Author's note:

Welcome to my Drabbles! Each story here will be 100 words, no more no less.

Each time I update with one, I will change the summary to reflect the newest drabble and the rating of that particular one. They will range from T to M (I hate the new rating system)

Most will be slash


Rated: PG

Three little words

James Wilson needs more than his two hands to count all the times he has wanted to speak these three words to his best friend. But he is afraid. Their friendship means the world to him, more than all three marriages combined. How can he take a chance? He fears House's reaction.

But in the end he is tired. Tired of hiding. When next the opportunity arises, he speaks the words softly, but with as much passion as he can muster: "Go to Hell."

He loves House, he really does. So maybe that is why he gets away with it.