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By kyusetsuki satsuki

Summary: Sometimes, a girlfriend can't win against a best friend… or can she? RecYan with side ToFuu

I know I should be happy today. Domon came home for a vacation from Korea, a year after he went there. After SODOM, he went there to accept an offer from one of his relatives to study there for free. In exchange, he will help them with their business. So you could just imagine how, I dunno, happy they were a while ago when they saw each other. The pack was complete again.

But when I look at them from where I am standing, I feel so left out. They seem to be living in a different dimension, where I'm bound to be just looking in. Well, there are times when I feel some attention, an occasional smile from Fuuko, a little bit of Domon's relentless questions and Recca's constant arm around my shoulder. I know that should be comforting enough, but I don't know. I can't help but feel out-of-place.

We picked up Domon from the airport at 9 am in the morning. Recca borrowed his mom's car and we all went to our first itinerary: Amusement Park.

All the while we were in the car, they didn't stop talking. Of course, Domon can't stop talking about his Korean girlfriend named Su-Jin, whom he met in school. At first we thought he was joking, but when he showed us his picture of the girl and another picture of them together, I can't help but let my jaw drop on the floor. I know Recca and Fuuko did too. Anyway, I laughed and smiled with them as they reminisced about their past experiences together. I'm happy for them .Deep down, I know I do.

But when we were in the amusement park, I felt really lost. First, I didn't ride with them on the roller coaster because I get dizzy. Second, I didn't know how to play arcade games because, I know, I'm such a ditz. Lastly, well, it happened like this.

We were all sitting on a round table in a restaurant in the park. Later on, a waitress came by to take our orders.

"I'll have a lasagna and bottomless iced tea, please." I said casually as I returned the menu to the waitress. The others, on the other hand, didn't even look at the menu. "How about you guys? What are your orders?" They both just looked at Fuuko and she said, "Three large cokes, three large fries, three hamburgers, one without onion, one without lettuce and one without pickles. Oh and three banana splits."

"Anything else?"

"No, that would be all." She said simply.

And from then on, I started to doubt whether I am really fit to be Recca's girlfriend.

Think about it. Fuuko knows a lot about Recca more than I do. They have so much in common. She's more physical and more out-going. She can challenge him anytime, be it arcade game, or eating game. She's much prettier, much more confident and very, very, VERY much sexier than me. Actually, for that last part, I couldn't even compare to her. I can't help but feel miserable. I suddenly felt small and feeble against her. And more importantly, she is his best friend.

I kept a smile on my face, just enough to hide a tinge of sadness I feel. I don't want them to think that I'm such a party pooper and ruin their little reunion by being a whiny, weak girl. That is the last thing I need right now. I kept that up until we arrived here in this inn. They talked even more while we ate dinner. Now, they were drowning themselves in laughter, a little booze and out-of-tune karaoke. It was the when I decide that I needed a break from them. I need some time alone…

Or maybe if there is someone for me to talk to, that would be so much better.

But who?

I hung my head in defeat, but just before I stand up and go to my room, a person sat beside me.

"Why are you sitting her alone, Yanagi-san?" I know that cool voice came from one person, and that person is…



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