Fire and Ice

By 'Just Another Crazy Fanatic'

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Chapter One

Shimo sighed and looked out the window. It was a devoid of flowers and she thought again how pointless her name was. Shimo Hana. Frost Flower. There's no such thing as a frost flower. Her mother was obviously overloaded with medical herbs at the time.

The elder was speaking now, though she doubted it was anything important. Food storage or something. She could understand why someone might care if they didn't have any food, but please, they were Ice Maidens. They ate Snow. And lived on a glacier. With lots of snow. And Ice.

"And what is your view on the matter, Shimo Hana?"

"I agree with Yukiko, honorable elder."

"Don't be smart with me, girl. I know that you haven't heard a single word that I have said during the council. You seem to think me stupid. I'm not."

Shimo nodded. "Yes elder." You miserable heartless hag.

"I was just saying how Yukina has been gone for a year now."

Oh yes, Yukina. How could she forget? It wasn't like she was her best friend or anything. Nothing like that.

"If she comes back with child, I swear, I might kill her. It's bad blood, with her mother's betrayal..."

Betrayal. Right. Her mother had told her about the day when Hina had returned, clutching her very apparent pregnant belly, screaming and crying about her baby girl being contaminated. Her mother and elder took her inside and asked what had happened.

Hina had left to 'see the world', and had met a man. He told her that she was very pretty, with her blue hair and eyes, and asked her to stay with him. There was a ritual that men liked to perform on pretty girls, he had said. She had agreed. She did not know why when women saw her, they wept and left the room, or why he undid her hair and obi.

It became apparent with time.

It hurt, she told them, she begged him to stop. He had slapped her, his touch burned. She walked back to the glacier, her blood staining the snow beneath her. She was hurting, she said, burning.

The Elder slapped Hina, hard across the face, called her a little fool. She ordered Rui to lock her away, as to not contaminate the pure snow.

Weeks later, Rui gave birth to a child, and was unable to care for Hina, and Shino's mother was given the job.

Hina didn't talk to her often, she just cried and cried. She cried for love she had said. Shino never understood that part of the story. Soon children were born, a boy and a girl. They had the same nose. The Elder ordered the death of the boy and girl. Her mother had said the girl was like them, she did not deserve to die, red eyes or not. The Elder never did like her.

For weeks the mother cried and cried. And one morning she was gone. Hina's daughter, Yukina, and Shimo were both four years old then. She remembered asking where she had gone. To a better place, her mother had said. Now she knew better,

A younger maiden, who had recently joined the council, raised her hand nervously.

"Elder, should we look for her, she has been gone for an awfully long time, and I fear that something may have--"

"An excellent idea Samui, a search party would be good. But not to big, maybe one… Shimo Hana, gather your things, you will leave in the morn."



"No Elder."


Shimo stood up and left the room. 'It all becomes clear, I haven't been doing well lately, and I'm due with my first child in seven months. They don't want to further contaminate the village, so they're terminating me. Great.

The next morning, Shimo left the village with a sad lack of tearful goodbyes.

She walked for hours, and surprisingly, met no one. She was glad for this. All Ice Maidens were taught basic defense, but she would not like to have to use it.

She decided that if anywhere, Yukina (who she was told was residing in human world) would be in a shrine somewhere. After weeks of solitude, she reached Spirit World, signed a pile of papers, and was allowed into human world, and was headed straight towards the first shrine on the map,

Genkai's Temple.

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