So the idea for this story came from an inside joke between my friend Sarah and I about the love life of Robin and Starfire. However, I thought about reversing the characters a bit and instead made it BB and Rae, which is by far my favorite couple.

Anyway, it's rated M for a reason. Let's get started, shall we?

"Goooood morning everyone! It's me, the J-Man Johnny Thunder and this is your 7 AM MORNING WAKEUP CALL! Now let's get ROCKIN'!"

Raven groaned half-awake as her alarm shot on at 7 AM like it does every morning, though this wasn't just any morning for the Titan. Last night was her 19th birthday and Beast Boy had taken her out to celebrate at the first place they ever went on a date, Bloaty's Pizza Barn. Never did the empath think she'd ever live to see 19 due to Trigon's prophecy nor did she ever think she'd love someone like she loved Gar.

When coming home from the night, Gar had surprised her with a surprisingly romantic 'good night' kiss, which wasn't normally the changeling's style. His normal aspect of romance consisted of the director's cut DVD of "REVENGE OF THE AXE MANIAC IN 3-D" he had bought her as a birthday gift last year.

Since she was free to express herself a bit more, Raven returned the kiss and it's intensity, which caused the jade skinned prankster to go even deeper into it. Soon, Raven found herself on her back on their bed, with Beast Boy on top of her still kissing. From there, it wasn't long till she felt him clumsily attempt to unfasten her bondage pants and slide them down her pale, slender legs.

The rest of the night seemed almost surreal to her, like it was a dream that she was experiencing in slow motion. Beast Boy had been loving and gentle throughout the whole experience and she fell asleep happy and content curled up next to her green beau.

That is, till the J-Man Johnny Thunder felt like waking her up.

"Uhnnghh..." groaned Beast Boy. "5 more minutes...then I'll take the bus to school..."

Raven sighed and shook him gently to wake him up. The Titans had a press conference to attend to at 8 AM due to them breaking up a counterfeiting ring that had taken a stranglehold on Jump City.

"Gar...Gar...wake up..."

Beast Boy rolled over to Raven's side of the bed, the empath laying on her side, propping her head up with one arm. "Morning." she said quietly. Beast Boy's eyes widened and his face blushed a rose color out of embarrassment.


"Yes, and so are you."

Beast Boy lifted up his sheet and peeked underneath. "DUDE! I am! Oh wait...we uhh...ya know..." he said, as his brain slowly warmed up from his slumber.

Raven sighed and rolled her eyes slightly, the obviousness of the situation should be amazingly apparent, or so she at least thought.

"Yes, I know what happened last night, Gar." she said. "And for the record...I rather enjoyed it." she added with a half smile. Beast Boy grinned his toothy grin, happy to see that she was happy.

"So, are you feeling?" he asked, scared to make direct eye contact with her, even though the bed sheets did a good job of covering her up.

"A bit sore, obviously. Nothing a little meditation won't fix."she said quietly. Beast Boy nodded, still blushing a light shade of rose over this discussion. His only other previous relationship, Terra, had never even resulted in a kiss.

"So like, you're not gonna shower?" he asked. Raven shook her head.

"No. I showered shortly after you fell asleep."

Beast Boy nodded and just stared up at the ceiling, letting all the events of the night before finally sink in. He'd never even been to first base before, let alone what had transpired the previous night. He had his arms crossed behind his head, with a content smile spreading on his face, his little fang peeking up from his bottom lip in approval.

"Alright there, Romero." Raven said sarcastically. "Before you go and bask in your own glory, I think perhaps you should shower first. Having your arm pits open like that isn't doing much for me."

Beast Boy shot daggers back at his pale beauty. Her back was turned at this point, as she had gotten up out of bed and was now getting dressed for the day. She was attempting to button up her leotard when a pillow chucked by Beast Boy came soaring towards her, aimed right for the back of her head. Even with her back completely turned, the pillow stopped inches from her lavender hair, glowing with her own black energy.

Sadly, Beast Boy's back was turned as well by this point, as he was too busy sliding on his boxers and sweats and just assumed the pillow had crash landed at it's destination. When the changeling turned around to ask for a kiss, he was greeted with an illuminated pillow square to the jaw.

"OOMMPHHH!" was all Beast Boy said as he crashed straight into the ground. Raven just shook her head as she snapped her cloak on.

"Nice try, Gar. Almost had me that time." she deadpanned. "If you need me, I'll be in OPs."

"Right..." the changeling said, standing up. "I'm gonna go take a shower." and with that, the two Titans were off in separate directions.

Love sat sprawled on a flat rock, dressed in only her pink leotard, which was unsnapped and disheveled. Her cloak and boots lay in a pile at the base of the rock, with the emotion glistening with sweat, her stomach rising and falling fast, along with her chest.

"Wow..." she gasped. "What a man! That thing he did towards the end? AMAZING!"

Knowledge sighed loudly and shut closed the book she had been reading.

"It's been almost 12 hours now, Love. You can get dressed and rejoin us now." the yellow cloaked emotion said irritated. The emotions has been in absolute chaos that night, but Love and Knowledge managed to team up and control everyone, avoiding any chance of a possible meltdown.

Well, everyone but Sarcasm that is.

"Yeah, a hurried and rushed 10 minutes. A real marathon lover there." the black cloaked emotion snarled. Love just stuck out her tongue as she re-snapped her leotard together.

"Oh phooey! You're no fun!" she pouted. "It was his first time, cut him some slack."

Knowledge stood up and handed Love her cloak and boots and soon, the pink wearing emotion was fully dressed.

"It was also our first time as well." Knowledge said matter-of-factly. "And you realize what this means don't you?" Love sulked, obviously unhappy with what she knew the answer was.

"Awww do we have to?" she begged. "I love that green hunk o' man! I don't wanna kill him." Knowledge shook her head quietly. She do didn't like the grim realty of the situation, yet she knew they had no other choice.

"It has to be done, it's part of who she is. As much as we don't like it, we have to acknowledge her demon heritage. Come, there isn't much time." she said. Love sighed deeply and trudged behind Knowledge cursing quietly to herself.

"Stupid no-good brainac bookworm...wouldn't know a kiss from a kite, I tell ya..."

"A-hem." Knowledge said a bit later, clearing her throat. The emotion had lead Love to a secluded cave in Nevermore, out of the way from the main area of the other emotions, with a large stone slab blocking it. Knowledge cast out her hand, illuminating it in black energy, causing the huge door to the cave to slowly roll back.

"Looks nobody is here! Okay, time to close it up!" Love said almost instantly and attempted to close the door with her own powers.

"Stop it!" Knowledge ordered and encased the slab in her powers again, a tug of war erupting between the two emotions. "Must you be so childish?" Knowledge shouted as she continued her battle with Love, till they both were interrupted by a strong, sensual, and yet slightly sinister voice coming from within the cave.

"Hello ladies." it cooed, as two blood red eyes glowed from within, piercing the inky blackness like a laser.

"Ladies and gentleman, please give it up for the TEEN TITANS!" Mayor Campbell shouted into his microphone. The citizens of Jump City roared with applause, their hands thundering their approval for their resident heroes. Signs such as "ROBIN I LUV U" or "CYBORG IS DA MAN" or "RAVEN IS MY HAVEN IN LIFE AND DEATH" dotted the landscape.

The event had been less of a press conference and more about the Mayor hyping how awesome the Titans were. Not that the Titans minded, as it saved the usual headache of answering the same questions over and over again from the reporters...

"So Raven, any chance of you and Beast Boy getting married?"

"Robin, how's Batman doing?"

"Starfire, a recent tabloid article accused you of engaging in an affair with Raven? How do you respond?"

Just the usual questions, sadly. Nothing to do but smile and nod your way through, silently wishing a bank would get robbed or another villain would escape from jail, anything to break the monotony of it all, but thankfully they didn't have to tolerate it this time.

Finally, the press conference was over and the Titans filed back to the T-Car to return home...or such was the plan, till Starfire stopped Raven from getting in.

"Friend Raven! Have you forgotten our voyage to the mall of shopping today?" she chirped happily. Raven looked back confused, an arched eyebrow her only response. "Have you forgotten? Your first birthday as a Teen Titan I asked if you wish to partake in the 'girl time' with me and voyage to the mall of shopping. You replied that you would in approximately 5 earth years from then and it has been 5 earth years since, plus one day."

Raven just blinked.

"You...remember that?" the empath said in disbelief. Starfire nodded eagerly.

"Indeed I have. On my planet, such promises are taken most seriously. Come! We must give you the day of birth making overs!"

Raven sighed bitterly and turned to Beast Boy. "Looks I won't be coming home just yet." she said. Beast Boy's gave a small frown and nodded, but perked up quickly when he remembered Cyborg had bought the new LEGEND OF SPACE MONKEY game for the Gamestation 720. Beast Boy exchanged a hug and quick kiss and Raven was off, grudgingly following Starfire.

"Remind me never to make any kind of promise with Starfire..." said Beast Boy quietly. Robin just shook his head, having first-hand experience at Starfire's amazing memory.

"So who's ready to go back to the Tower and get their butt's kicked in LEGEND OF SPACE MONKEY?" Cyborg asked, rubbing his hands together out of excitement.

"Dream on, Tin Man! You're in for the thrashing of your life!" Robin taunted. All three boys piled into the T-Car and Cyborg floored the accelerator as he sped off back home.

"BOO-YAH! In your face, grass stain!"

Beast Boy growled with irritation as Cyborg's Space Monkey had destroyed both Robin's and his own several times over the course of the night. Beast Boy was lucky if he even managed to land a single punch.

"Dude, no fair! You are so using cheat codes!" the changeling protested. Deep down inside, he knew Cyborg wasn't cheating at all, but merely just a better gamer, though Beast Boy would rather eat a steak than admit it.

"I told ya before, B, it ain't cheat codes. It's called skill! Something I have and something you and Bird Boy don't!"

Robin's eyes narrowed into thin slits, his black mask a single line of grim determination.

"Bring it on, Tin Man."

Cyborg grinned and attempted to crack his knuckles, though the metal digits just creaked slightly.

"Bring it, Bird Boy."

What followed next was an intense marathon gaming session of LEGEND OF SPACE MONKEY, MEGA BLASTER KUNG FU PIRATES, ROCKET RACER X and PONG. The final record was Cyborg with 57 victories, Robin with 39 and Beast Boy with 2. By this time the clock had just clicked 2 AM and the boys were amazingly tired.

"Dudes...I think I'm gonna go to bed..." Beast Boy said wearily, barely able to keep his eyes open. Cyborg yawned in response, the digital read-out on his wrist beeping due to a lower power level. Robin leaned back on the couch, stretching his arms and legs, yawning too.

"B's right." said Cyborg. "I'm gonna go re-charge. Night y'all."

Beast Boy lazily trudged his way out of OPs and typed in the code to open the door for his room with Raven. The door slid open and he stumbled his way in, yawning loudly. The curtains had been pulled back and the moonlight shined in brightly, oddly enough revealing an empty bed.

"I wonder where Rae went?" he thought to himself, but merely shrugged it off, thinking she had gotten up to use the bathroom. Then, all by themselves, dozens of candles instantly lit up around the bedroom in a dramatic "WOOSH" causing Raven's gothic architecture and Beast Boy's Transformer collection to cast tall, dark, dancing shadows in the room, adding an eerie element that sent goosebumps up the changeling's green flesh.

"Okay...this is weird..." he said quietly to himself.

He tried to move to crawl into bed to wait for Raven, but found his legs had frozen in place. Beast Boy barely had any time to figure out why, as two thick, heavy chains made of a familiar dark energy shot up from the bed, wrapping themselves around his wrists and ankles. With a terrified "Duuuddddddeeeee!" Beast Boy was jerked clean to the bed, yanked down hard into a spread eagle position on his back, unable to move.

"Raven! DUDE! Help! Our bed is trying to kill me!" he squealed, hoping Raven could hear him. As if in response to his pleas, two blood red eyes shot through the darkness, like some sort of macabre Cheshire cat. "R-Raven?" Beast Boy asked weakly.

The eyes stepped in the moonlight, giving them a figure and a body, and sure enough, it was Raven. Though the middle of her leotard had been torn off, revealing her belly button and hinting at more to come. A cruel smile was spread on her face as she stepped closer to the bed, finally climbing on and straddling Beast Boy.

"Raven! What in tofu are you doing?"

Raven chuckled slightly to herself, her voice seemingly deeper and more intense, yet having a rich, sensual quality to the tone.

"Raven's not here anymore, so you're stuck with me, Garfield. And tonight, you're mine! You can start to scream now."