Here's chapter 14.Is Dean alive?Well on the show very much thank god.In this fic not so sure.Is this the last chapter?Read to find out.

It had already been one and a half hours,Dean was still unconscious.Sam was still inside while Tru and Harrison gave him his space by waiting outside.Tru was still disturbed by the fact that Jack had helped out.She suspected he was up to something.After all he is as sly as that demon.She thought to herself.He was nowhere to be found after the whole incident which was troubling her.Since when did Jack become an angel?She asked herself and decided to try and rest instead of thinking too much on this.All that mattered now is that Dean comes out of that hospital room alive so he and his brother could carry on with their daily lives then,her job is done.

Sam was sound asleep on a chair right next to his brother's bed.He rested his head on top of his hands,on the side of the bed.Suddenly he felt someone's hand touching his,thinking it was Tru's.Sam opened his eyes to something relieving.His brother was awake, looking at him.

"Sammy," Dean called out weakly.

"Dean,Dean dude how are you?"

"How's my baby?" Dean asked his younger brother.

Sam laughed knowing his brother would always put his car before his own life.

"She's fine."

"That's good cause if anything had happened to her I would kick your ass." Sam smiled at his brother nearly shedding a tear or two but holding it back knowing his brother would probably make fun of him.

"Where's wonder woman?"

"Ha!She's outside." Sam said knowing his brother was referring to Tru.

Tru woke up and walked towards the room leaving her brother who was fast asleep alone.She heard voices as she went near the door and decided to go inside.

"Hey,Tru." Sam said.

"Hey,I see someone has already fought death." Tru said with a smile.

"That's me." Dean said still in a weak tone.

"I almost felt like I lost my mind after all I saw.Then I convinced myself it was a dream but too bad it was reality.It was your reality."

"Well you have a difficult reality too Tru.Having to save lives of stubborn headed people like my brother." Dean said.

Sam just smiled realizing how much he would have missed all these stupid little comments his brother makes about him if anything would have happened.Dean was supposed to be discharged two days later but being the stubborn head he is,he requested to be discharged on the spot.Tru and Harrison followed them down to see them off as the brothers were about to begin their next hunt.


"Yeah Har?"

"You don't think he will find out about the little scratch on his car will you?" Harrison whispered to his sister.

Tru just shrugged her shoulders.

"Well Tru you and your brother did great on this task you managed to help both of us leave here alive." Sam said.

"Well the two of you are tough cookies." Was Tru's reply.

Harrison was relieved when he saw Dean entering his car without checking it.

"Till the next time wonder woman." Dean said and Tru just smiled at him.

The boys waved at the brother and sister from the car and then drove off.

"Tru I think this may have been the easiest task if it was all up to me." Tru just rolled her eyes at her brother and put her arms around him as they walked.Tru felt accomplished like she feels everytime she saves a life but there was something still bothering her so she decided to get that settled.

"I'll see you later Har,if its not too much trouble just run by my office and let Davis know I won't be coming in today."

"Why date with Jensen?"
Tru remembered she hasn't gone on that date with Jensen yet but she needed to settle this first.

"Um..maybe.See you Har." She said and kissed her brother on the cheek before storming off.

"Yeah no trouble at all." Harrison said in a sarcastic way and walked away.

She looked for Jack everywhere and finally found him having coffee at the local coffeeshop.

"There you are."

"Tru,why you missed me?" Jack asked her.

"Why Jack why?"

"Cause you deserve to live Tru Davies." With that he walked away leaving Tru confused but for some reason she didn't feel as disturbed anymore.Tru decided to start the day afresh and instead of meeting Jensen she had a feeling of just spending the day with her brother.

"Sammy!" Dean screamed for his brother.


"What the hell is this?" Dean asked pointing at a dent on his preciuos impala.

"Look Dean this was what saved our lives.Well at least that was what Harrison said."

"What?" Dean asked looking angry as ever.

"Come on lets go grab a drink or two?" Sam asked trying to calm his brother down,changing the subject and it actually worked.

The brothers were closer than ever to bringing the demon down but they decided to take it slow cause they realized how much more they meant to each other than killing that demon.