Demon Serpent

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"It would be wonderful if we could just return, Orochimaru." With that, Harry turned to Hina and chuckled, rubbing her cheek affectionately, the Akatsuki cloak that obscured most of his body being still in the way of people realizing that he had a lot of sharp bladed weaponry hidden underneath it. As they stood in front of Grinngots, Harry grinned and entered, the key still jingling within his hand, the golden thing being pushed onto the table by Harry's hand, the goblin looking at him with a somewhat annoyed look.

"I want to have my entire fortune moved to a bag of holding, I no longer deem your bank to be safe for my fortune." With that, the goblin gave a sneer, looking at the key before his eye betrayed a noticeable surprise. "It's one of the oldest vaults we have, honored customer. Are you certain?" Harry nodded. "Definitively, there are elements within this country that would have me eliminated, so I shall take my belongings and then make off with them to another country." The goblin moved to one of the older goblins, with more wrinkles and less of an attitude, which ambled over with a full security team following him. "How is it that you hold this key? We here at Grinngots were informed of the demise of the keyholder, so I am afraid… that you're going to be delivered to the Aurors. If you would like to surrender your wands now and go without fuss, we won't have to make sure that you are immobilized."

Harry grinned and then nodded gently, giving Hina a look who nodded too. "It seems my death has been already announced then… Too bad it was merely temporary… Hina, we'll empty my vault ourselves then." With that, he threw a smoke bomb on the ground and then whisked himself off to one of the carts, looking at the lever that was on it before pulling on it, the feeling of the cart speeding being quite the nice feeling, if you liked thriller rides, calling up from memory the way to his vault. "They will be waiting on us, they will." With that, Hina looked around for any beasts or other guard methods that could be used, even as her hairs whipped with the air that they moved, looking at the surroundings, as they began to get more and more cavernous, eventually stopping at the Potter Vault, or at least, the Trust Vault of Harry, who placed his hand against the door, feeling a sucking sensation, until he unleashed a blast of pure chakra, the door caving inwards, even as the gold scattered. With his wand aimed at the pile of gold, he moved it all into a bag, a few spell books flying in too, until the vault was empty. "That was my trust fund." They went back to the cart, only to see a dragon staring back at them, a goblin handler holding a length of chain within it's hands. "You shall not escape alive!" Harry burst into action, his hands forming a few seals, as he inhaled deeply, before shooting a wall of flames at the dragon, which was surprised, the Goblin being burnt to a crisp, even as Hina struck three points on the dragon's head, the beast roaring once, as it was blinded, it's brain getting scrambled by the chakra pulses that Hina did, before she lightly tapped the skull once more, the beast falling into a chasm, Harry giving a rather disapproving look. "Just one dragon? Do they think we are fools?"

The cart was put to action once more, Harry's hands moving onto the lever, until they got to the family vaults, stopping around the P section, the door of the Potter vault being marked as such. Without hesitation, he placed his hand against it, the vault opening and showing to him that his family did collect several amounts of priceless treasure, along with gold. "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" with that, he magicked the money into the bag of holding he had been carrying. "Now for spell books…" He walked into a part of the vault which held rows upon rows of books, his wand transporting them to the bag. He had been lucky in finding it in the manor, or else he might not have been able to carry anything of it with him, money in gold silver and copper being worth equal value in the ninja world, he knew.

"Lets go, I think we're about done here." An explosion was heard and they turned around to see that their cart had just exploded, Harry giving a soft curse. "Never knew they could explode too. Glad that we weren't in it." Hina nodded to that. "It'd be a waste." Harry nodded, looking at the tracks which were pretty damaged from the explosion. "Want to run up to the bank again? Let's make it a race." Hina nodded. "None of that shunshin trick that you did earlier." He nodded, Aparating was out anyways, due to the wards.

The first ten minutes of running up the tracks and meeting no resistance was making him a bit antsy, even though Hina seemed to be having a jolly good time. "They are waiting up there for us, they have projectile weaponry and men with sticks." Harry realized that the goblins must have guns and that the men with sticks were likely Aurors. "Okay, just take out the goblins and I will concern myself with the men with wands, okay?" Hina nodded, even as they jumped out of the shaft that led the carts down to the vault, the change of lighting, from very dark to light made their eyes hurt for a moment, even as shots rang out, Harry's hands going to his cloak and wrapping himself tight within it, the bullets from the guns bouncing off the enchanted cloak, which had been designed not to tear by natural causes, which included sharp edges. It did hurt a bit when the first spell landed, a scorching spell, but a thrown kunai took care of one of the aurors, even as another one fell, the cloak being discarded, even as he summoned as much chakra as he could and then exhaled softly, his hands forming the tora seal for fire, a plume of fire coming from his mouth, even as the last goblin dropped, Hina disabling them with strikes to the solar plexus, stopping their hearts from beating, a vicious smile on her face, as she picked up her cloak, which had been banished off her.

"Let's go to Hogwarts, shall we? I think I should better say goodbye to that Dumbledore fellow, before he ruins another life." With that, Harry grabbed Hina's hand and then dragged her to a fire, tossed in floo powder. "Speak clearly, Hogwarts. It will take you there." Hina nodded as she articulated it very closely, gone in the green fire. "Hogwarts." He tumbled out of the fire, landing between Hina's legs, Hina giving him a rather curious look. "Eager now, are we? I might just move my panties to the side so you can please me a little bit more."

"This is a school, not some kind of den of depravity." A voice close to them said and Harry looked at Professor McGonagall, who spoke with accented Japanese, which must have been picked up during her long life. "I wouldn't say it is one, but one has to account for an accelerated libido, as is present in my partner. Could you show us to professor Dumbledore?" the woman nodded, Hina getting up slowly and helping Harry up too, dusting him off. "It's not often that we get young ones from a foreign country here. Are you here to study our magic customs or to write an essay for your school?" Harry nodded absently. "Lunch is being served right now. I'll inform the kitchens to get you an extra plate. " Harry held up his arm. "Unnecessary, miss Mcgonagall." The woman paused for a moment, wondering apparently where they had gotten her name from. "You are the deputy Headmistress, right? Mr Snape said you looked every bit as much as a hawk from the letter our headmaster exchanged with him." Comprehension dawned on the woman, even though there was a small frown on her face as she heard just how Snape allegedly described her. "Would you say that it is in the best interest of your school to set up an exchange program? Oriental magic is something we do not delve into, so any insight would be nice to give the students a bit of a taste of what they might also see."

"The man with the beard is Dumbledore?" Harry lifted a frog card with Dumbledore's face on it, Professor McGonagall nodding. "He's seated at the Head Table." Harry bowed before her lightly and exhaled gently, his eyes getting a more and more serpentine, as did his skin, as he looked at Dumbledore, the visage of the serpent sannin being adopted once more, though looking more and more serpentine. "Dumbledore-san…" He said to get the man's attention, the man's head turning softly to regard him, as Harry seemed to slither up to the Head Table, looking at the members of staff gathered there. "You did commit the crime of murdering Harry Potter, by ordering his death… That's a pity, because you have given me quite a hold up in my immortality research. So, as is quite feasible to my kind, I enact vengeance on the behalf of Mister Potter." The words had not grown cold yet, as he whizzed forwards, the Kusanagi blade impaling the Headmaster before he had any time to draw his wand or to react, a wheezing cough being the only thing that the man could do, as his lungs had been perforated, Harry ripping out the blade sidewards, going through the heart.

" Now, Harry Potter is avenged." Harry spoke in clear English, looking at the body of Albus Dumbledore, once hailed as the greatest wizard to ever live, watching as the man died because of destroyed organs. It must be an awful death, to have your lungs collapsed because of the sword that pierced through your ribcage, along with it being ripped out sidewards, then left to bleed out. Harry stared at the body and then turned to Hina. "Let's go back to our world."

With that, they threw a smoke bomb onto the ground, even as the teachers fired spells, none really hitting their targets, Harry and Hina being already halfway to the fireplace, Harry tossing in a pinch of floo powder. "The Burrow!" with that, grabbed Hina and they were tossed out of the fireplace in the Weasley residence, Harry giving a low moan as Hina's elbow landed him square in the balls, that place being rather tender in every man's body, Hina getting up and looking around. "Kill them all, save the balding man with the red hair, the husband of the fat woman." Hina nodded, blending in with her surroundings through a jutsu, grabbing a kunai to do the dirty work for her.

"Why don't you seem to give a damn about Harry, he's been dead for a day and already you're making plans to move back into his house!" the voice of Fred Weasley reached his ears, Harry giving Hina a look and then whispered. "Don't kill the redheaded twins." Hina nodded, creeping up the stairs to the area where Ron had his room, while Harry just lingered on the first floor, where he could hear the argument between the Weasley twins and their mother. "Now you hear, young man, Harry would have wanted us to live in the house, it's written within his will."

"You sound like Percy mum! It's horrible to think that you're so focused on living in a nice house with house elves that you don't even respect Harry's death. I'm ashamed to be related to you." It was apparently Fred who took the word at that time, as George just looked at their mother and shook his head. "Harry wouldn't have agreed with it, because otherwise he'd not have evicted you all." Molly seemed to be ready to give another tirade, but Fred shook his head. "we're not going to take any more of this. Miss Weasley, goodbye, we are no longer your sons." With that, they grabbed the door handle, Harry going back into the shadows, just when some tumult above drew his attention, a strangled cry, which was muffled soon enough.

"Goodbye and Adieu." A thrown dung-bomb detonated and Harry's nose cringed at the smell, even as something bounced down the stairs, Molly Weasley having left the room, to have it bump against her leg. The fat woman turned around and looked at the decapitated head of her youngest son, being about to scream, until Harry's Kusanagi rammed itself through her forehead, silencing what would be cries of alarm, just until Fred and George would be out of the premises. "Goodbye, Fred and George Weasley." With those words, the twins stopped as they heard them, Harry withdrawing the sword from the woman's head, before kicking the body down the stairs, Ginny's door opening and the girl, looking thinner than was healthy, looked at him, covered in blood stains, letting out a hoarse scream, before she was seized by the neck and thrown down the same hole as her mother, the sound of her body hitting the steps of the staircase being like music to his eyes.

"The youngest is dead." With that, Hina appeared beside him, as they descended the stairs, Fred and George standing there, looking at the dead body of their mother and the crying body of their sister. "This is for Harry Potter." In english, Harry spoke while he grabbed Ginny's hair and then ripped it out, before making her head meet the ground a few times to get his point across to her, blood and busted teeth being quite the nice result.

"Who are you?" Harry looked at either Fred or George who said that. "Orochimaru." The twins nodded. "You've defeated the evil hag that was our mother and are now laying down a beating on our youngest and dearest sister… Proceed." The fireplace blazed with green fire, a bushy haired girl stumbling through. "Professor Dumbledore was murdered!"

" So are you, Hermione." With that, Harry tossed a kunai, which hit her straight between the eyes, the poor girl's body hitting the floor without her even having known what killed her, Harry having preferred to torture her a bit, but due to time constraints, it would be hard to even think about.

"Now Ginny… Die." With that, he raised his foot and then kicked down as hard as he could, his foot letting the skull of the girl be shattered like a ripe pumpkin, the brains and other body head juices splattering over the ground and over Harry's boot. He was glad he had opted for a boot, it'd be hard to get those juices off his sandals. "Gra Sleznik Zha Zupra." With a snap of his fingers, he focused most of his currently available chakra and magic into shaping the portal to take them all to the other dimension, the lands of ninja. A portal opened, the ground shattering underneath it, as he forced it open. "Jump through, I cannot hold it open for long, or else I will die." Hina jumped through, Harry giving a last look at Fred and George. "You guys, thanks for the jokes that you've made to brighten the world up a bit. I will consider you friends."

He prepared to jump through his own portal, but a hand stopped him from doing that. "Take us with you, there's nobody here who'd be willing to take us as their husband, what with us being just pranksters to them and not serious businessmen. Those ninja you had at your house they…" George spoke, Fred taking over. "Spoke of you being a very dangerous criminal, but that's not true, is it Harry?" Harry shook his head. "I did all to prevent people from suffering my cursed existence. Fine, come with us then. Step through the portal and leave everything behind. Here's a bag, take good care of it." With that, Fred ran through first, George right behind him, Harry following, just as the portal destabilized and a collapse followed, the Burrow being destroyed by the cataclysm. Arthur Weasley would be informed of the death of his family 30 minutes later, having a breakdown, a desire to bring justice and good to the world, that'd taken their lives so cruelly, never knowing the real conspirator behind the events.

"Beautiful scenery here, Harry." Orochimaru's eyes adjusted to the sunlight where they had been deposited, a rather ironic look coming on his face as he looked at a tree, a tree marked with the names of Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. "It seems history has a way of repeating itself." Hina stepped from the shadows. "Let's go and free your servant and daughter, Orochimaru-kun… Then you can thank me personally in wonderful ways…" she smacked her rear, which left quite the sexy sound, like a whip being cracked. "Not yet, Hina. Okay, Twins, you're going to need to get clothes that blend in more. I'll be transforming myself into someone who the people here know. I'm not sure where my daughter is, but I'll find her eventually, she ought to be still under guard by Tsunade."

"This is the city you lived in?" Fred commented, even though the clothes that had been transfigured from a pair of leaves shifted a lot, George having taken more to the style than his other brother. "For some time, yes." With that, a Chuunin guard halted them. "That's one of the ninja's from this village. Naga Ichimaru, this is my wife, Hyuuga Chiaki and these are a pair of friends with who I traveled." He gave the Chuunin a passport, Hina merely giving the Chuunin a rather degrading look, as if she thought him less than dust. "Hyuuga-sama does not have a passport?" Hina looked at the chuunin. "I left it at the family house. If you would like to contact Uncle Hiashi to verify my identity, that's okay…" the Chuunin swallowed. "I'd rather not. Okay, welcome back to Konoha, Naga-san, Hyuuga-sama."

"Does that always happen here?" Fred asked, Orochimaru giving the twin a rather amused look. "Not really, but most Hyuuga are noble-born, so they get leeway with how to act and how to behave." Hina shook her head softly. "You'd better keep silent, husband, or else you will not be in my bed tonight." Orochimaru made a warding gesture, as was appropriate, mumbling something of an apology, though he wasn't serious at all, as was Hina.

"Go for some Ramen, it's one of the few things that you'd be able to stand, from this cuisine, it is quite different from the british fare you'd be accustomed to. " He spoke, looking at Fred and George, whose red hair didn't stand out much although their faces were so radically different that it made their identity as foreigners clear to others. "That's noodles, right?" George asked, Orochimaru nodding. "Well, since you've come with us, we'll pay for it, it should be affordable."

"Three pork ramen and one diet ramen, please." Hina had went ahead while Orochimaru was still talking, the cook, Ichiraku Teuchi nodding and beginning to make the broth. "Sit." The Weasleys took a seat first, Fred looking at Orochimaru for a moment, in some show of trust, as Orochimaru sat on Fred's side, while Hina took George's side, effectively enclosing them. "Here's your order, Hyuuga-sama."

"Thank you. Husband, eat. Fred, George, you use those chopsticks to eat with, let me show you how."She demonstrated, deftly picking up a few strands of the noodles, lifting them and delicately taking a bite. She noticed out of a corner of her eye that the cook was giving her an awkward look, which she returned. "Is something the matter, Cook-san?" Teuchi shrank back a little, a small smile coming to her face, knowing that she still had the intimidating Hyuuga look.

"Nothing, Hyuuga-san. I was just wondering where i'd seen you before." She blinked a few times, looking at Harry, who seemed to be paying more attention to their surroundings than to be listening to conversation, giving her some time to come up with an answer. "Well, i've been here a few times, but I've mainly been outside the village with my husband." The cook nodded, looking at Harry and shaking his head a little. "That fellow over there is your husband then? He's got something really familiar about him, something I can't quite place, it's almost as if- " the man was cut off as a loud voice asked for a big serving of pork ramen, a blonde blur taking a seat at one of the available chairs, sitting right next to Harry, who looking at the blonde blur and blinked a few times. "Ah, Naruto-kun, right on time, i'll get to making some ramen immediately!"

"Is he?" George asked, Orochimaru looking at Naruto with a mix of curiosity and dread, almost as if he was afraid to speak, a shiver going through his whole body as the young, or in most cases, rather old man, seemed to try and compose himself to make contact with the child that'd been his. "He's special, yes."

"Oh, hello! I haven't properly introduced myself yet, but i'm Uzumaki Naruto, soon going to be the Hokage! I love ramen!" Orochimaru felt a tinge of chakra burn through his body, as he looked at Naruto and shivered, his whole body starting to feel the movement of the Hachibi, as it seemed to wish to explode outwards, breaking everything in the vicinity to harm this child. "Hi." That was all he could manage, but Naruto seemed to be boundlessly curious, gazing curiously at the Weasley twins. "You two look different, where are you from? I bet you're from some really cool ninja village where they all look like you." The energy that the young Genin put into the question was almost off-putting, where Fred and George were taken aback, not able to formulate a correct response, as Naruto had noticed the last part of their four man group. "Ah, there's another lady with the freaky eyes, just like Hinata's! Not that she is freaky, mind you, she's just a bit strange, always going weird around me."

"Child, do you never shut up?" She groaned, looking at Naruto and getting up, the ramen within the bowl vanishing in an instant, the last noodle slurped into her mouth within a second. Orochimaru had a similar attitude, as he was finishing his bowl, placing some notes on the counter to pay for all of their ramen, giving the Weasley twins a look. "Stay here. We'll be doing our business in the village and then you'll see us appear in a few moments." She stalled for a moment, her eyes looking at the twins with a warning look. "One wrong move and you'll likely be captured and interrogated, which is a lot of pain. So don't make a wrong move."

They departed after a moment, Orochimaru's hands sl;ippiung George a bag containing some money for further expenses they would need, his eyes going to the roofs then, spotting three ANBU there who may have been observing that small exchange, smiling benignly at them and then disappearing after Hina, who had already been on her way towards the village centre, something pulling her there that he didn't know nor wished to know, putting it to the homing pigeon instinct most women seemed to have.

"What're we looking for?" He asked her, whilst they traversed the rooftops, their sandals barely leaving an imprint, as they pushed off before they would leave obvious traces, her pace quick and decisive, one that he didn't mind, but still remained alert of, as she had her Byakugan activated and was apparently scanning the surroundings. "Isn't there a seal you made on Akemi to find her?" She asked suddenly and he briefly recalled something to that effect, having done it a long time ago. He nodded, activating the seal lightly, as he went through the motions. It was more or less a general broadcast to activate the seal, his chakra imbedded within everyone that bore a seal. His eyes widened minutely as he picked up a reply from one of his seals, a more recent one, not Akemi but likely Anko, who'd be doubled over in considerable pain right now if he had any guess.

A sudden rush of information came to him and his head snapped up, looking at the direction where it'd come from, casting a glance at Hina. "She's in or near the hospital. Her chakra is at a very low level, likely kept that way by sedation or something, we have to do something now." Hina nodded, altering her path to go to the direction of the hospital, Orochimaru's steps falling into place, his features no longer snake-like, but more like Harry Potter's, although he kept several things intact, the serpentine eyes for one.

They appeared in front of the hospital, Hina looking around carefully, before entering, Orochimaru following a few steps behind, his gait relaxed and he laid a hand around Hina's waist, pulling her closer, whilst whispering something in her ear. "You'll be getting a check-up as you've been out of the village for a bit, whilst I go and distract the nurse as your 'husband'." She nodded, looking at the woman manning the reception desk and strode up to her with as best a haughty manner she could manner. "I would like to have a full medical check-up, immediately."

The woman looked up from her paperwork and was about to give a reply, till her eyes noticed the Byakugan and she flushed, speaking out some small apologies along with an assurance that it would be done, Hina smiling arrogantly at the woman and taking a seat, Orochimaru following her, falling into line behind her.

They walked through the hospital, not much having changed over the time he'd been away, some rooms having been assigned a new function or something equally uninteresting to him at the moment. Orochimaru waited outside the general examination room, a doctor who he didn't recognize entering and a small hushed conversation, in which Hina apparently did her best to convince the doctor of the checkup being done as fast as possible. "Could you enter too? Hyuuga-sama insisted you be present as well." The doctor looked a bit skittish, unsurprising given Hina's bitchiness at the general people with the condescending Hyuuga streak that one came to expect.

"Very well." He muttered, stepping inside to see Hina standing there, naked as the day she was born, having shed most of her garments in the time the doctor took to inform him that his presence was wanted. "Husband, I asked for your presence because I felt you had a right to be here." He nodded, tersely, looking at her body and trying not to look too hard, as she was still looking very well, her figure having been sculpted from the training that she had no doubt received, her body mass being well-controlled, her eyes looking sharp as always, Byakugan still activated without a flash of doubt in her eyes. "Okay, I'll begin with the measuring first, Hyuuga-sama." The doctor worked as gently as possible, working a small measuring tape around her hips, around her arms and clearly trying to be done with it as swiftly as possible.

"Hurry up." She growled, the growl making the doctor a bit skittish, as he began to note down the measurements on his notepad. "I have the average measurements down now, if you'd care to tell me how well your digestion and defecation has been?" She nodded and without even a hint of shame in her voice, she spoke. "My digestion hasn't had any problems with it and with defecating, I don't think there's been any change, a pleasant way of relieving myself, if you'd like to know." She stared at the doctor, raising an eyebrow, the man blushing lightly and Orochimaru feeling a hint of malicious intent coming from her, as the smile she put on her lips was one that seemed to incur the wrath of god if he'd been especially accommodating. "Now, get on with it." Some blood was drawn, the doctor focusing some chakra into it, after which he'd noted down the effects on the notepad, Orochimaru glancing at it, to see nothing out of the ordinary, having a good idea of blood-borne diseases from his experimentation. "There's abit of an anomaly with your blood, Hyuuga-sama. If you'd like to tell me whether you have borne children within the last ten to twenty years, please? I would like to exclude the possibility of a malignity within your blood."

Hina put on her best glower. "I had a daughter who should rightfully be sixteen now along with another one, who should be about… twelve." She put her finger to her lips, smiling lightly. "But I don't think you've met them yet, have you, husband?" She paused for a moment, stressing the word husband, Orochimaru giving a somewhat weak smile, as his eyes cast a baleful look at her. "I haven't… I've been with you, outside the village, as you know." She smiled and turned herself towards him, showing him her assets and gave an almost feral grin. "And I'm glad I met you, otherwise it'd have been… dull." She breathed the last word as if it had been nagging at her, her eyes glancing at him and the smile on her face fading as the doctor turned his attention to her. "Okay, I'll be needing to check your chakra coils for irregularities. Don't worry, it'll just be a small shock that'll make you a bit disoriented, but it'll give a correct diagnosis which will tell me much about your personal state."

Orochimaru laid a hand on his hip, fingering the kunai pouch that sat there, looking at the doctor, hand perched to put a kunai into his back the moment he did something untoward to Hina, his eyes looking at the man's back, a small cunning thought surfacing to him that it may be useful to allow the man to finish so they could track down Akemi within the hospital's boundaries. "Seems okay, Hyuuga-sama. Will you want the results filed under your personal name, or sent to the estate?" Hina smiled, looking at the man, dressing herself quickly, before allowing Orochimaru to answer. "I think we do not have time to visit my wife's previous lodgings, as we will be merely picking up a few members of our squad to head out once more."

The doctor seemed to buy it, filing the notepad in a small cabinet that had escaped Orochimaru's attention for a moment, before he turned to the pair. "You can drop the pretense, you know. I know that you are Hyuuga Hina, 'dead' matriarch of the Hyuuga clan." Hina smiled lightly, looking at the man without a hint of surprise, as he seemed to give her something of a calculating look. "You never fooled me with that act, Hina, especially as you did nothing to alter your body. Being your personal physician for the better part of your active career made me notice who you were instantly." Orochimaru pulled a kunai out of his pouch, the doctor looking at him. "Who's the unfortunate guy who you've had posing as your husband? Clearly he's someone skilled with the ninja arts, not that I care a bit about all that stuff, it's just my duty to heal, but really, satisfy a man's curiosity." Orochimaru nodded, grinning a little and snapping his fingers, the serpentine face that Orochimaru the Sannin would be using appearing in the place of the Harry Potter look he'd been using for most of the time, his eyes looking straight at the doctor, who gulped. "So indeed, you've cast your lot with the enemies of Konoha, Hina." Hina chuckled throatily, the sound being somewhat odd, Orochimaru turning to her, before fixing his attention on the doctor once more. "I would not call myself an enemy of Konoha… Merely someone less constrained by boundaries as my fellow shinobi."

The doctor nodded, looking at Hina and then seemingly nodding to himself. "Well, little wallflower, I think you'll be happy to know that your chakra levels are optimal, that your body is in excellent shape for your age and that you'll have no problem with conceiving any more children, should you and… your husband, feel so inclined." Orochimaru shook his head, whilst Hina nodded. "I've got two, I don't need more at the moment, especially with what a hellion the youngest is." He muttered audibly, thinking about Naruto's exploits that'd been recalled by Kabuto, a word about a painting over of the Hokage monument with paint that'd been taken from a paint shop and some other things that barely went beneath his notice.

"You have full patient confidentiality, Hyuuga-sama." The doctor spoke as he let them out, Orochimaru halting the man for a moment. "Would you know about a woman, about… seventy in age, but looks about fifty or something, with a sharingan activated being kept here?" The man shook his head. "No. But there are some areas where we are not allowed to go, for instance the top floor is off-limits, as most ninja patients are treated there. The basement holds the ANBU treatment centre, but nobody but the ANBU are allowed there." Orochimaru nodded and then followed Hina, whose cloak was moving by the displaced air of her passing, her Byakugan looking around. "Tell me, does she have a bit of a fringe, with dark hair going into gray?" Orochimaru nodded. Despite the fact that she was older than him by about… five or so years, he never did really take too much note of it, she still turned gray earlier, thus looked older. "She's got the Uchiha eye-lines too."

Hina nodded. "Top floor, to the right, two ANBU posted in front of the door, warding seals keeping me out, but there's a small bit which I could peek through." Orochimaru nodded, thinking about a possible way to extract Akemi. As he may have been attached to her emotionally at some level that seemed feasible, though the prospect of fighting through half a hospital was neither appealing, nor productive, but with Hina it may just work out in their favor. "Hina, we need to take care of the ANBU first and then make sure that there's a way out,m or otherwise… we'll have to kill her there and then to prevent it from falling into other hands." Hina nodded, even as they ascended a staircase, walking through the wards, people in bandages, casts and other various medical treatments giving them barely a passing glance, thinking them to be shinobi on official business, which they were right about, for the first part of course. Official was it not, their business and it was treasonous to the very least bit, but they did not know that.


Presiding Doctor – Senju Tsunade

He looked at the door and shivered a little, looking at Hina who charged boldly onwards, her Akatsuki coat merely rustling a little as she entered, following almost reluctantly, casting a glance towards the recovering Shinobi, who seemed to pay little attention to them, although Hina garnered some extra attention by some.

"You do not have clearance to enter the room." The ANBU spoke, Orochimaru shaking his head lightly and looking at Hina. "It seems we may have to be disagreeing with you there, ANBU-san." Within a moment, Hina's hand reached out and tapped the ANBU in the chest, whilst Orochimaru's hand shot out, a Kunai shoved through the mask and into the eyesocket, the body twitching a little as it slid down the wall, pressuring him a little to keep the quiet, as the shattering sound had probably alerted some people, Hina glancing around carefuly, the ANBU whose heart she just had exploded gurgling a little before teetering over, her eyes on the door. "Work your magic trick, I see a few seals on that door that are linked to the blood of people." Orochimaru nodded, pulling out his wand and waving it a little. "Alohomora" The unlocking spell worked like a charm, Hina opening the door, looking inside and relaxing a little, allowing Orochimaru to go in as well.

"Hi there, Akemi." He said, looking at her form, strapped to the bed, her belly bulging with what appeared to be new life, or some kind of implant that he did not dare think about. "Hey there boss. How're you doing?" She replied, cheerfully, her eyes looking a bit dazed as she stared at the two of them, a grin settling on her face quick enough as she began to look at Hina and then at her belly. "They've gotten me pregnant somehow and I picked some of the scrubs, most importantly the little blossom telling something about this being unethical, forcing me to breed like some kind of mongrel."

She grinned for a moment, looking much like her old self that Orochimaru was tempted for a moment to just release her, till he noticed the tubes leading to her body. "They've gotten you nice and tight there, haven't they?" Akemi nodded. "Afraid so boss. I think they're going to have me pump out more Uchiha kiddies to mutilate." Orochimaru grinned, feeling for his scroll pouch, pulling out a pair of explosive notes. "Are you sure that you'll want this? We can get you out here if you wish?" The question at the end was more for her sake, as his eyes went through the room. Bland, white walls stared at him from every direction, beeping monitors and other equipment giving the room quite the look like one of his laboratories.

"Hey, I've done my business in this life. It's not fun to be popping out a kid if you've never even had the pleasure of doing so, the little biter's bugging me with his constant kicking. Best use those tags to make sure we're into little bits Boss, otherwise there's going to be some bastard breed of Uchiha around." She looked at him carefully and he nodded, grim realization settling in, casting a look at Hina. "Check for incoming shinobi, someone's doubtlessly going to check up on why the wards failed. If I know Tsunade, she'll have ANBU on us within a minute or five." She was out the door in a flash, Akemi giving Orochimaru a grin. "Nice and decisive, I knew I liked you, Oro-chan." She tried to raise a hand, the cables leading to her form snapping, a pained grimace coming on her face, his feet dragging him closer, kneeling lightly before her bed, as her hand touched him.

She looked so frail now, with her body all aged and torn, the belly swollen almost obscenely with the child that should not exist, no doubt a machination of a man who tried to keep the Uchiha Blood within Konoha, although they still had the precious last Uchiha. Perhaps the child was a merger of Akemi and Sasuke's blood, the thought surfacing for a moment, as semen was required to be donated from those within a clan on the verge of extinction… "You know… I never got the gall to ask for a little wee kiss." She smiled weakly, the sound of sudden combat, Akemi perking up a little, grabbing his hand strongly all of a sudden, a thudding sound and Hina groaning lightly, along with a cry of pain from a male voice, clearly not Hina, Hina crowing lightly in victory. "Sure." He muttered as he began to bend down, kissing her on the lips for a moment, the rubbery, raw lips feeling much like he'd tried to kiss a wrinkled old prune, his eyes looking into Akemi's for a moment, his Sharingan, gained from her blood activating, as he gently applied some explosive tags to her stomach and then looked her in the eyes.

"Pleasure serving you, Orochimaru." Orochimaru looked at her and then stood at attention, before giving her a deep bow. "Call me Harry." She quirked her lips in a smile, looking at his face and grinning, showing yellowing teeth, that'd been distinctly less yellow the last time he'd seen her. "Pleasure serving you, Harry." He walked out the room and closed the door, then made the seal for the activation of the explosive tags, the equivalent to three packages of C4 going off in the small space, the walls buckling and falling away, the door torn to shreds with the resulting explosion, his eyes going to Hina, who looked slightly disturbed, her breath coming in gasps, as her hair was all messed up, the ANBU being dead by her hand strewn around. "Took you long enough." She said as she began to walk back the hallway, the sound of beds moving and shinobi assembling being heard, Orochimaru getting a grin on his face, as he opened his mouth wide and the Kusanagi unsheathed itself, the snake holding it spewing it forth and he pulled it into his hand, the strength of the blade giving him a momentary surge of strength, turning around to see into what had been Akemi's room, only finding that there'd been nothing left of her, the wall on the opposite side being blown away, to reveal what was a filing room, a slack-jawed medic-nin about to put down some archive files in the cabinet that had been opened, locking eyes with him. "Let's go then."

They walked back the way they came from, the first shinobi to greet them being dressed with bandages, a kunai in his hands, clearly not the ninjutsu type, who took one look at their cloaks, their not-so-visible hitai-ate not being visible at that point and passed them by, thinking them to be shinobi about to search for the perpetrators. Hina's Hyuuga status had something to do with it. She was walking in front of him, giving the people the illusion that one of the mighty Hyuuga had been searching for the perpetrators. They got out of the ward relatively fast, their cloaks not drawing as much attention as Orochimaru had feared. ANBU may have been informed, but it was rather unlikely the normal shinobi knew what they symbolized.

"I think the next thing we should do i-" He was cut off abruptly as he could feel something shooting past him, turning lightly to see the Hokage's assistant standing there, brandishing some senbon, no doubt dipped in poison. "Get the Hokage, we've got some S-ranked Nukenin here!"

Orochimaru turned to the woman, giving a small shake of his head, before walking towards her calmly. "You and I know that it'd be futile to try something about me then." The woman didn't seem to be the one to back down and for a moment, he actually thought that she may attack him, her posture relaxing all of a sudden. It was a sign something had either happened to make her resign to her fate, or some kind of reinforcement had arrived, enough for her to be able to back off now.

A punch landed square on the side of his head, the force enough to send him against the wall, almost going through it, his eyes focusing from the Hokage's apprentice towards the one to deliver that blow, her brown eyes staring at him with rage behind it that seemed to make him feel a challenge.

"I was wondering when you'd show up, Tsunade." He spoke, preparing himself for yet another battle. Escaping just got a bit more difficult, with his old team-mate thrown into the fray.


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