Lightning and Shadows

"Wake up call," Connor said as he opened the bedroom door. Decepshun tugged on the black sheets of the bed she was in front of.

"Decepshun! Stop it, I'm tired!"

Connor shook his head, 'Would it kill you three to wake up?"

"Yes!" snapped Lance.

"Chill Lance," Artha said, "How about some Battleground Dragon?"

Lance leaped up and shouted, "Right, that'll just fix it all! I'm not a little kid anymore Artha; and that game won't fix everything!" With that, the younger Penn brother left the room. Artha started to follow, but Moordryd beat him to it.

"I'll talk to him," Payyn said, and trotted after Lance.


Moordryd smirked, "Knew I'd find you here."

Lance sighed, "How come you're the only one who's not a dork?"

Moordryd hopped up onto the storeroom shelf, next to Lance, "Hey, everybody has an allotted amount of dork privileges; I used mine up when I was little-"

Lance went off, "Exactly, little! I mean, when I became the Lightning Booster, everybody but you still treated me like a kid."

Moordryd laughed, "Mini-brat, you were a kid, and still are!"

Lance leaned on the older boy, "But you didn't. You never had a 'no Lance, leave it to me' or an 'I'll handle it, just stay there' moment. You treated me like I was as old as any of you!"

"That's because of my upbringing. I'll say one thing for my father; he can raise a rational kid. I felt that we couldn't afford to let you be the kid of the group after you got your gauntlet, you had to learn. That's why I never went easy on you. Artha's the opposite, he was so used to protecting you from folks, self included, that it blinded him a bit."

Lance pouted, "He had to protect Kitt and Parm too, but when they became the Pyro and Strike Boosters he left 'em alone. It's not fair!"

Moordryd lounged, "That's because they're older than you. The reason I don't see you as anywhere near as much of a little kid is because by your age my father had me doing drills all day to improve my racing. C'mon, let's get back to the room, Artha should be out by now, and I think this shelf's going to give way."


"So, basically, you're saying Artha didn't high-yah! mean it!" Lance said as he kicked at Moordryd, who ducked out of the way. Moordryd tossed a punch, which Lance blocked.

"Good block, oh yeah, he doesn't mean it. Okay, before we pass out, let's stop."

In one minute, Lance was on Battleground Dragon, easily beating the not-paying-attention Moordryd. Then Artha walked in.

"What are you doing!" he shouted. Lance blinked.


Artha whirled on Moordryd, "Oh, so he won't play with me, but he'll play with you!"

Moordryd sighed, "Chill, Penn, it's not-"

"Don't even go there!" yelled Artha. "Lance, you are such a-"

"QUIET!" shouted Connor. "Boys, Moordryd, what is the issue?"

Just then, a map of Dragon City on the wall buzzed lightly. Connor walked over, "Two crimes. Artha, you take one, Moordryd, the other. Lance, go with whom you like, I'll send Kitt and Parm to the other one."

Lance glared at Artha, "That's an easy decision. Moordryd."

Artha looked ready to kill. He yelled, "Release the Dragon!" and rode off on Beau.

Moordryd stated, "Release the Shadows," and calmly hopped on Decepshun. Lance clambered onto Fracshun and mumbled, "Release the Dragon."

Clad in his blue armor, the Lightning Booster followed the Shadow Booster, because shadows are the only ones who ever understand.