By Yellow Mask

Spoilers: Dark Rockman saga

Disclaimer: I do not own Rockman or any related characters.


"I'd rather not hurt you. And I am sure you do not enjoy this…"

Pain, a hideous, electrifying agony beyond description. She screamed – it was all she could do.

"What will it be, my little butterfly?"


"What will it be?"


"Yes…or no?"


Roll's eyes snapped open. She bolted upright in her PET, trembling slightly as she shook off the remnants of her nightmare.

"Are you okay?" Meiru's worried face appeared in her vision. "You were moaning and whimpering, almost screaming."

"I'm alright," Roll tried to smile reassuringly, but it looked more like a grimace. "It was just a nightmare."

"I didn't know navis dreamed," Meiru muttered, sounding almost chagrined for not knowing more about her friend.

"We dream," Roll nodded. "But it's not usually so…intense…"

Meiru noticed Roll was still shaking. "Are you really okay?"

"I-I've never felt anything like that," Roll swallowed harshly. "I can't really remember what it was about…there were just flashes. But I know I've never been so terrified, I've never felt that kind of…all consuming hopelessness….that kind of bleak despair…"

Simply reliving the nightmare was causing a sickening knot to form in her chest. Roll blinked hard, trying to pull herself out of it.

"So, Meiru," Roll began. "It's a Saturday, where are we going today?"

"We'll take it easy today," her NetOp smiled. "We'll stay at home."

Roll felt a burst of relief, then a sneaking suspicion formed in her mind. "Are you doing this just because of my nightmare?"

When Meiru looked away, Roll knew she was right. "You can't do that just for me!"

"Yes, I can! Roll, look at yourself, you look scared stiff…and I know if I was looking like that, I'd want a relaxing day."

A small, hesitant smile crept over Roll's face, but it was a smile nevertheless. "Thanks, Meiru!"

But she couldn't shake the terrible, crushing dread the nightmare had left her with.