I have a bug that's all" he lied.

Robin patted Raven on the shoulders

Beast boy let out a low growl, a tinge of anger sparked through his veins.

Cyborg noticed this "What's wrong dude?"

Beast boy whipped his eyes "I really have no idea, Im going to lie down for a while"

He collapsed on the couch as Raven walked over to the kitchen.

Raven put on a tea, and began to think about what was going on, someone didn't like her, but who? She was getting nervous.

She was interrupted as the kettle blew up exploding hot water all over her.

Beast boy watched as Raven jumped.

Raven let out a yelp of pain and threw her cloak off and onto the floor.

She backed against the cupboard as the cering heat sunk into her leotard.

Beast boy jumped off the couch only to tumble on the floor on his back.

Raven breathed in as the water kept burning, she managed to get away from the kitchen and stood next to the mess she had made.

Beast boy opened his eyes to see the women trying desperately to clean up water that was almost at boiling point, she was on the floor trying to pick up the pieces.

He got up but continued to stare down at her; he never really noticed how shapely she was.

Raven lifted the boiling hot kettle and threw it in the sink.

He grabbed a towel and dabbed the water with his foot "Are you ok?" he asked still not over his last thought.

She flung around letting her pretty purple hair follow "Uh yeah I guess"

Beast boy shook his head and picked up the towel "What happened?"

She took the towel from Beast boy's hands and shrugged "Just a little slip" she said in monotone.

"Umm" he turned around to say something but she was gone.

Raven carried the damp towel to the laundry, once there she placed it neatly inside the bag where the shoot leads to. She brought her hands out to see crimson liquid on her fingers. "What's going on?"