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Summary: Tifa thought she would be alright after the finaly battle with Kadaj, she found out how wrong she was, although she mangages to fool her friends, she is very confused, especially when someone so familar to her appears, someone she wish she could forget, Tifa's past is revealed, Tifa will not only have to fight her enemies but herself... its starts in the summer time!

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"Aerith...?" a certin brunette haired woman whispered as she entered the old run down church. She slid open the door and stepped inside, she took each step cautiously as the last. It was summer time now and everyone was enjoying thier lives. Everyone decided it would be okay to be house crashers at Tifa's so everyone was there. Tifa of course didn't mind it at all, she loved all her friends and she knew they loved her return. Tifa looked around and walked up to the alter of the church, she advoided the newly pond embedded in the floor.

"Aerith..Is everything really alright...?" Tifa asked the air. She reguarded her concerns to her late friend who she knew was always watching.

"Tifa...what's the matter..you seem down.." A soft voice answered back to her. Tifa sighed and sat beside the alter.

"I can't really explain it Aerith...its just a deep feeling I have..I been thinking..." She began but stopped.

"Dilly-Dally, Shilly-shally..., your acting like Cloud, you need to let go too..."

Tifa blinked and smiled. "Your right Aerith.." Tifa exhaled a breath of relief, she felt a little steadier.

"You'll be alright. If Cloud mangaged to let it go, I'm sure you can too..." Aerith spoke with happiness in her voice. Tifa looked up to the hole in the ceiling.

"One more thing before I forget, is it wise for Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz and Sephiroth to be staying at my house?"

Aerith only giggled. "They be alright...don't worry about them, they are now on your side, I asked them all to be nice and do things for you to make up the trouble they caused.."

"Thanks...I think.." Tifa chuckled and leaned back.

"Are you ever lonely there Aerith?" Tifa asked after a long pause. Aerith chuckled gently.

"I'll never be lonely here Tifa, when all my firends visit me everyday or so, and plus Zack is hard enough to handle here..you just go on and continue to live your life, and I'll be watching over you and the everyone else.."

Tifa gave a nod and got up. She dusted herself off and looked to the door.

"Consdir yourself lucky you don't have to deal with the weather, its gonna be another hot day."

Aerith only chuckled again. "I do..Well goodbye Tifa.."

Tifa nodded and headed back to the door, she turned and looked at the alter. "Never forget us.." She whispered and walked out.


Tifa yawned as she walked through Midgar. It was still a mess since two years, but everyone was happy now. Tifa's hair had gotten quite long in the few months before summer. The sun seem to burn right through her, she panted and continued to walk.

"I need a car..its so hot.." She sighed and continued to walk back to the Seventh Heaven. Tifa turned the door knob and walked in to see Cloud and Sephiroth at it again. Tifa was getting annoyed by this, they were acting like children! Tifa coughed fake to get thier attetion. They both froze and looked to Tifa, she was unhappy at this point with them.

"Uhh hey there Tifa." Cloud greeted. Tifa didn't budge from her spot.

"You two have been fighting again?" she asked. The two males shook thier heads quickly.

"No of course not!" Cloud rubbed the back of his neck he hated lying but he didn't want his sword to be taken away for the third time this week.

"Shall I ask Marlene?" Tifa questioned.

"N-no! okay we were fighting but Sephiroth started it." Cloud pointed to him. Sephiroth nearly choaked.

"What? I was sitting here minding my own businuss!" He exclaimed, he turned to Tifa as did Cloud.

"Who are you gonna beileve!" They said in unison and deathglared eachother.

Tifa blinked she didn't know who to beileve at this point but it was kinda funny seeing them compete for her opinion.

"If you two don't stop it, then you both will be in trouble." Tifa finally said. Sephiroth and Cloud sighed and sunk in thier chairs. Tifa smiled and sat behind the bar counter. Kadaj yawned as he walked downstairs.

"TIFA-SAMA!" He sat down at the bar with a grin on his face. Tifa blinked.

"Tifa...Sama?" She questioned. Kadaj nodded.

"Yuffie-chan, is teaching Loz, Yazoo, and I japanese!" He grinned and sat back.

"You don't need to call me that Kadaj, Tifa is fine.." Kadaj sank in his chair and sighed.


Tifa looked up at the clock, it was almost four thirty. She looked at everyone. "Man you guys are gonna eat me out of house and home..What do you guys want for dinner?" she asked.

Cloud Sephiroth and Kadaj looked to eachother, they all had different taste, they began bickering amongst themselves. Tifa covered her ears.

"Okay Stupid question, I'll just make everyone something they all like." She finally said.

"I'll help Tifa!" Marlene smiled skipping down the stairs.

"Thanks thats a good idea you need to learn to cook for yourself." Tifa said to the young girl.

"Well then, we better go to the store.." Tifa finally said, but thought up a plan.

Sephiroth blinked and had a bad feeling. "Uhh Tifa?" Tifa smiled almost evily.

"All of you, go to the store together, Marlene will go too, she's incharge if i get a bad report from her there will be hell to pay." The guys looked to eachother, Cloud remembered Tifa's threats when they were younger, and beileve him she followed through.

"Hey! why is the little girl incharge?" Kadaj asked.

"She acts more grown up then all of you combined." Kadaj clenched his heart fake like. "Oh! Tifa that hurt, you went straight for my heart!" He sniffled.

"Heheh, here is some money and a list of items." Tifa smiled and handed them to Cloud. Cloud smiled and nodded. Everyone exited the bar and headed to the store. Tifa began to clean around the bar. She washed the dishees and cleaned off the counter. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Tifa went to answer it. She gasped and backed away, her eyes widen with shock as a tall lean woman entered the bar, her hair was black like Tifa's. Her eyes were a deep shade of crismon. She only looked a bit older then Tifa, but ehr eyes shown she was older then that. A dark blue kimono rapped around her delicate frame, while on her feet was wooden sandles. She was from Wutai, the land in the


"Its been a very long time, Lady..." Her voice was stern as iron but yet had a gentleness to it. Tifa stared at her for a long time, she was a lost for words.

"Have you forgotten me and everything I taught you in your youth?" The woman said. Tifa gasped and went behind the bar.

"Uh...would you like a drink?" Tifa magaged to say. The woman smiled and elegantly sat down, her kimono hung loosely on her body. Tifa handed her, her drink and stared at her. A long while pasted when The door opened.

"Tifa! we're home!" Marlene said excitedly but stopped staring at the woman. Tifa looked to the door with frighten eyes.

"Marlene!" Tifa said quickly. Cloud nearly tripped over Marlene who stopped so suddenly. "Hey whats wrong...Marl..ene?" Cloud looked to the woman. She just stared silently. Kadaj and sephiroth poked thier heads in, carrying all the bags. They slowly entered the bar and sat them down. There was an akward silence between them all.

"Uhh...Tifa who is your friend?" Cloud asked walking up to them, Kadaj and Sephiroth behind him. Tifa looked the woman and back to Cloud without saying a word.

"Maybe I was wrong about you...Lady.." She began, Tifa only gave her a glare to keep herself silent.

"You seem to have well trained servants here.." The woman spoke. Everyone blinked and looked to eachother.

"We are NO servants!" Kadaj fummed. Tifa sighed deeply.

"Is that anyway to talk to your Friend's grandmother?" Everyone in the room gasped except for Tifa.

"But..your so young...and who are you anyway and what is your businuss with Tifa?" Cloud asked and looked to Tifa. Her eyes were hidden from viewe by her long bangs, but he could tell there was something brewing inside of her, something that she kept hidden and well undercontrol of until now, Cloud couldn't place his finger on it, but he knew Tifa was running like he was months ago..

"This is my grandmother Sumomo..." Tifa finally said. Cloud looked to Tifa.

"You have japanese Blood?" He asked. Tifa nodded. Cloud looked to her, now that he mentioned it, Tifa did look japaneseish.

"May I speak to my granddaughter alone please." Sumomo asked in her serious tone. Everyone looked to eachother and headed up the stairs, letting Tifa fend for herself.

"Its seem you adapted nicely here, I will apologize in advance..but I'm afraid I need your help..." She began to explain. Tifa sighed.

"I gave up long ago, When my mothere fled from Wutai." Sumomo looked to Tifa.

"Are you saying you will turn away from your fate? You will not escape...never..its your destiny to return to Wutai, and become what you were bred to be.."

" You say it so easily like I'm some thoroughbred! to be breeded to a fate!" Tifa shouted. Sumomo sighed and folded her hands in her lap.

"Wutai is again on the brink of war, and Wutai needs to win or there will be no more Wutai.." Tifa turned away.

"Its not my prolbem, have Yuffie go and fight its her country not mine!"

"Indeed your friend is fighting this war, but the army's strength and her strength will not be enough..You need to go.." Sumomo spoke in a gentle voice.

"But what can I do that Yuffie can't?" Tifa question, a small fury building inside.

"She wasn't born into a life such as yours, you power still dwells within I see, your true power.. are you so scared to unleash it?" Tifa's eyes widen slightly.

"Be quiet! I will not listen to this any longer! Please get out!" Tifa rushed over and opened the door, she pointed outside. Sumomo sighed.

"You will fight weather you want to or not..." she said and exited. Tifa exhaled softly and went to sit down. Cloud came down to meet her.

"What was all that about?"


"It didn't seem like nothing..." Cloud began to question her. It wasn't like Tifa to keep secrets, Cloud had a gut feeling in the pit of his stomache.

" It seems I have alot of explaining to do.." Tifa sighed and covered her face with her hands. Cloud nodded.

"Yeah..You do.."

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