I noticed that there's a lot of fics where somebody gets stuck inside One Piece. This got me thinking, what if they came to Earth? This fic has all of the crew except for Robin and Chopper. There will be cameos by other people. If you want to see somebody in here, just say so.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters except for Jessica.

One Piece Earth

Chapter 1

What in the Hell?

Jessica Morrows was walking home from her classes at the university. It was a nice day, so she decided to not take the bus. Although, now she was having second thoughts because the heat, mixed with the noise made it worse.

"Sometimes I hate Manhattan." she muttered to herself. Yet, the night clubs were to her liking. And since today was Friday, that meant that she was going with friends to one of these night clubs.

When she got to her apartment, she was greeted by her cat, Cosmo. Besides Cosmo, no one else lived in the apartment. The answering wasn't blinking, which surprised her, since her mom often called to check on her.

She began to get ready and picked clothing that was tasteful. She didn't like wearing clothes that most people at night clubs usually wore. The only thing she did was dance, since she wasn't old enough to drink. However, she would occasionally flirt with guys if they were cute.

The street lights were already on when she walked outside. There was a group of people at a crosswalk, just standing there. She didn't pay them any mind, until she saw that one of them, a boy with a straw hat, started to cross the street at the worst time.

"Hey!" she cried. She pushed through the group and grabbed the boy's shoulder. Her eyes almost came out of her sockets with what happened next. The boy's arm seemed to stretch. He turned around to see what had grabbed him and saw Jessica.

"What's the matter?" he asked coming back onto the sidewalk.

"Y... you stretched!" she said breathless. "You almost got run over!" she exclaimed.

"Run over?" the boy said curiously.

"You know, flattened, dead!" she said.

"Don't worry about him, he's not very smart." Jessica turned around and saw that a girl with orange hair was speaking. "My name is Nami. The dumb one is Luffy, the guy with the long nose is Usopp, the blond one is Sanji, and the other one is Zoro."

"My name is Jessica Morrows. Uh... pleased to meet you."

She stood there and thought for a moment, saying their names in her head. They somehow seemed, familiar, somehow. Something in her brain, clicked.

"Can you wait here for second?" she asked. Before anyone could answer her, she had ran back into her apartment. She went to her bookshelf and picked up a book, flipping through it.

"What in the hell?" she said. She ran back outside, leaving the first volume of One Piece on the floor.

How was that for the first chapter? Sorry for it being short, I didn't want too much to happen in the first chapter. Please read and review.