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Summary: tru calling/supernatural crossover.A body is brought into the morgue and asks for tru's help but how can she save a life when she can't find the person.A stranger than usual experience is in store for tru and company.Sorry for the errors.This is sort of the intro chap so the exciting stuff beigns later i hope.Hope the whole fic turns out well.PLEASE REVIEW.

Chapter 1

It was the 25th of April Tru was looking forward to her date with Jensen but first she had to go to work.For her, sleep was like a salary she only could get a good one if she finishes all her work including her other job of saving dead people's lives.

"What do we have Davis?" Tru asked as she walked in and put on her gloves.

"Male,23identified as a Sam winchester.Was found at an abandoned building just 8 blocks away,pronounced dead at about 12am,earlier this morning.His brother and him were found together.It seems they were here on a trip.His brother was badly injured and was brought to the hospital."

"How did he die?"

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't really tell."

Tru looked at her colleague,confused unsure of what to say.

"Take a look at this.It looks like someon or something scratched him really badly." Davis said pointing at the big bloody scratches on Sam's face.

"Wild dog?"

"Don't think so."

"Tru,Davis." Harrison Davies called out to them as he walked into the morgue.

"Har,what are you doing here?"

"Help me."

"The last time you said that was when you were dead."

"I know thanks for reminding me."

"What can I help you with?"

"Well you can help me get dad to-" Those were the words Tru heard from her brother's mouth as she was interupted by a whisper.

"Please.Help me." The next thing she knew she was in her bed.Sam Winchester had asked for her help.Tru looked at the calendar next to her bed.It was the 24th of April.It was something different for her.Repeating the day before the corpse asked for help.

Tru was quite lost as she had not much to go on with.All she knew was that he was found in the abandoned building at 12am and so on but she had no idea how she was going to find him before anything happens and how crazy it would be to tell him he was going to die but it had already become normal for her telling people that.She was on her way back to the morgue when she ran into the last person she would wanted to see,Jack Harper.

"Get out of my way Jack,I've got no time for your crappy fate lecture."

"What no good morning?" Jack asked and Tru just stared at him and walked away.

"You look tensed you should relax.Besides I don't think you'll win this one you know since there is no way you are going to find this guy."

Tru stopped and turned back."Jack,I will find away and I will never let you have the last laugh. Remember you did kill Luc and try to kill my brother."

"Tru,tru,tru how many times do I have to tell you I did not kill anyone it is fate that he died."

"Fate huh well your fate is if you don't leave me the hell alone I'll have to kick your ass."

"Tru why don't we let fate get its way and stop this hating and start a friendship?"

"The only kind of relationship you and I will ever have is the I'll do my job and you stay out of my way kind."

With that she walked away.Jack watched her as she walked away.He always knew how to get on her last nerve but she could care less as all she wanted is to find this Sam Winchester and stop him from dying and to beat Jack,again.

Once she reached the morgue she told Davis to do a background check on Sam after reminding him what he told her.

"Sam Winchester,mother died when he was only 6 months old.He was in college but took a break to take a "road trip" with his older brother after he lost his girlfriend."

"What were they doing in a abandoned building at that hour?"

"Beats me."

"This is the toughest task ever I don't even know where to find him.Is there any way you can find out where they crash at night?"

"Nope.Probably any motel they can find."

"Any criminal records?"


"Then what?Can't find out anything more nothing much to go on with.This is gonna be the longest day of my life.Well longer than all the others anyway.It was the 25th "yesterday" but its the 24th today."

"Well he did die at 12 am right.That means everything that happened was tonight around 10 or 11 plus up to 12."

"There was something else."


"I could have sworn I had some sort of vision.I saw this small black car there were two guys in it I think one of them was him I don't really know though cause' I couldn't quite see their faces and then I saw this really dark place and then I woke up."

"Did you see that car or place today or tomorrow?"

"I didn't.Only in that dream or vision,whatever it was.It's like I saw a bit of his day."

"Well that will get you somewhere at least.That dark place could have been the abandoned building." Davis said to her.

"This is weirder than the time I had repeated my day more than once."

"You got through that you will get through this." Davis told her.

"I hope." With that she left.

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