Lexaeus is slowly starting to hate the colour white.

It's white everywhere. White floors, white walls, white smiles, white chess boards, white noise and white thoughts. Empty. There's nothing left except for them in their black coats and a colourful boy and his colourful friends beating rainbow steps up the stairs. The Nobodies stick out like a sort of infection in the castle. They know they're not supposed to be there.

Still, even as he slides the black queen across the chessboard, he feels like he's alive. After all, if they weren't there, who would challenge the Keymaster? Vexen grins down at the chess board, and Lexaeus feels a sort of sinking sensation.

Cracking his neck, Vexen muses over the chessboard. After a few moments, he curls fingers around a bishop before skimming it across the the frosted-glass board to successfully remove one of Lexaeus's knights. "Checkmate," says the scientist, smile void of pleasantries plastered on his face.

"I know."

Because in the end, white will always devour the blackest of hearts.

now you can be nothing instead of just being nobody.