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I'm aware I'm using alot of Japanese language! So here is some simple words to know!

Konnichiwa- Hello, Good Afternoon

Arrigato-Thank you


Nani- What?


Ohayo-Good morning

Daisuki/ Daisuke- I love you/ I really like you


San- Mr. Mrs. Ms.

Chan-nickname at the end of name's for girls and small children

Kun- nickmane at the end of name's for Men and boys

Nii-san- Big Brother

Onee-san- Big Sister

Onee-chan- Little sister

Ka-san- mother




Ja'ne-goodbye (Informal)

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"It didn't seem like nothing..." Cloud began to question her. It wasn't like Tifa to keep secrets, Cloud had a gut feeling in the pit of his stomache.

" It seems I have alot of explaining to do.." Tifa sighed and covered her face with her hands. Cloud nodded.

"Yeah..You do.."

Tifa looked at Cloud, she felt uneasy and he could sense it. Tifa sat down ona bar stool, cloud sitting by her side ready to listen.

"I was never born in Nibelhelm like I said I did.." Tifa began, she moved her bangs to the side of her face. Cloud stared at her silently and continued to listen.

"I was there a year before you moved there..I came from Wutai." The brunette and sighed.

"I see, but what happened in Wutai and why did that woman want you to go back there..and what is this power you hide secretly?" Cloud questioned her. She only sighed and turned slightly.

"Like SOLDIER, there was a force in Wutai that no one could stand up too, but these forces never relyed on Materia..they didn't need to. They found a way to use thier wills ans spirits within them to create magick and weapons they could only weild. "

"If they are so powerful as you say, then why has Shinra never heard of them...?" Cloud asked. Tifa looked to him carefully, she knew not to give infomation out so freely but she could trust this man.

" They stay hidden in secrets, they don't want to be revealed. "

"What are they?"

"A small army of women known as Ryuzukis, or...as the senders..." Tifa finally said and turned away from Cloud. The blonde haired man reached and touched her shoulder bringing her around to face him.

"So are you saying your a "Sender?" He ask, not removing his hand from the spot on her shoulder. Tifa could feel her cheeks flare with redness. She casted her glance to the wooden floor..

"She isn't just a regular Sender, she is the most powerful.." A voice came from the front door. Sumomo opened it and glided into the bar. Tifa and Cloud turned thier attetion to the lean woman.

" you can't say that grandmother I have never used my powers before.." Tifa confessed.

"You don't need to Tifa, your idolized in Wutai because of your mother's accomplishments..your mother Kadae..my daughter.." Sumomo gracefuly made her way to Tifa.

" Your mother, had the most powerful element that can be: fire, just like you I sense the great flame of her burning within you.." Sumomo spoke sincerly. Tifa looked down.

"But she was a great woman and I never known her..I was left on a doorstep.." Tifa sighed. Cloud looked to her in awe.

"Those people weren't your real parents?" He asked. Tifa looked to cloud sadly.

"No, but they were so kind.." Tifa looked away.

" You see, if you come back to Wutai with I you will be able to meet your real family.." Tifa gasped softly all she ever wanted in life was to belong to a family, she would pretend to have a family with Cloud and the others, but it wasn't the same for her. She wanted her parents back, she wanted to be able to live in peace without to ever pick up her black leather gloves and fight to save the planet. That was easy for her, this coming back to her past was the most diffcult thing for her to think. Tifa's fists closed and she looked up.

" Give me time to think on it.."

"Yes, but we do not have much time...you must act quickly. " Sumomo bowed andheaded back for the door.

"If not for your country then at least do it for your mother.." She stated and left. Tifa sighed and placed her hands over her face. Cloud looked to her with pity in his eyes.

"Tifa what are you going to do...?" He asked softly, afriad of the turth. Tifa turned and smiled softly, it seem everytime Cloud remembered her its when she was smiling. Cloud liked tifa's smile it was comforting and warm.

"Like I said I will think on it for a while and give her an answer tomorrow.." With that Tifa stood and stretched out her arms, she exhaled a yawn and turned to Cloud.

"I don't know about you but I'm tired.."


"Yes..?" she asked softly.

"Nothing, its nothing forget it..You go and rest, I'll make dinner tonight.."

"Alright..." tifa walked up to her room, the smiled instantly disappeared as she went to lie on her bed. Cloud sighed deeply.

"Tifa..." He whispered and exited the bar, he turned left in the hot city, then right. He took a final left he stopped and stared at the church. Even though it was run down, it seem to stand in its glory. Cloud entered quietly, he walked down the aisle and looked at the alter, he dodged the water and sat down. He sighed softly.

" Worried about Tifa...?" Came a male's voice. Cloud looked around suddenly.


"Bingo!" Cloud blinked and looked around.

"Hello Cloud..." Aerith greeted. Cloud nodded.


"If your so worried about her, then why don't you go to Wutai too?" Zack asked.

"We will be waiting there for you anyway there is a surprise for you there Cloud.." Cloud rubbed the back of his head.

"What Kind of Surprise...?" he asked slightly interested.

"If we told you then it wouldn't be a surprise.." Zack chuckled.

"Alright...but Tifa..it seems so hard on her.."

"you love her don't you..." Aerith said. Cloud blushed like mad.


"Don't deny it cloud, you totally got the hots for Tifa! its in the way you look at her, its written on your face and need I remind you about the time at SOLDIER where you kept talking in your sleep about tifa and you sa-"

"STOP RIGHT THERE ZACK!" Cloud shouted. Zack laughed so hard you thought he would choke.

"Its Tifa's turn now Cloud, the best thing you can do is to stay by her side and follow her..she would like that very much..."

"I will Aerith don't worry..." Cloud said and smiled.

"Then go, and be with the girl of your dreams.." Cloud nodded and left the church he hurried back to the bar to see Tifa was still napping, he went into the kitchen and began cooking.

"Hmm...I hope you'll be alright Tifa.." Hesais to himself and continued to cook, soon the house filled with the smell of dinner, one by one they came down surrounding the bar counter with thier hungry expressions.

Tifa awoke and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.She got up and walked downstairs. She smiled at Cloud and sat down at the bar. If Cloud was good at one thing it was making Italian food. Everyone clapped for cloud.

"Who knew cloud had such a talent for cooking.." Yuffie smiled with a hungry expression.

"Nothing fancy, my mother taught me how to cook.." He said modestly.

"It looks good." Denzel said and helf out a plate. One by one Cloud served them. Tifa smiled and tried some.

"Its pretty good." She said and continued to eat.

"Tifa...are you going to Wutai..?" Cloud asked suddenly. Tifa blinked and looked at him.

"Yes, I have to get a new shipment of Sake for the bar.." Tifa made up as to not look suspious. Yuffie stared at Tifa silently.

"Well Then Tifa, I'm going too..with you.." Tifa blinked.

"You really don't have too.."

"I already made up my mind.." Cloud said and continued to eat. Tifa sighed softly.

"Alright.." She gave in. It would be more enjoyble if Cloud went with her as well..

After dinner Tifa sat on the porch of the bar, she stared out at the city she was about to leave in the morning. She sighed deeply and closed her eyes.

"So...your really going to Wutai?" Came a voice, Tifa turned to see it was Yuffie. Tifa nodded.

"Yes, I expect you know why.." She told to Yuffie. Yuffie grinned and nodded.

"I already knew...Sumomo-San told me.." Yuffie sat down next to Tifa.

"she only told you because your one too...A Sender like I"

"you could tell?" Yuffie grinned nervously.

"Yeah..what is your power element.."

"Water...Naturally.." She poked Tifa in the side.

"If Wutai loses this war, then Wutai will be gone forever.." The short haired woman sighed and looked out.

"I know, I have no choice but to fight..."

"To fight..."


"together then, Lets fight it together." Yuffie smiled and patted Tifa's back. Tifa laughed and nodded.

"Together..." Tifa echoed and looked out at the city.

"So...Have you made your mind up Tifa?" Sumomo said as she sat down. Tifa nodded.

"Yes...I will fight..." Tifa said softly.

"That is good news..." Sumomo smiled gently.

"Pack your things and be ready for we leave soon..." Tifa nodded and bowed respectfully. She got up and went to her room packing away things she needed for the trip. Tifa looked to Cloud from her room. She knew Wutai would be different for him. Espeically if it was about her..All she can hope for is the best and that they make it home alive. Tifa strided over To Cloud's room. she watched him pack and finally said.

"Cloud Wutai is really different, so best be on your gaurd and you must show your manners..if you don't then these people will get offended.." Tifa told him.

Cloud nodded and smiled up to her. Tifa smiled back.

"I'll be careful its you I'm more worried about.." Tifa blushed when she heard this and walked out of his room. Tifa knew that it was going to be hard, but she knew that if cloud and Yuffie are with here, there will be nothing that can stop her...

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