Based on the song by three days grace

Chapter 3: Tamed

Everyone was shocked, this had never happened before; she couldn't possibly be in this state.

The young Goth was found unconscious on the cold floor of the surveillance room.

Robin took the broken tape from her hand. "She tried to reach us last night"

Starfire looked down at her friend in fear "Will friend Raven be ok?"

Cyborg lifted the young girl up, her eyes were huge in a state of fear "I sure hope so"

Beast boy was the furthest away from the scene, he felt guilty, scared, and nervous, and he knew he had something to do with it, but he couldn't remember a thing. "Argh!" he growled, his head hurt, his palms were still bleeding and he couldn't control himself. "What is going on?" he growled clutching his head.

His hands left red stains in his hair and over his ears; he sunk to his knees.

Cyborg turned to see his distressed friend, he looked guilty "Beast boy what is going on?" he yelled.

Starfire shrieked "Your hands they are bleeding!"
Beast boy brought his hands to his face, he cringed in both pain and fear "I'm so scared"

Robin stood in front of him "Did you do this to her?" Robin screamed.

Beast boy coward against the hallway walls "Stop yelling!" he cried.

"Did you do it?" he yelled again.

He clutched his head again "Leave me alone!"

Robin grabbed Beast boy by the collar and held him to the wall "I'm going to ask you one more time" he brought his face closer "Did you do this to Raven?"

Beast boy squeezed his eyes shut and opened them only this time pure white shone again. "Yes!"

Beast boy crawled up the wall and slashed Robin across the face, leaving three bloody lines across Robin's cheek.

Robin backed away "Beast boy!"

Starfire screamed "Robin!"

Beast boy's bottom lip quivered as 2 large fangs protruded through his lips, he let out a scream causing spit to cling to his fangs "Leave!"

His fists were in orbs again as the nails dug into his already bleeding skin "Please don't!"

Cyborg charged up sonic cannon and shot it in fear.

Beast boy fell to the floor, his eyes were fading back to green, but constantly turned white again "Leave me!" the pure eyes yelled.

His eyes went back to normal "Don't, I don't want to die!"

Robin was scared now, his friend was talking about death "What are you?"

Raven's eyes fluttered.

Beast boy dug his animalistic nails in the wall to hide them from his friends "I am Beast boy!" he cried as tears dripped down his cheeks. "Don't leave me please!"

He let out a painful roar as another two fangs bulged through his top lip.

"I'm scared!" Starfire yelled.

Raven's eyes fully opened to see the disturbing sight of Beast boy's blood. "No!"

Beast boy backed against the wall trying so hard to breathe "Don't" he tried to talk but the words were not being voiced. "Afraid!"

Raven jumped out of Cyborgs arms "Beast boy!"

He was crying in both pain and fear of his life and what he had become, he was hideous and afraid. His tears had changed to a black liquid that dripped into the black puddles that were in his hands.

Robin's eyes were almost flying out of his head "Don't die!"

Raven reached her hand out to try and heal his hands but he jerked them back with a few words "Contagious, poison, afraid"

Every time he spoke black spit would spray down his face "Don't be Afraid"

Raven backed away, as much as he told her not to be afraid the more she would fear him, the white in his eyes weren't friendly and the blood loss was excruciatingly gory.

Cyborg, Robin and Starfire weren't frozen to the spot anymore; they all ran off to get help.

Raven watched the cowards run; she was alone with the beast, he was alone with her.

"Beast boy calm down" she said softly.

Beast boy looked down at the women with guilt in his eyes; he slowly slumped against the wall. "This isn't"

He couldn't finish a sentence with out spitting up blood.

She was scared but it wasn't stopping her, she had to make him calm down "Beast boy shhh" she shushed him like a mother would.

Beast boy looked at his hands as the nails were as long as the blades on a machete.

He started crying "Die" he cried "I don't"

She undid her cloak and wrapped it gently around the blood on his hands, if the blood was poison it wouldn't get through the material of her cloak "Calm done Beast boy" she held his hand "You are going to be fine"

He cringed in pain and jerked back "Don't, cant, help"

Raven whipped the blood off his mouth with some more of her cloak "Shhh, I can"

Beast boy coughed "Why? Help"

Raven smiled lightly "You're my friend"

He looked down at the young women who was smiling "Friends"

She nodded "Yes, now come one, don't give me such a sad look" she grinned.

The monster in which he had become didn't quiet feel as ugly anymore "Nice friend"

She took off the remains of her cloak and whipped his lips "hmm" she smiled.

Beast boy felt nervous around her, he was falling to pieces again, but she could never want to hang out with someone quiet as ugly as himself. "No cure" he said silently.

Raven levitated in the air "There is always a cure"


Raven put her hands on her knees as she crossed her legs in levitation. "Yes"

"I hurt" he paused before finishing "You"

Raven nodded "It doesn't matter" she placed her hands over the boy and began to heal him.

The aura made his fangs sink back to tooth size, he seemed to be calming down, his nails shrunk back to finger nail length, he was returning back to normal.

Once he had returned to his normal state he jumped up and stretched in happiness "Im ok!"

Raven smiled "Yes" she turned to leave.

Beast boy grabbed onto her shouldor, flung her around and hugged her. "Thank you so much" he brought her apart to stare into her deep blue eyes.

Raven looked closely into Beast boy's eyes, the warmth wasn't returned, there was a flash and his pupils disappeared for a split second but came back to normal. Raven's stomach sunk, it wasn't gone, maybe for now, but not forever, it was still in him and by the looks it wasn't going anywhere.