Demon Serpent

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Birth of theSerpent

He walked through Diagon Alley, looking at the shops as they were mostly empty, the war having left its scar on the populace. After finding most the Horcruxes with Dumbledore still making sure that he was kept alive, something which Harry didn't really need because Voldemort was the only one which could be able to kill him. He had delved deep in the secrets of the Dark Arts, of course without Dumbledore knowing. He had only told Hermione about his studies in the Dark arst and she had been horrified to know that he had studied them, but seeing the need.

(They just can't see that there is no light or darkness, just power which is used by those not afraid to use it. The day I killed Voldemort was a great day for the entire wizarding world as they partied… and I experienced nothing of it, being almost killed by the man.)

Harry looked at the shops with a frown now marring his face, watching as Olivander´s was open once again after it had been burned down in the war. The Death Eaters had been keeping a close check on the wand maker and had burned down the shop when the man kept on supplying wands to muggleborns. Harry couldn't understand it all, about the way the Death Eaters thought since it was rather like how a Nazi would think when faced with Jews.

He greeted someone from Hogwarts, the school having stood tall e had been a seventh year the moment he slew Voldemort, and then had left the school, unwilling to face Dumbledore's reprimand about him not having to kill Voldemort while fulfilling the prophecy, saying that the man could come back to the Light. Like every Death Eater could.

"Like any Death Eater could just come up to him and say they repent and then granted freedom. I still imagine how bad that would look for the man." He mumbled, looking at the people who he passed, going undetected because he wore a cowl to hide his face.

He looked up to the sign which stated Knockturn Alley, and then entered the dark wizard alley, hoping to find some ancient parseltongue books. He gave a small grin as he looked at the shops, noticing that the building of Borgin and Burke's still wasn't repaired. He looked at the other shops fro a while, keeping a careful eye on the surroundings of course because he didn't want to die by an attack form a Dark Creature. He could see a good shop up ahead, something about Dark Arts books being sold there. He entered the shop and said.

"Do you have any books on Parseltongue magic?"

He looked at the shop assistant, an ugly woman who gave him a glare the moment he asked.

"Who wants to know if we have them?" Harry gave a smile, which seemed ominous due to the fact that he wore a cowl.

"The Dark Lord wishes to know if you have them." He answered in a serious no-nonsense voice allowing his eyes to turn blood red and he revealed his face, the scar having disappeared as if by magic, but was instead hidden under some make-up. His skin was pale and almost see-through, a result from his dark magical studies. He looked at the shop assistant who was trembling at the sight of him. "Give me all the books you have on parseltongue NOW!"

The woman obeyed, giving him a frightened look and then retrieving a few books from an old box which sat in the back of he shop, whispering an incantation to the box, then looking at the lock for a moment before tapping her wand against it.

The books hit the counter, Harry smiling at them and then picking them up, the books feeling heavier then the normal books. He looked at the assistant and then said.

"Goodbye… you've helped me a great deal, miss."

He was gone within the blink of an eye, placing the books into an en chanted bag which would be able to carry as much weight as he wanted and not take up too much space on his person.

He looked at the shops of Knockturn alley and then disapparated with a sharp crack, carrying the books to his ancestral home, the Potter Mansion which Dumbledore had revealed the existence to him only three months earlier. He had been angry at the old man for making sure that it was hidden from his knowledge. He began to read one of the books, hoping to find that there was some power enhancing rituals in them, making him stronger then ever, or so he hoped. He looked at the pages, taking great care to move them, as they were almost looking ready to collapse at the merest touch, and he studied the writing which was undoubtedly in parseltongue. He looked at the writings, his eyes immediately translating it to English along the way. He looked as there were spells to summon snakes from one's sleeve, the technique looking strange in his eyes, but still registering in his mind.

In an undisclosed location the Order of the Phoenix was converging like a flock of birds upon a prey. Dumbledore called order for the meeting and then looked at the people present.

"Hermione would you please share with us what you have heard about Harry?"

The young woman appeared to stand next to him and then began her tale. "Harry has been studying the Dark Arts for some time until his defeat of V-v-voldemort. He seemed to be so absorbed in his studies that I didn't dare to warn him of the danger which it would pose and I fear that it has corrupted him. He was so angry at us when we told him that we were together, calling us fuck buddies and other things that are to horrible to repeat."

Dumbledore cut her off abruptly. "Mister Potter might become the next Dark lord if this behaviour of him continues. Thank you for your input Hermione, you may sit down." He looked at the gathered Order members and then coughed once, looking very serious. "Mister Potter is already on his way to becoming the next Dark lord, like Lord Voldemort before him. Some of you might have noticed that he was growing to become very pale, that is merely an effect of the Dark Arts which will continue to eat away at his body, making sure that within a few years, another Dark lord will rise and his name will be Harry Potter."

There were mutterings between the Order members and then one voice rang out. "Then what shall we do against Potter?"

The voice belonged to one Ronald Weasley who looked hurt by the betrayal of his once best friend.

"I suggest we bind his magic, Ronald, so he won't be able to use it ever again…"

Ron nodded, that's what they did with only the worst criminals, since the flow of magic was something you always carried within them, to miss it would be a horrible feeling for any wizard or witch.

Harry Potter looked at the book where there was a simple power enhancing ritual listed, then began to chant in parseltongue, the hisses sounding dark and ominous. There was a bright flash of light the moment he finished the incantation and he could feel how his eyes began to sting like mad, like they were changing and changing and when he finally came back to his senses, the first thing he did was go and look into a mirror to see what had changed. He looked into the mirror and saw that his bright green eyes seemed to have gained a serpentine hint to them, making them look evil and ominous even without trying;. He could felt every inch of his body ache like mad and he collapsed on the floor, only to be brought to his bed by an house elf who usually did that when he collapsed form fatigue from studying.

He slept peacefully, hoping that the next day would bring him more luck. He looked at the dreams and saw that they were filled with snakes. It gave him a small amount of comfort which brought a smile on his sleeping face.

The next morning he awoke to feel that there were books on his stomach, and when he opened the covers he could see that there were the parseltongue books which had been linked to him by magic. He could absently feel his stomach rumbling and he went to the main dining room still dressed in his pajamas. He hoped that there wouldn't be any people visiting today at this moment because he was horribly underdressed.

He ate some bacon and sausages, fin ally having enough time to enjoy them because he felt well rested, even though he only had sleep for three hours. He kept an intense regimen which consisted of training his body to be in top shape. He looked at the other food on the table, then grinned and began to eat more, feeling the need to eat more even though he didn't know why. Gone were the small pancakes that had been served, having been doused with some maple syrup. He smiled as he looked at the rest of the food and said.

"Thanks I'm done." The table cleaned itself, looking to be pristine again and he thanked the world for house elves.

He looked at the book twenty minutes later, having taken a shower and put on some fresh clothes and then went to take a closer look at the rituals section. To his surprise there was a section on other worlds.

(Slytherin was advanced for his age if he was thinking about making a portal to another world…)

He could hear a few cracks sounding in the hallway connected to this one, knowing that that was the main apparition point. The moment in which the Order members entered the room did he look up and blinked once as he saw most of the Order members look at him with cold eyes.

"Hey guys, what's up?" He asked and watched as Dumbledore strode to the front and spoke.

"Harry James Potter, you are a menace to society, studying Dark Arts. Therefore I must bind your magic, for the greater good of the wizarding world. You are too powerful to let loose…"

Harry's eyes widened as magical cuffs snapped into place around his hands and then he was brought to stand before the old man who began to bind his magic by chanting some verses in ancient Sumerian, making sure that it was very uncomfortable to watch.

"Let it be done by the name of Aznach Zebulon!"

The last verse of the chant was spoken and dark light began to envelop Harry who could feel something ripping itself out of his body, his natural magic beginning to resist the spell.

"You won't take it away form me! I WILL BE THE GREATEST WHO HAS EVER LIVED!"

He screamed to the old man's face, looking insane to their eyes. Harry didn't know what to do with the agony of having his magic ripped from his body like that. He began to hiss the incantation for the portal to another world like he had recalled it, the hisses rolling off his tongue like water going down a mountain and suddenly he could feel additional magic beginning to add to his and he felt a foreign presence in the back of his mind.

"You wish to live? So do I. Let us merge together and form one entity to make sure that there won't be more accidents."

He looked at the people who had despised him so much to bind his magic and he whispered. "I accept."

The words were heard by Dumbledore who looked up to see the eyes of his once student turn a deadly yellow with slits in them looking straight at him.


With that he was gone, sucked through a shimmering portal when the entities merged, turning Harry Potter, aged 17 into a new person.

Harry looked at his body as he landed in a place which looked like a forested glade. He had no idea what he was doing here, but he noticed a huge wounded beast lie there, looking almost dead.

"Finally you have come… Let us merge completely… I, Yamata no Orochi bind myself to your body in hopes of the survival of us both."

He looked at the creature and saw that it was a snake with eight heads. "Like I said, I accept!"

He shouted, looking at the huge serpent. Then the serpentine being evaporated into thin air and all the energy went inside of him, making him feel like he had just swallowed something huge.

He could feel the raw power explode from his body as the changes were completed, turning him into someone who was younger and more fit to grow into that power. Harry looked at his hands with their pale skin and he closed his eyes.

(Orochi, are you there?)

He asked within his mind, hoping for an answer which would comfort him that there was at least one person ready to help.

"Of course I am… let's give you a new name, since Harry Potter won't be accepted very well… let's make your name a combination of mine and yours. What about Orochigansen?"

(That won't work. It looks gay. How about Orochimasu?)

"That sounds even more gay then the previous one…"

(The name sounds Japanese… am I in Japan?)

"You are in the land in which Ninja roam, and you are probably going to be one too…"

(Wow, really? Well then, Orochimaru sounds nice…)

"Orochimaru will do fine. Demon Serpent, it suits you… I'll also give you my knowledge of the language that you humans use here…"

A flash of light was seen and Harry felt himself somewhere else entirely…

Harry looked around, hearing a voice close by, and soon seeing that there was a man with a blonde girl walking towards him. The girl seemed to talk about Ojiisan a lot while the man just listened and smiled, then with a wave of his hand conjured a small bench out of the roots which grew at a fast pace to form it.

"Hello? Can you tell me where I am?"

Orochimaru ( I'll be calling Harry Orochimaru from now on, because that is how his name will be for the rest of this story) asked the man who looked at him.

"You are close to Konohagakure, child. What are you doing here? This is no place for yout o be wandering alone."

The Shodai looked at the child who seemed to be sad about something, and felt his heart reaching out to the child.

"I got lost after mom and dad died… now I want to do something with my life to avenge them…"

The Shodai smiled and said. "Why don't you become a shinobi? Konoha needs more good shinobi to help fight in the war, and you look like a capable youngster. This is my granddaughter Tsunade and she's in her final year at the Shinobi academy…"

The girl looked at Orochimaru and blushed, seeing him look at her with those serpentine eyes of his.

"Ojiisan…" She mumbled, not daring to look at the other kid.

Orochimaru smiled and said. "I guess I'll become a ninja then… Are you a ninja too, sir?"

The Shodai laughed and said. "Yes Kid… I'm the Hokage, the leader of the village."

Orochimaru could not help but utter one word. "Sugoi!"

A smile blossomed on his face and he said. "Do you think I can graduate soon? I want to avenge my parents against that bastard who killed them…"

He wasn't even lying. Voldemort had made it so that he carried a grudge against the man and even though he was dead, there were still Death Eaters out on the prowl, killing muggleborn left and right whenever possible.

"Come on, let's get you enrolled, and then I'll try to teach you some of the basic skills.. you seem like a smart kid, and I need a break anyhow…the paperwork is killing me, I know it!" The man chuckled slightly at seeing his granddaughters face which was still a bit flushed.

(She might like this kid...Better get him to know the essential skills, knowing history won't do him much good. From his pace I can see that he at least knows how to move in a dangerous situation, perhaps from when his parents were killed.)

"What is your name?"

Orochimaru looked at the Shodai Hokage, then answered. "Orochimaru…"

"No last name?"

Orochimaru shook his head and said. "I'll have to marry someone to take their name, because my previous last name is not something which I would like to share. If you want to call me something, just give me a random surname and I'll take it… or just call me Orochimaru…"

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