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On the Second Day

As Naraku entered the room he adopted a casual, dismissive posture and curled his lips into an elegant sneer; Sesshoumaru was laid out on the floor, still recuperating from the many wounds he had received the previous day.

"Get up." Naraku's order was a barked command, his voice harsh and completely unlike the soft and intimate tone he had used previously.

Sesshoumaru regarded him impassively from golden eyes and Naraku felt his stomach flip, schooling his features into disdain he nudged the young tai-youkai with one foot.

"I said get up, you are free to go."

Sesshoumaru's eyes widened fractionally, a huge show of emotion for him, he had resolved not to talk to this infuriating hanyou at all but his curiousity got the better of him.

Normally he would never deign to even think about asking questions of one so beneath him; but he was confused, tired and in pain. He hadn't eaten in two days and he still felt the lingering terror he had felt when his muscles refused to obey him in the fight.

"But why?" his voice was soft and vulnerable, for a moment he was just a young man and not the heir to the Western Lands.

"You are of no use to me now." Naraku's entire body language screamed boredom and disdain, but inside he truly wanted to hold the young lord and comfort him; the urge was so strong and sudden it almost frightened him.

What use was I ever to him? Sesshoumaru thought wryly, he raised an eyebrow – invitation for Naraku to continue

"Your father seemed less concerned for your well-being than we had hoped, you are proving less lucrative than we had anticipated." Naraku knew his tone was dismissive, knew the knowledge would hit Sesshoumaru hard after all he had recently been through. It almost made him regret what he was about to do, but then he steeled himself. His old teacher had been quite clear, follow the three steps and Sesshoumaru would be his to do with as he pleased, but falter in any way and all would be lost.

On the second day, break the mind…

"I don't believe you." Sesshoumaru's voice was tight with tension and his face pale, though still expressionless.

Naraku smiled, a slow sinister smile, and made a slight gesture behind him. Right on cue Kanna glided through the door holding her mirror outstretched from tiny porcelain hands.

"Kanna, show Lord Sesshoumaru." Naraku commanded, using his power over her being to manipulate what she was showing. He knew this would be the final blow, the words taken out of context, the ultimate betrayal.

Sesshoumaru tried to look disinterested but he couldn't help himself as an image of his father swam into view on the opaque surface of the mirror.

Inu no Taisho stood before Kagura, his face completely devoid of anything, his eyes hard and cold. When he spoke it was with the air of finality.

"He does not deserve my help and I shall not trouble myself with this matter further. He has shamed me and I have no heir."

Naraku sighed slightly, the concentration it took to manipulate Kanna into editing the vision was immense, luckily Sesshoumaru was too busy watching the images on the mirror to pay any attention to him.

It was as though something snapped inside Sesshoumaru, a tiny crack and his mind seemed to shatter with his heart. He had always tried his best, pushed himself, to be the best he could for his father. To be a worthy son and heir – all for nothing.

All attempts at dignity forgotten he wept, the young and powerful tai-youkai lay prostrate on the floor, bruised and bloodied, crying unashamedly. His usually pristine hair, white as snow, was tangled around his head and the light in his golden eyes seemed to die.

Naraku was on his knees holding Sesshoumaru before he even realised what he was doing, rocking the demon back and forth murmuring soothing noises and trying to comfort him. He hadn't realised the breaking of Sesshoumaru's mind would affect him like this, he needed to gain control, needed to walk away now and not look back.

But somehow he couldn't move, all he could do was sit there in the darkening cell and hold the broken weeping man he knew now that he loved.