I always hate the introduction part, as I constantly struggle to find stuff to say here. I would like to thank everyone who's been with me since Day 1. Without you guys, I wouldn't be doing this. When Vampire Heart broke 10,000 views I was amazed and when The Smell of Victory broke 10,000 views, I was dumb-founded. You guys rock, plain and simple.

As Raven had hoped, Love took this opportunity to phase through the floor just as the wave of energy smacked right into Demon Lust, sending her crashing through what was left of the wall. Love re-phased up behind Beast Boy, cowering slightly behind the green changeling.

"SHE'S CRAZY! She swallowed up the others and she's going to kill me!" she cried, her eyes wide with panic. Before Beast Boy could answer, Demon Lust lurched straight to her feet, like the Bride of Frankenstein's monster sitting up from the lab table. Her cloak was tattered in various spots, but for the most part she looked unharmed. She chuckled deeply, her voice echoing loudly throughout the ruined bedroom.

"Honestly Raven, do you really think you can beat me? I'm part of you! I live and breathe inside this wretched cesspool you call a mind. I can read your thoughts, I know the dark desires you have within. You're too much like you're father "

"I am nothing like Trigon." Raven hissed coldly. Her eyes, void and white, were narrowed as her fists glowed with large black orbs. Demon Lust laughed again and snapped her fingers, causing a pillar of flame to shoot up from under Raven. Fortunately, the empath was alert enough to cast a black shield over her feet, blocking out the hellfire that roared beneath her. Not to be denied, Demon Lust shot across the room with speed Kid Flash would be envious of, and sucker punched Raven right on the side of her face.

"RAVEN!" Beast Boy cried, as she fell back a good distance, hitting the floor hard with her head bouncing slightly, as she crashed down to the ground. Without thinking, Beast Boy morphed into the Beast and slashed his razor sharp claws at Demon Lust. With a howl that sounded like a chorus from Hell, Demon Lust stepped back and hissed as a black sludge oozed from her wounds.

"Normally I'd be up for a little three way action, but you're getting on my nerves, snot stain." the demoness growled. With another snap of her fingers, a wall of solid flame erupted in front of the mighty beast. He grunted in disapproval and took a step back, as the heat was over powering. After a few moments of blazing heat, it died down revealing a dozen or so decaying, rotting bodies. The hollowed husks having once held a soul, but those souls having long since been damned to eternal fire and brimstone.

With another roar, the Beast charged into the thick of them, slashing, growling and tearing away. The more he took down, the more that spawned up from the ground, but he didn't stop. His mind was set on one thing and that was destruction. He wanted to tear them apart and annihilate Demon Lust and all that she was. She had hurt Raven, nearly tore her apart from the inside and for that, Garfield Logan was willing to subside control to the Beast.

Meanwhile, Demon Lust had sauntered her way to Raven, the empathic Titan being sprawled out on the floor. She was unconscious and unmoving, as Demon List stood over her, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Clutching Raven by the neck of her leotard, she lifted the empath in the air, bringing Raven's face close to her own.

"Did the poor birdie get her wings clipped?" Demon Lust taunted. "Shame you were such a push over. I think I might have a little fun with you before I kill you. Maybe have that green boyfriend of yours watch everything I do. Mm...I'm already getting turned on just thinking about how loud you're going to scream."

"Think again."

Raven's eyes shot open suddenly, as they seemed to burn into Demon Lust's. Behind Raven, two large chunks of rubble from Love's bedroom illuminated themselves and crashed into the crazed emotion from either side, sandwiching her in between the rocks.

Raven dropped down to her feet and smashed the rocks into Demon Lust over and over again. Each time the stone made contact with another, it cracked from the sheer force it was being put through, till it broke down into smaller chunks.

"Is...she...dead?" Love asked, walking closer to Raven. Raven never took her eyes of Demon Lust's body, her fists still glowing.

"No. Demon Lust is merely toying with us."

Demon Lust laughed casually and made her way back to her feet. With a sickening crack of her back and neck, her bones realigned themselves back into her place. The black ooze that came from her body slowly creeped back into her wounds, the wounds themselves sealing shut tightly. Her grin spread to an inhuman length, her teeth now sharp and jagged, four red eyes burning into her face.

"I'm impressed, Raven. I didn't think you would embrace that kind of brutality so fast." she said. Raven's eyes returned to normal, the orbs fading back into her hands. In the background, the Beast was in control for the moment, slashing at the decaying corpses that flooded in endless drones.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Raven asked, glancing at Beast Boy out of the corner of her eye. .

"Don't be so naive, Raven. The only reason I even exist is because of the blood that runs through your veins. Just because you embrace your human side, doesn't mean your demon side doesn't exist. Beast Boy has no idea what kind of freak he got himself messed up with." Demoness said. Raven rolled her eyes in response.

"So you're insulting my looks now? Right, that's really going to reduce me to tears." she shot back.

"Who said anything about looks? I'm talking about your soul or rather, a lack of one. How many more nasty surprises is Beast Boy going to have to endure before he realizes you're too unstable for any kind of relationship?" the Demoness sneered. Raven grit her teeth, her eyes flashing a solid white once more. Demon Lust had a struck a nerve and Raven was going to make her pay.

"ENOUGH!" she shouted. A huge slab of Love's bedroom flew from what was left of the ceiling and sandwiched Demon Lust between it and the floor, pinning the demonic emotion. With a loud cry of anger, Raven slammed down several more slabs on top of the one she had already hurled, her fury surpassing her normally calm state.

Love watched all of this in wide eyed horror, completely paralyzed in fear. Her love, Beast Boy was snarling with anger as the Beast, his knife like claws tearing through whatever apparition attacked him.. Raven was just as consumed, using her powers to force the slabs down on Demon Lust like a vice.

"Don't you ever say something like that again." Raven said, her voice low and deep. Her hands were glowing, almost burning with a black fire, as she rained down heavy slabs on the spot where Demon Lust lay. By the time the empath was finished, six huge slabs of stone had been slammed down on top of Demon Lust. Raven's eyes faded back to their normal violet shade, staring at the stone tomb she had created.

"Is...it over...now?" Love asked again. Raven didn't answer her, instead she just stared at her own hands, her face expressionless as stone. "Ravie? Are you okay?" Love asked, stepping a bit closer. Again, Raven didn't answer, just continued to stare at her own hands in shock and disbelief.

"I...snapped." she finally said. "I snapped. Like she said I would."

"And you didn't believe me?"

Both Raven and Love immediately brought their attention to Demon Lust, who was now standing perfectly unharmed behind them. Her cloak was gone, just leaving her in the thong and bra, but her grin had somehow become even more sinister, her body having a bit more muscle definition than before.

"Bit of a temper problem, Raven. Might want to watch that." she said with a smile. She snapped her fingers again, as the demons Beast Boy had been fighting disappeared. Confused, the Beast morphed back into Beast Boy, his uniform torn to shreds, several deep red gashes on his body.

"Too...many of em'..." he groaned, and collapsed to his knees, barely able to stand. The blood trickled down his arms and legs, forming small red rivers on the gray stone floor.

"Love, can you heal him?" Raven asked, her eyes still locked on Demon Lust.


"Can you heal Garfield? Yes or no?" Raven asked once more.

"Ye-yes, I can. It won't be as quick if you do it, but I can do it..." Love said. Raven gave a tiny nod, her eyes going completely white again, as her fists clenched into burning balls of her dark energy.

"Good. Take care of him" she said. Her arm outstretched, a large black talon sprung forth from the ground, clutching the emotion in its powerful grasp. Her arm jerked back towards her, pulling Demon Lust inches within her face. Demon Lust grinned, her teeth looking more like knives instead of actual teeth. Raven stared right into all four burning embers that made up Demon Lust's eyes.

"Have I told you how cute you look when you're hopelessly angry?" Demon Lust taunted. Raven's chakra stone flashed a few shades of black, before she hurled the demoness through the ruins of the front wall of Love's bedroom, and into a nearby tree, splitting it in half. Floating a few feet off the ground, Raven made her way to the tree, her face void of any sign of emotion, her eyes solid white.

At the same time, Love frantically tried to heal the bleeding Beast Boy. Her palms rested on his chest as her hands glowed with a light pink hue. Beast Boy shifted slowly underneath her, his deep cuts from Demon Lust's necro warriors were slowly closing shut. The question is, could Love do it in enough time before Beast Boy lost too much blood?

"Hurry...hurry...hurry..." she said impatiently, trying to wrestle back the tears that wanted to run down her face. The blood loss was substantial and since Love was only one small part of Raven's over all emotional structure, her powers were only a fraction of Raven's. Still, she was giving it everything she had.

Meanwhile, Raven rested her feet in front of what was left of the tree. The Azarathian inspected the area for Demon Lust, and to no surprise, found that the emotion had gone missing.

"It's pointless to hide" Raven said loudly. "Show yourself."

"Who said I was hiding?" said Demon Lust. Raven turned once more to see the powerful emotion standing right in front of her. Her muscle tone had increased even more, to the point where she resembled some sort of Amazonian warrior. "Surprised to see me?" she said with a smirk.

"Been hitting the gym, I see." Raven deadpanned. "Care to explain the roid rage?"

"I told you before, Raven. I'm more stronger that you could ever imagine, because I'm YOU. I'm a part of you. To destroy me is to destroy yourself, and as long as you're living and breathing, I will stick around.".

"Liar!" Raven shouted, her chakra stone flashing dark once more. "We are nothing a like." she said. Demon Lust laughed loudly, her voice echoing throughout the craggy terra of Nevermore.

"You seem to forget we have the same father. The only difference between us is that I acknowledge my destiny, my purpose, my goal. To hurt, to destroy, to cause suffering. It's what I, what you, what we thrive on, Raven. You can't deny your demon heritage forever. Trigon's blood still runs through your veins whether he's alive or not. It's pointless to resist. You'll always be Daddy's Little Girl."

Before Demon Lust could even utter another syllable, one of the large pieces of wood that split from the tree zoomed across the landscape under Raven's control, piercing Demon Lust through her midsection, the wood finally embedding itself in a large mound of dirt.

"Please...please wake up, BB. Please!" Love pleaded. She had finally finished her healing, all of the green prankster's wounds having finally closed up. Yet, even in his patched up state, he did not wake up from whatever sleep he had fallen into from the blood loss. "PLEASE BB!" she cried, her tears falling down her cheek and hitting his forehead. "I love you so much. So very much."


"Oh my, looks like I have a problem here, don't I?" Demon Lust said with a laugh. "Trying to pierce me with a wooden stake? Who do you think I am? Dominic?" AUTHOR'S NOTE: Read Vampire Heart for more info

Raven said nothing, but the look on her face meant that once again, Demon Lust had hit a sore spot.

"That's right, Ravie. I can read your thoughts and I know all about your little vampire fun. I know how scared you were when he pinned you to your bed. How you could feel his hot breath on your neck. How you feared he would have his way with you and yet, being controlled like that...it turned you on, didn't it?" Demon Lust cooed, licking her lips to drive the point home.

"Shut up!" Raven shouted and with her powers, pushed the tree in deeper. Demon Lust gargled on her own venomous blood, her body shaking slightly before she slumped down, neither moving nor breathing. Raven stared at the impaled demoness, and then at her own hands. Shaking slightly herself, Raven fell to all fours.

"RAE!" shouted Beast Boy, running to join her. He wasted no time in heading to her side, sliding his arm underneath her to prop her up. "What's wrong? What happened? Is she dead?"

"I...I don't know." the empath quietly said. "Garfield, she...she said things about me...things I didn't know were true."

"Shhh." Beast Boy said, gently quieting her as her voice trembled. He planted a gentle kiss on her lips, and then her chakra stone, as was his habit. "It's cool, dude. We won. You kicked her butt, like I knew you could. Now, let's go home and get some rest. I'll even make you some tea."

"Tea...sounds nice." Raven said with a weak smile and, after a bit of convincing Beast Boy she was okay to walk on her own, she headed with her green beau towards the Sacred Gate.

"Guys..." Love called off in the distance.

"I promise I'll be back." Beast Boy said without looking.

"No...that's not it, BB. Demon Lust...she's gone."

Both Raven and Beast Boy turned around at the same time to see Demon Lust's body missing from the tree that pinned her to the mound of dirt. The wood was smeared with her horrible, foul smelling blood, but no sign of the demoness could be found. That was when the rumbling started.

It reminded Beast Boy of a scene from a movie he saw once, when some people were stuck in a car as a massive and angry Tyrannosaurus Rex stalked them. The people in the car knew the massive reptile was approaching because of the shock waves they felt from his thunderous foot steps. The feeling was similar this time, as his ears could pick up the low pounding of heavy, giant feet.

Beast Boy craned his neck upwards to see that Demon Lust had grown in size to ridiculous proportions. She had to be at least twenty to thirty feet tall, her muscles bulging and throbbing like something out of a comic book. Her fangs were so long now that they were poking through her upper and bottom lip, her forehead sprouting the very horns of Trigon.

"I must thank you, Raven. You unleashed my full potential and you did all by being you. The real you." she said. Her voice was inhumanely deep and cold, sounding all to familiar like that of Trigon.

"I'm flattered." Raven said, trying to swallow down her fear.

"As well you should." said Demon Lust. "This is my true form, my ultimate power having been realized. Your body, your soul, Nevermore, it's all mine. Your destiny as the seed of Trigon will be complete. There is no escaping who you are."

"No way, dude! Raven is nothing like you!" Beast Boy said defensively. Before anyone could say anything next, he morphed into the very T-Rex he had seen in the movies, roaring with fury as he lunged for Demon Lust, his jaws wide open in attack. Demon Lust dodged the initial lunge of the green dino's teeth, using her massive arms to hold his jaw open. A power struggle broke out between the two, each one barely causing the other to inch.

"Enough of this." Demon Lust snarled and, using his bottom and top jaw as leverage, flung the green dinosaur into what was left of Love's bedroom, knocking him completely unconscious. Demon Lust roared her own roar and turned her four burning red eyes to Raven and Love. "Little pig, little pig, let me in..." she cackled, and took a monstrous step towards the two.

"What do we do?!" Love panicked.

"The only thing we can do." Raven said, once again lighting her fists up with her black energy. "We fight." In a flash, Raven flew straight up towards Demon Lust, nailing her directly between the eyes with a blast of power.

"Aw, that tickles." the insane demoness said, swatting at Raven as if she were a fly. Raven barely managed to dodge the massive hand, as she flew straight upwards, about ten feet or so higher than Demon Lust. On the outside, Raven looked her usual calm and collected, but on the inside, she was a rough mess of nerves and anxiety. Demon Lust had driven past her emotional boundaries, turning her into some sort of vicious machine, hellbent on destruction and chaos. Just like Trigon.

"No." Raven said to herself. "No, it won't happen. Never."

"Talking to yourself?" Demon Lust said. "You're crazier than I thought."

With a mighty yell, Raven lifted her arms over her head, forming a massive ball of her energy in it, the black sphere growing in size and mass till it was double the size of the now gigantic Demon Lust. Raven's hair flowed and bellowed in the cool air of Nevermore, her teeth tightly clenched, her eyes white, as she hurled the dark ball straight towards Demon Lust.

For a brief moment, Love couldn't see or hear anything once the ball had made contact. Everything around her had been swallowed up by blackness. As the darkness faded away, Love's eyes immediately shot towards where Demon Lust once stood. A huge, deep, cavernous crater had formed where the demoness was. Exhausted, Raven slowly descended to the ground, falling to her hands and knees as her boots had barely touched the earthen floor.

"RAVIE!" Love cried and ran frantically to empath, wrapping her arm around her and helping her up. "Are you okay, hun?"

Raven shook her head, putting her weight on Love who was struggling to keep the empath afloat.

"I...didn't know you had that in you." Love said softly.

"...neither did I." Raven said weakly. "That took a lot out of me..."

"It's okay, we won. We won, Ravie!" Love said. She rested Raven on a nearby rock, letting the violet haired Titan regain her composure. Beast Boy had woken up from his state of unconsciousness, rubbing his head sorely as he climbed out of the rubble.

"Okay, someone please tell me we won..." he said, nearly tripping over a large chunk of marble pillar.

"We did, BB!" Love said. "You should have seen Ravie! She was awesome!"

Beast Boy smiled and limped his way towards Raven, kissing her gently on her cheek. Raven's glance had been focused on the large crater and had never taken her eyes off it, since first sitting on the stone.

"Uh, Rae? You okay?" Beast Boy asked. Raven didn't reply, yet her face stayed expressionless. A single tear running down her cheek.

"Rae! Dude, what's wrong?" he said, his voice getting a bit more panicky. "You beat Demon Lust, right?"

She said nothing.


Again, she said nothing.


"I'm so sorry, Garfield." she said quietly. "I knew this would happen, but I lied to myself. I thought that maybe, somehow, we could get by. But I was fool."

"Raven? What are you talking about?" Beast Boy said. He crouched down in front of his beloved, who's cheeks were now glistening with tears. Her head was hung slightly, staring down at her lap, in which her hands rested.

"I was never meant for love. I thought with Trigon defeated, I could express myself without fear. I had you to love, the other Titans to call my friends, my family, but Demon Lust is right. Trigon's blood runs through my veins and I'm cursed to carry on his legacy, even if I never fulfill the prophecy. My very existence is proof that Trigon still lives. He lives through me."

Both Beast Boy and Love sat in shock as Raven quietly wept in front of them. A moment or two passed before Beast Boy spoke again.

"But...dude, you beat Demon Lust!" he said, tears forming in his own eyes. "You won, Rae! We won. Everybody won."

Raven didn't respond, instead she casually raised her hand, forming a swirling black portal several feet away from her.

"Go." she said, avoiding eye contact. "Demon Lust lives. She cannot die, Garfield, as she is a part of me. I tried and I failed, but you..."

She looked up at him, her large amethyst eyes shimmering with tears.

"...you still have a future. You can love again. There's hope for you. You had the chance I never did. For your safety and the others, I must remain in Nevermore."

"Ravie..." Love said quietly. She too was crying, completely devastated at seeing Raven so broken and humble.

"No, I'm not leaving!" Beast Boy said, his voice choked with sadness. "I love you too much, Raven, okay? So quit acting so stupid!" he shouted. Raven shook her head more aggressively, using her free hand to push him away.

"Garfield, please! Don't make this any harder than it already it is. Just go, for Azar's sake! We never had a chance and we never will! The sooner you realize this the sooner you...

"The sooner I what?" Beast Boy said, desperately wanting closure.

"Am I interrupting something?" came the voice of Demon Lust. Only it was more twisted and sadistic sounding, barely sounding human at all. Beast Boy slowly turned around to see that Demon Lust had doubled in muscle mass, her fangs nearly several feet in length, razor sharp and pointed straight upwards.

"YOU!" Beast Boy screamed. In a flash he had morphed into the Beast, slashing at any exposed flesh he could find. Demon Lust chuckled that cold, hard, hellacious laugh and shot a beam energy from her hand, freezing the Beast into solid stone. With another thunderous step, Demon Lust was out of her crater, now inches away from the still seated Raven and the horrified Love.

"Do you now accept your fate, Raven?" she boomed, her four, red, glowing eyes burning.

"I do." Raven said quietly. Demon Lust roared with inhuman laughter, having finally succeeding in breaking the empath's will.

"Yes, I can feel it. Your hate, your fear, your sorrow, your self-doubt. It's always been there, just like me. You tried to meditate it away, you tried to focus on other things, but it ate away at your soul and now, here I am."

"Yes..." Raven said, her hair hanging at the sides of her head like a shield. She thought about how long Demon Lust must have hidden in the outer reaches of her mind, feeding on her self-doubt and her fears.

...feeding on her fears...

As if she had been granted a second life, Raven sprung from her rock and pulled her hood up, her eyes disappearing into their solid white state once more. This amused Demon Lust, who laughed even harder.

"And yet you still wish to fight? Pathetic."

"Who said anything about fighting?" Raven replied, and floated herself in the air, crossing her legs in the lotus position. With her eyes closed, she began to chant her mantra.


She focused on her anger, her hate, her disgust towards Demon Lust, letting go out of the rage that had built up within her. Her breathing slowed down, as her muscles relaxed. Her exhaustion was gone, her body quickly reaching the serene, peaceful state it attains when she meditates. Demon Lust, not amused, roared with laughter.

"Pitiful." she sneered. Raising her massive fist, she swung the huge hand towards Raven. Raven never moved nor showed any signs of even attempting to defend herself, though, she didn't have to, as the Demoness' fist bounced off an instantly appearing force shield of Raven's energy. Demon Lust grunted slightly to herself, as the side effects from the punch actually stung her a little bit. Still, the mighty Demoness was far from the point of giving up. "Amusing trick..." she snarled. "But you are merely delaying the inevitable."

Another fist swung it's way towards Raven, but again, it met with the same result, bouncing off the cackling force shield of black, mystical energy. Demon Lust actually winced a bit, as whatever force she had made contact with seemed to hurt her. Raven kept chanting her mantra, the energy around her buzzing loudly, shooting arcs in a perfect sphere, growing in power and intensity. Finally, her eyes opened, the white light that shone through them almost blinding.

"It ends now. I am tired of living in fear, I am tired of doubting myself. I will not let you ruin my life, demon. Trigon is no more and I am no longer his seed. I am Raven, daughter of Arella, the last of the Azarathians. You are a blight to me, a cancer upon my soul and I will no longer fear you. You fed on my anger, fed on my insecurities and grew stronger with each passing day. But I see now that it was all in my head, I was the one who gave you power, not Trigon, and if I can give you life, I can end it too."

Extending her arms outward, her palms upright and outstretched, she charged two orbs of the same black energy in them. The shield around her dissipated, vanishing into nothingness, as the orbs grew stronger.

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." Raven said softly.

The blast was immense, even stronger than her previous attempt to destroy Demon Lust. The black beam shot straight through the demoness' stomach, uninterrupted, as it tore through the unearthly flesh of Demon Lust. Her grotesque eyes bulged, her terrifying scream of pain echoing all through Nevermore. As Raven moved her arms apart, the beam spread in width, shooting waves of agony throughout the sadistic emotion's body.

"Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'" Love said just as softly as Raven had spoken her words, watching the events as they unfolded in front of her. Her eyes were quiet and still, though a very slight smile was hinting at the corner of her mouth.

Demon Lust fell to her knees, ripping her hair out in handfuls as the pain was becoming too much for even her to handle. From her flesh, massive holes began to open, as the unconscious bodies of the emotions she absorbed began to fall out. Sarcasm, Knowledge, Bravery, Fear, all of them laying on the ground, completely unharmed. As each emotion fell out, Demon Lust shrank in size till she was no taller than the rest of the emotions.

Landing on her feet, Raven calmly walked towards the downed emotion, who was clutching her midsection in misery, as black sludge oozed from her open wounds. The rest of the emotions slowly stood up, standing around Raven and Demon Lust in a circle. Their hands were all extended towards Demon Lust, each one glowing with the same obsidian hued power. With a final blast from every emotion gathered, Demon Lust was vanquished once for all, completely torn asunder.

Knowledge was the first one to speak after the damned screams of Demon Lust faded out of existence.

"You realize what this means, Raven? You no longer need us to express yourself, nor do you need Nevermore, for that matter. We are merely by products of Trigon and his influence, but you have now cleansed yourself of him and for good."

Knowledge and the rest of the emotions gathered around the empath, each one placing a hand somewhere on Raven's body.

"Goodbye, Ravie..." Love said. She was smiling a bittersweet smile, her eyes brimming with tears. Raven nodded wordlessly, smiling a bit herself at Love. Each emotion and Raven closed their eyes, and in unison, they all chanted their mantra. A white light began to build up around Raven, growing white, brighter and more intense till it exploded everywhere, encompassing every inch of Nevermore in it's luminous glory, slowly undoing Nevermore and turning stone back into green flesh.


Beast Boy shot straight up in bed, his eyes wide with fear. He quickly morphed into the Beast and lurched forward, teeth snarling and claws ready for action. But he was stopped cold by a black force shield of Raven's. Confused, Beast Boy changed back to himself, noticing that instead of Nervemore, they were back in their bedroom.

"Easy, killer." she said with a smile. Her normal blue leotard and cloak were gone, instead she had forsaken then for a matching pure white ensemble, the cloak and leotard looking as bright as freshly driven snow.

"RAVEN!" he nearly squealed, still floating in mid-air. "You're alive! DUDE!"

Raven smiled warmly at her green beau and gently rested him on the bed, though it did her little good as he lunged straight ahead, wrapping his arms around her in a tight embrace.

"You kicked Demon Lust's butt?" he asked. She nodded slightly, returning his hug.

"If by 'kicked her butt' you mean defeated her, then yes, yes I did." she said.

"What's with the new gear?" Beast Boy asked, breaking the hug to size her up.

"A new chapter has begun in my life, Gar. All traces of Trigon's influence are gone, completely. He's erased from my body, mind and soul. I no longer have to meditate to keep my powers under control, nor are things going to blow up anymore because I get scared or nervous. Even Nevermore is gone, as my emotions are all in check, stable. For the first time, I can actually live a normal life." she said. She paused for a minute and considered the fact she was dating a green skinned young man who could morph into animals, and was best friends with an alien princess, a half man/half robot and a martial arts master. "Well, as normal as my life can be, anyway." she said with a grin.

"Dude...this..this is AWESOME!" was all Beast Boy could say, hugging her even tighter. "We should totally celebrate."

"Indeed." she said, her smile becoming coy.

"I...that...wow..." Beast Boy panted, as he fell back on to his pillow. It was late in the tower and the two Titans had just finished their 'celebration' of Raven's new found emotional freedom.

"Absolutely." she said quietly, curling up next to him. He wrapped his arm around his beloved sorceress and pulled her even close to him, the sheets and blankets keeping them warm and secure.

"That thing you did...with your leg? Wow...where'd you learn that?" he asked. She smirked at his curiosity, debating on whether or not she should tell him or, keep the green changeling guessing.

"Let's just say that people in 4th century India knew how to have a good time." she said simply. Beast Boy, weary and sweat soaked, just scratched his head.

"But, dude, Indiana wasn't even a state in the 4th century..."

She sighed and playfully rolled her eyes, before kissing his lips softly.

"Goodnight Garfield." she said. Confused, Beast Boy just shrugged it off, figuring she was the smart one in the relationship anyway.

"Goodnight, Rae."


"C'mon, c'mon..."

Robin's eyes were narrowed with determination as he focused on the screen in front of him. Cyborg's ninja was a fierce warrior, and trying to combat him in the latest installment of 'RADIOACTIVE NINJA WARRIORS' for the GameStation 720 was proving to be epic.

"BOO-YAH! 32 hit combo!" Cyborg gloated after a very impressive series of crushing moves. So crushing, that Robin's samurai found himself with very little health.

"Call Dorothy, Tin-Man, cause I'm sending you back to Oz!" Robin snapped back, his eyes glued to the screen. It was getting down to the wire before Robin managed to land a splendid 47 hit combo with his katanna sword, sending Cyborg's ninja down in a pool of his own pixelated blood.

"Aw man, you beat me!" Cyborg groaned. "You ain't supposed to beat me. That's now how this works!"

"Looks like kicking Beast Boy's butt all the time has made your skills soft, Cy." Robin said with a yawn. It was late and after having proving himself to be the dominant warrior, Robin looked forward to nothing more than to curl up next to Starfire.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep talking Bird Boy, but every dog finds a bone once in awhile. You got lucky, that's all. Now tomorrow, you better bring your A-Game, cause Professor Cyborg will be in session and, he is ready to take you to school!"

"Ha, you wish." Robin said with a laugh as he made his way down the hallway. "Anyway Cy, I need rest. Talk to ya tomorrow?"

"Yeah, man. Sleep well." the mighty metal Titan yawned, before disappearing into his own room for re-charging.

Robin punched in the ID code for his room with Starfire, and breathed a sigh of relief as it slid open. As he stepped in, he immediately noticed that the entire room was covered with candles, along with the sweet scent of fragrant incense that hung thickly in the air.

"Star?" he asked to the dimly lit room. "Where are you?"

"Please close the door behind you, beloved." her voice came quietly, seemingly out of nowhere. Nodding blankly, Robin closed the door behind him, his instinct telling him to lock it as well. Out from the shadows stepped Starfire, wearing nothing but bright, pink bikini cut underwear. Her emerald eyes seemed to glow with an innocent, yet seductive charm, her hands placed just right on her hips.

Robin felt like he was going to faint.

"I do hope you find me pleasing." she cooed, stepping closer to him. Robin opened his mouth to speak, but found he was mute for the time being. "Please, beloved. Remove your clothing and lie on your back on our bed." she said. Walking over to the nightstand, she opened it to reveal a small metal chain, complete with lock and key. "I wish to restrain you for the act of copulation, as you had expressed interest in earlier."

Robin swallowed his spit hard, as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. It was going to be a very, very long night.