Your Baka, Your Friend

There's a dark cloud that's hanging above, memories never lie
Still we talk about the way that it was
and I think we both know the feeling hasn't died





When they got back to Tokyo it was already dark and Kaoru stopped at Kenshin's house.

"Thought I forgot about the Advent Children, didn't you?", she said with a sly grin and Kenshin chuckled. "I knew you wouldn't forget, I was about to remind you when we get back here but there's no ne-", Kenshin blinked when he noticed that he was all alone in the car.

"Kenshin! Get your ass up here and unlocked the damn door!", Kaoru yelled who was standing impatiently on his porch. Kenshin just stared at her, wondering how on earth did she get there. He shook his head then got out of the car and Kaoru locked her car with the control switch. Kenshin came up to his porch then unlock the door and they both got inside. Kaoru lied down on his sofa the second they got in.

Kenshin chuckled. "Go take a nap while I'll cook dinner for us"

Kaoru froze.

"No, he's just very good in cooking. He used to cook for me before when we were younger…."

"Kuso….", she muttered under her breath

"Did you say something?", he asked and Kaoru shook her head.

"Yeah, you go do that. Just wake me up when you're done", she said, Kenshin cocked a brow, looking at her with puzzlement then he left her in the living room and went to the kitchen. Kaoru sighed, running a hand through her hair then she placed her hands behind her head while staring at the ceiling. She smiled when she heard the pitter-patter of the rain, she loved sleeping when it rains, its very soothing and relaxing. A few minutes later she had fallen to sleep.

30 minutes later….

Ring ring ring!

Kenshin washed his hands then answered the cordless phone. "Hello?"

"Oh Tomoe! Yes, we just got back in my house, you won't believe where we went this morning. We went to Osaka, yeah its true. Kaoru?", he turned to look at Kaoru who was still sleeping on his sofa, "She's taking a nap right now, the trip tired her out", he said then walked towards the living room and took a seat at the edge of the sofa, "In Osaka, she showed me around Kaiyukan, you know….the Osaka Aquarium", he brushed away her bangs from falling on her face then caressed her cheek.

"What I'm doing right now? Well….I was cooking dinner awhile ago then you called." She slowly opened her eyes. "Anyway, I gotta go now, talk to you later. Love you. Bye", then he hung up the phone.

"Was that Tomoe?", she croaked

Kenshin nodded. "She said Hi, anyway get up sleepyhead. Dinner's ready"

"Hai hai…..", she got up from the sofa and they walked towards the kitchen.

"So what did you cook for dinner?", Kaoru asked

Kenshin grinned. "Your favorite"

Kaoru gasped on the food displayed on the dining table. Kenshin smiled at her reaction then noticed she became stiff. He could tell that she was struggling with herself.

"Do it Kaoru"

She bit her lip

"I know you want to", he coaxed

Kaoru shook her head

"Come on Kaoru, I'm the only one here anyway. No one else will-"


"…..see……oof!", Kenshin was glomped by his bestfriend, holding him tight and he laughed, not minding at all of the pressure.

"Oh my god! Oh god! Oh god! Ir's been years since I've eaten Lechon Manok! Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you!", Kaoru exclaimed then she hurried to the table.

They both did a silent prayer then after that they started eating.

"Itidakimasu!", she said then helped herself with Lechon Manok

Kenshin didn't eat yet, he was still admiring Kaoru's cheerful self. It's been awhile since he had seen her like this. Genki as Misao but in her own unique way that he always found it very adorable and appealing to him. Back in highschool, she was always like this. Even when times got really rough and impossible to bear, she would always put a smile on her face. Easing everyone's troubles even just a short bit. He didn't mean that Kaoru can't cope up anymore, it's just that……she's different now, like Aoshi or something although she always stay true to her natural self. Something was amiss, he just didn't know what.

One thing was for sure, he missed how things were before although he's not regretting the present.

"Oi, Kenshin! Why are you staring like an idiot, eat!", she took another a bite then beamed a smile, "Ureshii! Sugoi!"

Kenshin chuckled then started eating too.

After dinner they both watched Advent Children with chips and sodas, an hour later they were done.

"The ending was kinda sad", said Kaoru who was getting teary-eyed

Kenshin rolled his eyes as he took out the DVD from the player. "You women are always emotional"

"Excuse me! I'm not the one who's in love here!", she said as she threw a pillow at him who caught the pillow without a hassle.

She got off the couch, stretching herself. "Well I think it's for me to go now"

"But it's still raining!", he said as he followed her to the door

Kaoru opened the door, she could see that it was still raining then she turned to him who looked concern. "It's just a little rain Kenshin. You always worry over little things"


"Until next time!"

Kaoru shut the door from behind, leaving Kenshin staring at his door. He sighed as he slumped his shoulders then slowly walked towards his kitchen and cleaned up the dishes. He went up the stairs and took off the magenta shirt, he stared at the soft fabric then neatly folded it and placed it inside his drawers. He laid down on his bed with his hands behind his head, staring aimlessly at his ceiling. His mind wandering on the events they just did today. Remembering Kaoru's sweet voice when she sang in the car. The way her sapphire orbs sparkled with mischief and happiness. When she curved her lips with a smug smile or a smirk and when she beams a true smile on her face with pure happiness.

The feel of her body against his when they danced, the sway of her hips to his, her arms around him as they sway together, so alluring….so….

Kenshin bolted upright on his bed, his breathing ragged as he ran a hand through his fiery mane. He stared at his drawers then stood up and opened it then took out the magenta shirt. He walked downstairs to the laundry room. He placed the shirt inside the washing machine and poured a cup of powdered detergent. Minutes later the shirt was washed, dried and ironed.

He went upstairs, back to his room with it but he didn't put it back in his drawers instead he lied down with it.

"You know magenta suits you"

He slowly fell asleep with better dreams. Better….better dreams….

"Yes sir, I already ate dinner in Kenshin's place so I'm going to sleep now. Goodnight", said Kaoru then she went upstairs, in her room. She sat down on her bed, heaving a sigh then she took a glance on her desk. She looked up at her ceiling then back to her desk, heaving another sigh she stood up and opened her desk drawer. She took out a navy blue cellphone. The model was a Samsung SGH – T719 given by her father as her graduation gift in highschool. She turned on her cellphone and was surprised that she received 55 miscalls all from Kenshin.

She smiled a bit. "Oh Kenshin…."

She wasn't aware that her door was ajar and outside was her father, observing her. He saw her charging her cellphone then went to bed and decided that he should return to his own quarters as well. He smirked.

"She's finally using her cellphone"

Kenshin went downstairs when he heard a loud knock on the door. He opened it and was shocked to see Kaoru who was standing there with a smile on her face.

"Morning sleepyhead!", she said cheerfully

"Kaoru! Why are you- I mean….you didn't tell me anything!", he stammered

Kaoru smirked. "Aren't you going to let me in?"

"Oh! O-Of in", he stepped aside from the door and Kaoru walked inside then Kenshin closed the door. "Have you eaten breakfast yet?", he asked as he took a look at his clock. 7am.

Kaoru shook her head. "No I haven't yet and you shouldn't either'

"Huh? Why?"

"You'll see, now go upstairs and take a bath. I don't think I'll be expecting a magenta polo shirt today", she teased and Kenshin blushed.

"Ah right….wait here, I'll be done within 15 minutes", he said then hurried upstairs and went straight to the bathroom and took a shower. After that he went to his room and opened his closet. He scanned around, looking for something good to wear. To his surprise he saw the navy blue shirt with a Kakashi logo on the upper left. He got this in anime convention 5 years ago with Kaoru. He pulled up a white drawstring pants then put on the blue shirt and black rubber sandals.

Thank god he was fit

He looked at the cologne that's on his desk, he put some on him then hurried downstairs and saw Kaoru flipping channels on the television.

Kaoru turned off the t.v. when she heard Kenshin coming down the stairs. She stood up and walked towards Kenshin. She was shock when she saw the shirt. "You still have it?", she asked in disbelief and Kenshin smiled sheepishly. "I'm surprised I still have it", he answered

Kaoru giggled then checked on his person. "Well you look good, very handsome"

Kenshin's eyes lit up and a tint of pink was evident on his face. "Really?"

"No, I was referring to Kakashi", she teased and Kenshin stuck out his tongue at her

"Well you don't look half bad yourself", he commented, admiring the white zippered-vest that showed off her bare arms and the white short pants that hugged her hips and thighs. Her feet covered with her Adidas sneakers.

"So where are we having breakfast?", he asked as they walked out the door.

Kaoru grinned. "You'll see"

"This is where you work?", he asked in astonishment as they got out of the car.

"Yup, cool huh?", she said as they both stared at the restaurant in front of them. It wasn't really a big restaurant but it can occupy 30 people maximum and it's homey. Made out of brick walls and the staff were very friendly. They serve sea foods, Japanese delicacies, pastries and a variety of beverages like shakes, juices, caffeine and sake.

But what caught Kenshin's eye like all other customers had was the location. It was by the sea and in front of the porch was a ramp that leads to the water and beside it was a speed boat where you can go to the Izu Islands.

They went inside and took a seat by the porch then a waiter was heading their way.

"Kaoru-chan! You're finally dating! How come you didn't tell me!", then the man took a seat beside Kenshin and greeted him with a cheerful smile, "Hi! The name's Kamatari, Kaoru's friend and personal dating agent!", he said then shook Kenshin's hand who was in a bit of a daze.

"Himura, Kenshin…..uhh….Kaoru's friend", he greeted back

"Ah Himura-kun! How long have you been dating Kaoru-chan? Have you been treating her right? What's your sign? I know you two are meant to be and I've never been wrong about this! So, do you take her to the movies because she loves-"

"Ahem!", came Kaoru's throat as she gave an annoyed look to Kamatari, "For once Kamatari you are wrong, Kenshin and I are not dating plus he's already taken"

"Nani! You already have a girlfriend, Himura-kun!", he exclaimed and Kenshin nodded with a weary smile. Kamatari looked at Kaoru and he pouted. "Demo…..this can't be happening! I thought you're finally dating! I mean….look at you! You look so happy! You're practically glowing!"

Kaoru bit the insides of her cheek, fighting back to furiously blush. She just stayed silent, hoping that Kamatari would go away already.

Kamatari sighed. "I'm sorry for your loss, Kaoru-chan"

"Nani! You're crazy! Just go take our order already!", she said, her face flushed and Kenshin wondered if its from anger, embarrassment or both.

After Kamatari took their order, Kaoru lied back on her chair and sighed in relief.

Kenshin looked curious. "Personal Dating Agent?"

Kaoru groaned. "That Kamatari…..he's been setting me up with his 'friends' for months now, persistent bastard", she said and sighed dejectedly

"So you've been dating?", it was more like a statement than a question really.

Kaoru shrugged. "It's not that bad…..there are some perks to dating actually", she said not aware that Kenshin's eye were glowing with unspeakable irritation that seconds later could lead to rage.

"Like what?", he asked

"You know being treated to great food…..treated to movies that I like and I even get chocolates. Lots of them", at the last part she smiled while Kenshin had a ferocious scowl on his face.

"So you do enjoy their company", he assumed and Kaoru shrugged. "As a friend then yes but… a lover or committed to one of them then of course not", she answered

"Then we're back to the mysterious guy who captured your heart", he said with annoyance and Kaoru raised a brow.

"What about him?"

"Can't you just tell me who this guy is? Come on Kaoru, you can trust me. I've never betrayed you before and I never will. I won't spread it around", he coaxed with pleading eyes. Kaoru rested her chin on her palm, leaning on the table.

"I do trust you Kenshin but you'll just have to respect my decision on not telling you", she said

"I really understand but this time I won't listen. I'm just not satisfied with it"

"Here's your order! Enjoy your breakfast!", Kamatari said cheerfully as he placed down their meal on the table then left after winking at Kaoru who just rolled her eyes at him.

Kaoru sighed in relief then started poking on her waffles. Kenshin narrowed his eyes, giving her a stern look. "Don't even think I'm letting you off the hook. I'm not yet done with you", said Kenshin then occupied himself with his pancakes. Kaoru groaned and they both ate their breakfast in silence.

"Just one question though", said Kenshin

"What?", she hissed

"Is Kamatari gay?", he asked, obviously curious and Kaoru laughed.

"The gayest"

"Thought so", he said with a smirk.

I'm sorry Kenshin….you're trust isn't just enough for comfort…the same as you……I'm not satisfied with it either…

After their breakfast they went to the ramp. "Are you sure you know how to drive this thing?", Kenshin asked warily

"Of course I do…..I wouldn't have decided to drive for us if I didn't", said Kaoru then hopped inside the speed boat. She could see the doubt in his violet eyes and she sighed. "Well I haven't been driving this thing for….lets say…..5 months", she said with a sheepish smile and Kenshin sighed.

"Just don't get us killed, okay?", he said as he hopped inside the boat

"You don't trust me do you?", she asked

"I should ask you the same thing", he countered, crossing his arms.

"You'll never let it down, won't you?", she asked, sighing with exasperation

"I tend not to give up"

"And so will I", she groaned

After untying the boat from the ramp, Kaoru started the engine and moved the stick shift forward, driving the boat towards the Izu Islands. Kenshin sat on the front of the boat, admiring the view of the deep blue see and the horizon from afar. The feel of the cold wind against his face. The wind blowing his fiery red hair.

He turned to Kaoru who had her hands firmly on the steering wheel. He stood up and took a seat that's just behind her. Aware that he was near, she took a glance at him then sat down.

"So….who taught you how to drive?", he asked

Kaoru grinned. "From Sangica's regular costumer", she answered then she turned to him.

"Do you want to try?", she asked and Kenshin was staring at her, wondering what she was talking about. "Try steering the boat", she said and he nodded in understanding.

"I don't know….", he said, very reluctant if he should give it a try but Kaoru persuaded him otherwise. "Okay okay…..I'll give it a try", and with that Kaoru turned off the engine which startled Kenshin.

"You're lucky that the current isn't strong today or we could have been dragged to the ocean", she jest but Kenshin didn't find it funny, in fact it made him even more nervous than he already was.

Kaoru stepped aside and Kenshin was now facing the steering wheel which was at the center, the stick on his right and gauges that's just at the upper right. Kaoru instructed him to turn on the ignition then moved the stick forward, into drive mode. His first try on the wheel wasn't really good cause he took a sharp curve to the right and they were speeding extremely fast. Kaoru soothed him and he eventually calmed down. He was now driving straight and in the right direction but his hands were still clammy and sweating.

"You're still tense, here let me help"

He was about to protest but he chocked when Kaoru placed her hands above his from behind him, her hold was firm and confident. "Relax… have nothing to worry about….unless its starts raining and the current would change", she joked and Kenshin loosened up, relaxing on her hold. "Take a deep breath", she instructed and he obeyed. He wasn't nervous on how to drive the boat anymore. Right now, he felt extremely nervous on how close they were. He could feel her warmth radiating inside him. His heart was throbbing and he felt he was in a daze.

He felt this before with Tomoe on their first date but this was more stronger… threatening….so intense…

He blinked when he felt so cold all of a sudden then he realized that Kaoru wasn't behind him anymore. She was now on the front, watching the horizon. He sighed, wondering why he felt so cold….so empty….and dreadfully alone.

An hour later they finally arrived at the Izu islands. After tying the boat securely to the ramp, Kaoru led Kenshin into the forest.

"So why are we here?", he asked as they walked on the grassy road

"To pay a visit to a regular costumer", she said, her eyes glinting with excitement and mischief.

At the end of the road, Kenshin gaped when he saw the extremely long stairs that lead to the top.


"That leads to a shrine and where his dojo is, that's where he lives", said Kaoru

"Who's he?"

Kaoru smiled mysteriously. "You'll see"

"Just how many steps are there?"

"100 steps"


Kaoru smirked. "Come on", she said then both of them walked up until they finally reached the top. Kenshin's breath was ragged as he placed his tired arms on his tiring thighs for support.

"Just why….does it….have…to be….so….high…!", he said, gasping for breath.

"He said it's for discipline and endurance", she said and she moved forward towards the dojo.

"Hmmm…..why does that sound so familiar?", he said to himself then ran, catching up to Kaoru then they walked side by side until they reached the dojo gate. Kaoru knocked on the door three times. When the gate was opened, Kenshin took a sharp intake of breath from shock which was an understatement for Kenshin.

"You….you are….you are…"

"Talk properly to your Master, baka deshi!", said the man and Kaoru giggled.

"It's nice to see you again, Hiko-san", Kaoru greeted with a respectful bow

"Ah Kaoru, we haven't seen each other for 2 months, it's a surprise to see you again", said Hiko with an amusing smile on his face

"A pleasant surprise, I hope", she jest

"Pleasant? With seeing him again, I don't know what to say", he said as he scrutinized his apprentice


"Now he speaks!", Hiko said with an exasperated sigh

"Sensei! Why are you living here? How come you didn't tell me?", Kenshin asked, finally finding his voice

Hiko sighed. "I rather talk inside the dojo, baka deshi. Come inside, I'm sure Okon will be happy to see you again Kaoru", said Hiko as Kenshin and Kaoru went inside the dojo.

"Who's Okon?", Kenshin asked and he heard his sensei mumbling something. "Pardon?"

"My wife", he said gruffly

"Nani! You're married!", Kenshin exclaimed, obviously in disbelief and astonishment and Kaoru tried controlling herself from laughing out loud.

"Be quiet, baka deshi! You're disturbing the peace", his sensei scolded him then went inside the tea room in silence. They sat down while Hiko went to find his wife, telling her to make tea for their guests. Minutes later, the 3 of them heard the shoji door slide open, revealing Okon with the tray of tea.

"Konnichiwa Kaoru-chan! It's been a long time", said Okon as she kneeled down and put the tray on the small table.

"Konnichiwa Okon-san!", Kaoru greeted cheerfully

Okon clasped her hand together. "Kaoru-chan! You finally have a boyfriend, good for you! I was really having my doubts recently"

Kaoru groaned. "Why does everybody keep on saying that", then she cleared her throat, "Okon-san this Himura, Kenshin. My friend and he already has girlfriend"

Okon frowned. "Honto ni? That's too bad…..I thought he was the one for you….oh dear"

Kaoru sighed dejectedly while Kenshin just continued sipping on his tea.

"Anyway, I'm so glad to finally meet you Hiimura-kun, anata keeps on telling me about you", said Okon and Kenshin almost spitted out his tea.

"W-what?", he stammered

"Oh! He told me that was very proud of you. He was so happy on having you as his student. You even won in tournaments", Okon enthusiastically

Kenshin laughed nervously while Hiko just looked down, slightly embarrassed. Then Hiko stood up and slid open the shoji door. "Get up Kenshin, lets go", he said then walked ahead.

"C-chotto matte! Sensei!", Kenshin exclaimed, catching up to him as he went out of the dojo as well after his bow, leaving the two women alone in the dojo.

"Kaoru-chan, why don't we go to the onsen. It will be very relaxing and refreshing", Okon suggested

"Good idea, its been a while since I had one of those", answered Kaoru

Kenshin yawned and rubbed his eyes then focused back on the bamboo stick he was holding which was use to be a fishing rod. "Why are we doing this, sensei?", he asked. The two of them were sitting on the grass and fishing by the lake.

"Discipline", was the answer he received and Kenshin sighed wearily

"Sensei….why are you living here?", Kenshin asked

"It's peaceful out here", Hiko replied

"How come you didn't tell me?", asked Kenshin, he wanted to yell at his sensei but he controlled his temper or else he'll be dead. But it was evident that he was terribly upset. They haven't spoke to one another for a year now and all this time he was still here in Tokyo, living in a dojo of an island with no electricity whatsoever. He thought his sensei left the country. And how come Kaoru knew about it and not him?

"I was busy with moving here, especially the transportation for my stuff to be sent here so I didn't have time to tell you. Plus you're also busy with your education especially now that you're in college. Why should I tell you? It's not important anyway"

"Demo… come Kaoru knows?"

"Baka! Didn't Kaoru tell you that I am a regular costumer in Sangica? Of course she would have seen me since she works there, baka deshi"

"Oh….", was all he could say then a thought crossed his mind, "when did you get married?"

Hiko raised a brow. "It's none of your business but since you asked then……we married last December"

Kenshin chuckled. "I never knew you were the marrying type, sensei. She must you really love her to change into this"

Hiko glared at him. "Shut up! Once we get back to the dojo, you're going to spar with me after you cook lunch"


"Baka deshi, you didn't catch any fish!", Hiko growled, holding a bucket of 2 big salmons that he caught while they strolled back to the dojo.

"Hey don't blame me! I haven't gone fishing for years!", Kenshin answered back

"Don't talk back to your Sensei! Respect!", Hiko scolded him and Kenshin sighed. It was always like this. His sensei will use his authority over him just to shut him up. He would abuse his powers to control him. Kenshin groaned. Why him?

When they got back to the dojo, Kenshin was surprised to see Kaoru wearing a yukata. They stared at each other, both have nothing to say. Kenshin was too shock to utter anything while Kaoru was just looking at him strangely. Kaoru looked at away, breaking the spell, she went back inside a room to change. Kenshin felt rigid, he couldn't believe on what he just saw. He had never seen Kaoru like this. This….dare he say it… damn sexy.

Her face was flushed, her hair was damp and the yukata she was wearing revealed a bit of her creamy bare shoulders, she looked more alluring. So amazing. He couldn't concentrate on cooking with these thoughts. His sensei would scold at him if did something wrong and what's even worse was that Kaoru was helping him. She mainly did the cutting and chopping of the vegetables. He couldn't restrain himself from looking at her once in awhile when she wasn't looking.

He heard her hiss so he turned to her and his violet eyes widened when saw her finger bleeding. She placed it inside her mouth.

"Let me take a look at it", said Kenshin but Kaoru shook her head

"I'll just go ask Okon-san if she has a band-aid", she said and was about to turn away until Kenshin caught her wrist and pulled away her finger from her mouth. He noticed that the cut was very deep and was bleeding so much. She took a sharp intake of breath when Kenshin sucked on her wound then pulled it away. It stopped bleeding.

"I'll ask Okon-dono if she has some alcohol and cotton. Wait here. Minutes later it will bleed like a fountain again", then he hurried away to find Okon. Moments later he came back with a first-aid kit. He put some alcohol on the cotton and then dabbed it on Kaoru's finger.

Kaoru flinched from the pain. "Gomen", Kenshin said softly

"Don't be sorry. It's my fault anyway, you know I'm not good with cooking anyway", she laughed at her own expense.

Kenshin looked at her with a warm smile. "I can always teach you if you want"

Kaoru smirked. "You gotta be patient then cause it's gonna take a long time for me to get the hang of it"

"I have plenty of time", he said then he blew on the finger, easing the pain a bit. Kaoru felt very strange and tingly when he did that. Then he wrapped a bandage over it. "Done! Be careful with sharp objects, Kaoru. I don't wan this to happen again"

"Hai! Otou-san", she teased and he smiled back.

"Well I better finish cooking", he said then stood up. Kaoru was about to follow when Kenshin stopped her with a stern look. "You don't need to cook, Kaoru. Let me, I don't want you getting hurt"

"Yes mom"

Kenshin stick out his tongue at her. "Why don't you just roam around a bit", he said then went back to the kitchen counter.

Kaoru sighed then decided to see the dojo. Inside the dojo, Kaoru was just swinging the bokken, recalling the lessons and techniques she learned that her father taught her, the Kamiya Kasshin style. They still have the dojo but father was busy with work and she was busy with college.

"That's no excuse", she said to herself, "I'm a coward", then she looked at her bandage finger. She felt rage boiling up inside her.

"Kia!", she cried as she swung the bokken with a strong force.

"That was excellent even though you did it out of rage"

Startled, she turned to see Hiko who was leaning by the doorway with his arms crossed.

"I hope you're not sparring with me, Hiko-san because my technique is a bit rusty", she said with a sheepish smile. Hiko smirked then walked towards her.

"It's my baka deshi who I want to fight", he said and Kaoru giggled, "I'm surprised that you came to visit again, even more when you brought Kenshin"

Kaoru smirked. "I wouldn't want to disappoint you", she answered

Hiko's lips curved into a frown. "I still keep in touch with your father sometimes and he told me about your plans"

"The weekend trip?", she asked innocently

Hiko narrowed his eyes. "You know what I mean"


"I'm not saying its a bad idea, I think it's a great idea but are you really sure if this is what you want?", he sighed, "but whichever you choose, it's a win-win situation"

"You're wrong", she looked at him with anger in her eyes, "It's not a win-win situation and it never will be. I could never win."

"Then why are you doing this?"

Kaoru shrugged. "Why not? I've got nothing else to lose"

"What about him?", he asked

Kaoru had a feeling this would come up. "What about him?", she asked

"You know….", he grabbed the bokken from her grasp, "One is not worthy to hold or even touch this bokken with pride and dignity when she's a coward"

Kaoru glared at him. "You can't stop me"

"He would"

"He doesn't know"

Hiko cocked a brow, a bit surprise. "You're not planning on telling him?"

"Not too soon", she answered and Hiko just nodded.

"Oro? What is going on here?"

Kaoru sighed then turned around with a smile. "Nothing Kenshin. Me and Hiko-san were just criticizing your fighting skills", she teased

"Awww….it's worse enough that sensei keeps on criticizing me, I don't need you to add the weight on my shoulders", he groaned, slumping his shoulders.

"Baka deshi, go get a bokken", His sensei ordered. Kenshin sighed and did what he was told then went to the center of the dojo. Kaoru squeezed his shoulder and said good luck to him then went to the far side of the dojo and sat down.

Kenshin was in his fighting stance, very prepared while Hiko raised his bokken to Kenshin's level.

"Begin", Hiko said and they both begin to attack.

Kaoru watched them both in awe as they fought. She was always fascinated on how Kenshin handles a bokken or a sword. She and Kenshin did kendo together back in highschool although Kenshin started kendo since his childhood with Hiko while she started in highschool with her dad.

She loved the way he moves gracefully, like he was dancing and it looked like it wasn't difficult at all even though it really was. He's always flexible, so strong and he had incredible speed. That god-like speed of his…..she had never seen anything like it. The only people she knew who was so good with the art was Kenshin and Aoshi but for her, Kenshin was the best of best. She saw every match he was in, every tournament and the result would always be the same. He won.

"You still have your speed", said Hiko as Kenshin dodged his sensei's every attack, "and your reflexes too, but….", out of the blue Hiko was suddenly behind him and Kenshin gasped in shock and was too late to counter when he felt a bokken against his neck, "You lack the power"

Something hit him when his sensei said that. With a cry of rage, Kenshin turned around and pushed away his bokken from him, preparing to strike but the next thing he knew, the bokken was off his hands.

Everything was silent, Kenshin's eyes were cast down, feeling ashamed.

"Kaoru, would you please excuse us?", said Hiko. Kaoru was puzzled but she left without saying a word. Hiko turned to Kenshin with a stern look. "Pick it up", he ordered

Kenshin grudgingly picked it up then out of the corner of his eyes he saw his sensei was about to strike him but fortunately with his speed and reflexes, he blocked it.

"You are aware that something is wrong with your skills", said Hiko

Kenshin just stayed silent. He would admit to himself that his sensei was right. He knew that something was wrong with him. Something was lacking….it just somehow slipped away from his grasp. He was aware of it for 2 years.

2 years of frustration and shame.

Even though he won in every match but recently he felt he was just lucky, it wasn't his skill that made him a champion even though he's the fastest or the strongest. It wasn't enough. He wasn't the fighter that he was 15 years ago.

"Imagine that I murdered your loved one"

Kenshin narrowed his eyes. "What?"

"I murdered your love one. Tomoe. I killed her and let her body rot in the snow. The pure white snow tainted with her blood and I laughed at her death. Mocking her"

Kenshin was aware of what he was doing. He was trying to make him mad and strike him with all of his rage. He wouldn't lose to him. Kenshin tightened his grip on the bokken. Then with his god-like speed he strike him but Hiko blocked it then Kenshin disappeared and was above Hiko. With a cry of rage, Kenshin strike down and Hiko was fortunate enough to dodge it, unscathed.

Hiko smirked. "You must be that heartless to give this little effort", he taunted Kenshin who was breathing rapidly.

"What's wrong baka deshi? You're really losing your touch. What happened to your passion? Or maybe you cheated on every match you had", he said with a wicked smile

"I raped her, your best friend. Kaoru."

Kenshin's eyes were turning to cold gold. He didn't find this amusing at all. "Stop it"

"Don't believe me? Why do you think she stopped seeing me for 2 months until now? She just sucked up her fear to show you to me. She's so generous, just like she almost gave her body to me"

"Shut up!"

"Speaking of her body…..she was so soft, so tender and delectable….her creamy skin…her luscious red lips….her soft, smooth hair….", Hiko licked his lips, "She was a great fuck"

Kenshin was boiling inside. His cold amber eyes narrowed, glaring at Hiko. His bokken was in his death grip.

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!", Kenshin yelled, striking him with full force but Hiko blocked it. Kenshin backed away then thrusted forward.

"Ryo Sou Sen!", Kenshin cried as he executed multiple attacks to his sensei. Hiko didn't have the time to counter his attacks and then suddenly his bokken was knocked out of his hands and he fell down to the floor with Kenshin's bokken pointing at his neck. Kenshin's eyes were threatening him.

"That's what I wanted to see. Keep that moment and concentration in mind every time and then you can become the best. Even better than before", said Hiko then helped himself up. He walked out of the dojo and by the doorway was Kaoru.

"Help him", he whispered to her without giving her a single glance. He was gone.

Kaoru looked at Kenshin who just looking down. She sighed. "He didn't have to tell me that", she said then walked up to Kenshin.

She placed a hand on his shoulder. "Kenshin", she called to him but he didn't respond. He was still looking down and he was shaking. Not because he was cold but he was ashamed of himself. Very embarrassed that he fell to Hiko's trap.

Kaoru pulled him to her arms, hugging him gently. "Kenshin…..your will to protect made you that way", still no response, "I have known for a long time that something was bothering you with your skills. My wonderings were confirmed when I saw you practicing late that night when I found you in the gym. You should be glad that you finally understood."

To her surprise, Kenshin placed his arms around her tight. He was quivering. Kaoru soothed his back. "It's understandable on why you were enrage with your sensei", she said

"Kaoru….demo…oh kami….I had the intention and desire to kill him! My own sensei!", he cried, crushing her form but Kaoru didn't mind of it.

"The fact and truth is that you didn't", she said

Kenshin's eyes widened.

"Remember White? My puppy that Sano accidentally killed. Sano ran him over with my car, he wasn't aware that White was behind him when he backed it out of the garage. White was given to me by Sir when I was still 7 yrs. old but now he's gone. I avoided him for a long while because I was so mad at him and I'm afraid, I'll do something I'll regret."

Kaoru pulled him away, taking his face with her hands. She gave him a warm smile.

"See Kenshin, you had a choice. You chose not to hurt your sensei even though you were so frustrated with him"

Kenshin realized that she was right. His lips curved into a small smile then he pouted. "Why are always right about these things? You seem to have every reason to everything"

Not everything

"I always knew that I'm excellent with this", she said as she dramatically flipped her hair. Kenshin rolled his eyes. "Let's go eat lunch before it gets cold", she said then dragged him to the kitchen.

At lunch, Kenshin and Hiko would bicker at each other. Okon just smiled cheerfully as if nothing was happening or bothering her at all while Kaoru sighed dejectedly.

"Only the wisest and stupidest men never change", she said and noticed that Kenshin and Hiko were glaring at her.

She smiled innocently. "Blame Confucius not me"

After eating their lunch and conversing to one another, Kenshin and Kaoru bid their good byes and left the dojo. They went back to the ramp and inside the speed boat. Kaoru decided that she'll be the one to drive them back to Sangica.



"I really appreciate on what you did back there", he said

"This weekend is not just about me, it's also about you, you know. We're getting to know one another"

"Really Kaoru, you don't give yourself much credit", he said with a frown, "You deserve to be appreciated and even more"

Kaoru nodded. "Okay"

"I mean it"

Kaoru smirked. "I never you didn't"

"Well you sure sound like it's nothing to you", Kenshin sulked

Kaoru laughed a bit. "Lets just say…its for all the things I never did for you in the holidays back then….so…now we're even"

She noticed that he was still sulking. "But I appreciate you're concern, Kenshin. Don't worry about it"

An hour later they finally arrived back to Sangica and into Kaoru's car.

"So where are we going now?", Kenshin asked

"We're going shooting", she answered


"This is awesome, I didn't know that your dad wouldn't mind"

"As long as he has my gun, he'll be happy with it", Kaoru groaned

She brought them to the Police Department, inside the shooting gallery. Before she always went here to shoot, using her gun but her father stopped her 3 years ago. She started learning how to shoot a gun when she was 16 yrs. old. It was her father's idea to teach her because he noticed that she wasn't doing anything productive in her summer vacation. It took her almost a year to get the hang of it and shooting straight and accurately. But now she can shoot any critical spot and the year after that her father gave her a gun. The model was a Auto Mag III .30 Carbine and she cherished it ever since.

But then there was that incident that he took away her gun. Her father was in a wild chase of the killers. Kaoru saw them and decided to help. She got on her car on went on full speed then with the use of her gun, she shot the front tiers of the criminals' car and they were trialed and arrested. Kaoru was awarded and she was happy but her father disapproved. As punishment, he took away her gun and vowed that she'll never own a gun again. Or get involved in any police case.

"Oh yeah, what were you and Seta-kun doing here the other day we met?", Kenshin asked then shot another bulls-eye.

"Oh….we were just sending office supplies. Sometimes we would do errands for them", said Kaoru and too shot another bulls-eye.

Kenshin shot another then saw an officer coming inside.

"Hey Kaoru, got another list for you to do", the officer said as he handed out to her the list. She took it and placed it in her pocket.

"Yeah yeah…..I'll do this tomorrow with Sou-chan", she said then focused back on the target. The officer turned to look at Kenshin.

"Hey Kaoru, who's that guy?"

Kaoru looked at the guy he was pointing at. "Oh! That's Kenshin", she answered then they both walked towards Kenshin. "Kenshin this is Officer Kei Tanaka. Tanaka-san this is Kenshin Himura, a friend of mine"

The two men shook hands then Tanaka turned to Kaoru. "Friend, eh?", he said with a grin

Kaoru rolled her eyes. "Yes, a friend. Plus he already has a girlfriend so drop it"

But Tanaka didn't drop it. "So meaning to say, if he wasn't taken….would you go out with him?"

Kaoru missed the target.

"That's not what I meant, Tanaka-san"

"Then what did you mean?"

Kaoru groaned. He was doing it, trying to get on her nerves as usual. She never understood on why he was picking on her a lot but she just ignored it, most times.

"It's kinda obvious on what I meant you dumb-ass. Kenshin has a girlfriend and he is just my friend. Don't even think that I'm denying it cause I set him up to date", she answered then shot another target with accurate speed, that shot sounded like a threat.

Tanaka-san raised his hands in defense. "Okay okay….I get the picture, no need to let your frustrations let loose"

"If there is nothing else you need you can leave", she said

For a few moments Tanaka was just standing there, looking at her. She wasn't aware of the emotions he was expressing, even if it was very small but Kenshin did.

Tanaka already left but Kenshin was still glaring at the spot where he was standing.

"and he is just my friend"

That also bothered him for some reason. The moment she said that, something stirred inside him. He felt like he was betrayed, he was hurt and sad.



"Whatever happens, you will always be around right? You won't leave"

"You can't stop me"

"He would"

Kaoru gave him a smile. "No one can stop me"

Kenshin smiled back. "That's good to hear"

Kaoru sighed then looked at the bulls-eye. She imagined herself being the target.

Except Me

They went to where Kenshin works in the movie ticket counter on the top floor. Kenshin introduced her to his co-workers. To Kenshin's irritation, the guys kept on flirting with Kaoru while the girls kept on teasing Kenshin and Kaoru that they were a couple. Kenshin sighed dejectedly when Kaoru bought more mangas and anime dvds. Then they bought chocolate shakes and went back to the parking lot.

"I swear, I think Tori is a lesbian cause I saw her checking me out", she said with a snicker while Kenshin frowned.

"It's not Tori-san I was worrying about, mostly the guys were flirting with you especially Shishio and what's worse is that he has a girlfriend already, Yumi", said Kenshin

Kaoru giggled. "What can I say? I'm a hard woman to resist", she said, flipping her hair and Kenshin rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, where to now?"

"To our last stop"

Kaoru took them to Tokyo Port in Pier. She parked just at the edge of the pier.

"You love the sea so much, don't you?"

"He's the love of my life", she said, grinning then they got out of the car. Kenshin stretched his limbs then breathed in the fresh sea air.

"Hey Kenshin, why are you taking Business and Administration anyway?", Kaoru asked, looking at the deep blue sea

Kenshin shrugged. "You know that my father was a businessman and owned the Himura Hotel and Casino. I just admired him so much that I want to follow his footsteps and just a few more years I'll be able to take over his company."

"So who's in charge of your dad's business for now?"

Kenshin looked at her like she just grew another head. "Didn't you know? My sensei is"

"What! Hiko-san is in charge!"

"Yeah, sensei and my father were very close friends so in father's Will he added that sensei will take over until I reached the proper age to take over", he explained

Kaoru groaned. "He didn't tell me anything….that bastard!", she hissed and Kenshin chuckled.

Kaoru checked on her wrist watch. "Well I think it's time to go"

"Awww….already?", he pouted

Kaoru smirked. "You enjoyed the trip, didn't you?"

"Of course I did! I mean…..I get to see Osaka and went to Kaiyukan and get to see the sea creatures, ate great food, danced a Latin song with you", he beamed a smile, "I get to see the place where you work which is an awesome place! Drove a boat to the Izu Islands and met sensei again also pleasantly surprise to know that he's a married man", Kaoru laughed at that, "I get to use a gun for the first time and to be the first person to be in your favorite spot with you."

"I'm really grateful and extremely happy today and it's all because of you", Kenshin said

Kaoru scoffed. "Of course you should thank me, who else would it be?", she teased

"Come on let's go", she said then they went back inside the car. She paused and turned to Kenshin with a curious look. "Is that cologne you're wearing?"

Kenshin laughed. "You just noticed"

"Yeah…….I just did…", she said, feeling a bit confuse

"Why? You don't like it?"

"It's not that….it's just…..I kinda like your natural scent", she shook her head, "What am I saying? Hahahaa….nevermind", then she stepped on the gas

Half an hour later, Kaoru arrived at Kenshin's gate and he got out of the car.

"Wait here", he said then hurried inside his house and minutes later he came back with the magenta shirt. "Here, it's already washed", he handed it to Kaoru

"Oh yeah, I forgot about this", she said with a sheepish smile, "Thanks"

"See you tomorrow then, I hope", said Kenshin with a grin

Kaoru smirked. "Until next time, Kenshin", then she left.

Once Kaoru's car was out of sight, Kenshin went back inside his house. He decided to take a shower.

..I kinda like your natural scent

"I don't know why her opinion matters to me so much", he said to himself, he changed inside his room then heard his cellphone ringing. His eyes widened, it was a text message from Kaoru.

As you can see, I'm using my cellphone now p

Kenshin couldn't help but plaster a wide grin on his face.

He thought that Kaoru went back to her house but he was wrong. Instead, Kaoru went back to the Sangica. Sitting on the carpet floor in front of the fire place with a mug of hot chocolate.

"May I join you?"

She turned to see a tall good-looking man with glasses. His eyes were hazel and his smooth short hair was the color of the autumn leaves, a reddish-brown which she has never seen anything like it. And never thought anyone had the guts to turn their hair that way.

"It's the hair isn't it?"

She blinked, shaking her head from stupor then looked back at him with her curious blue eyes. "Is it natural?", she asked

The man chuckled. "I'll tell you if you'll let me sit with you"

Kaoru smirked and gave him her hand. "Kamiya Kaoru"

The man clasped her hand with his and he smiled. "Takahashi Takeya"

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