Author Note: It is completely impossible for me to write something as logical and suspenseful as the actual story, but I'm intrigued to try.



The upper echelon has been breached. The secret lost. Do we let the sacred feminine to be lost? Have we allowed the Vatican Church to take over?

But the Grand Master would never let the secret to be truly lost. It must've been given to someone outside the Priory.

But who?

We have reason to believe the Grand Master's grandchildren themselves were a part of the Royal Family the Priory has been guarding all these years.

What does that mean?

Who better to trust the secret to than the descendents themselves?

Impossible! They have not been trained to receive the burden.

Unless they have been trained in secret. The girl lived with the Grand Master for nearly sixteen years. Plenty of time to train her.

How did he convey the information then? They have sworn to inform the Priory when they chose another member to pass on the information.

Do you honestly believe the Grand Master in his moments before death would have time to formally inform the Priory of his actions?

Pardon me, master. I was only thinking about the rules.

It is the girl then. The girl has the information. She knows where the grail lies. Such a girl is unworthy of holding the information. Such a girl must be protected not protect the information.

But the Grand Master chose her.

It matters not, he had no chance to chose someone better, I believe she was merely a transition, someone to hold the information until her more worthy superiors were ready receive it.

May God prove you true.

Are you questioning my decision? I speak in the most holy way possible. It is to protect the girl, not force her to relinquish her rights.

As you say, master.

Worry not. When I am Grand Master, you shall be the first of my Sénéchaux.

An honor, my lord, but…

None more is to be discussed. Where is the princess staying now?

At her grandmother's , but…

No more interruptions, it is time to depart and meet the princess for myself…