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Fuuko's POV…

When Recca took Yanagi away, I felt my body slump backward against to the wall for support. At that instant, I felt even weaker that when I what defeated by Recca repeatedly. Back then, I knew I still have the chance of having him at my feet and having him all to myself. But now, he's really gone.

I slipped down, and I hugged my knees. I felt cold, alone, and defeated. Although I've gotten over Recca for a long time already, there was something that was hammering itself inside my head.


I wasn't able to get Recca, but he was taken away another, who just came by out of nowhere. My pride can't seem to get over that fact that it compelled me to do those things to Yanagi, who was blameless in the first place. I shuddered at the thought of hurting someone who can't fight back. I felt worse than a loser, felt lower than dirt. Recca would never come back to me, and he never even belonged to me. I became a sore loser, not able to accept my defeat.

I let out a dry laugh and a wry smile. Maybe I just missed him, that's why all those I've gotten over with came back crawling in my skin. If only he was here, none of this would've happened…

Though I was cold already, I decided to walk outside the inn. The receptionist offered me an extra coat over my after-bath yukata and I gladly took it. With that, I walked out of the inn.

It was a very cold night that even with another coat, I still felt cold. Although the yukata is thicker that usual, I guess winter is just around the corner.

Moments later, my hands felt really cold. I tried to rub them together to warm them up, even blew on it, but it was no use. It still felt cold.

"Here, let me help you with that."

Suddenly, a pair of bigger but a lot softer hands came and took my hands and rubbed them together. I knew who it was, the moment he spoke, even more when he touched me.

"Warmer now?" He said, his lips almost touching my also cold ears. "Feeling better?" just then, he wrapped his arms around me, my back against his warm chest.

"I missed you, Mi-chan." That was all I could say, enough to tell him what I really meant to, and so as not to let him hear my voice cracking. He buried his face in the crook of my neck and said, "Aa, I'm here now. Don't worry."

"Can we stay like this, even for just a while?" He hugged me tighter.

"Sure, whatever."


"You didn't say that! You said you can't come because you're busy, so I thought you weren't coming at all." I looked at him confusedly as we were walking in circles in front of the inn. We don't want to come in yet. Maybe later, but not now.

I can still feel the reddish color of my cheeks, and I can't face the others looking flushed.

They don't know yet what's going on between Mi-chan and me, but we will tell them later on.

"You thought. It's not what you heard, and that made a lot of difference. What I did was not that very time consuming at I needed the whole day for it. You should know, you've seen what I'm working on." I suddenly felt meek and stupid. He is right. He's always right.

"I guess you ARE a monkey." He looked at me with a sly smirk printed on his face. Damn! I take it back. He's not always right, because right now, he's soo wrong.

"Ah! I hate you Mi-chan!" I was poised to give him a big smack on the face but he caught my hand before it can even touch his face, and gripped it.

"Yeah and like hell, you want me." He said. I tried to give his another smack, but then, he pulled me into a kiss. I can feel him smiling on my lips, and knew he's happy with me. I had nothing else to do but to comply and respond to kiss. After all, I can't just let him kiss a wall, can I? It's no fun!

When we pulled away, he placed his forehead against mine and looked at me intensely in the eye, his hands cupping my face.

"I would never do that to you, Fuuko. I'll do everything to give you everything. I'll love you more that you think I can." I smiled at what he said, and before I placed my lips on his, I said, "I know. I will too. Why else will I be here now?" and we met again for a kiss.

And just then, something cold fell on Fuuko's cheek.

Ah, yes, at last, winter came.

Moments later…

"Wait! We booked only three rooms, one for Domon, one for Recca and Yanagi, and one for me. The inn's fully booked. Where will you be staying?" I asked him while we were already on our way back inside the inn. He clutched my cold hand with his, (by the way, he's holding my hand now, and he placed our hands inside his trench coat's pocket…blush even harder if that's possible) and a smile crept up on his lips.

"I called the inn and I told them to book me in your room. When they asked, I told them you're my wife." I blushed furiously, and punched his left arm. "Why did you do that for?" he asked, as he winced and rubbed his arm. "Do you honestly think I want you in my room?" I asked, trying hard not to let him see that I'm blushing really mad.

"Why? Don't you?"

"No! I mean, yes! I mean, argh!" I gave up. No use arguing. It's not that I don't want him there… that would be too hypocritical of me…

"Besides, it's pretty cold tonight…" He said, his eyes looking at me intently and I knew exactly what he meant. Oh shit, can I blush even harder after that?

Damn, I hate you Mi-chan. You're too good to resist…

Not that I have any plans of resisting anyway…


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