My first Da Vinci Code fanfic. Of course, this is Robert/Sophie fanfic. I got inspired by the Unexpected Journeys by Inu-Fan20. Please R&R

"Mommy, do you love my daddy?" the little girl asked. She was about four years old with sparkling green eyes, dark burgundy hair neatly put up into a pony tail and a smile that could make you kill her for being so damn CUTE.

"Sweety, I lovED your daddy, he was a good man, why are you asking?" Sophie stated emphasizing on the PAST tense of love while asked her daughter who was never into asking her mom about who her father was. For about four years, Maggie, or Maria Sofia Lisa Neveu formally, (Maggie was just from her GREAT GREAT GREAT and some more great grandmother) was always content with only having her mother there for her, along with the visits to her grandmother and uncle who shows their love to her as well.

"Mommy, why does grand-mère and oncle live far away?" Maggie asked Sophie. Sophie sighed. This was one of those trips were Maggie won't sleep on the way to Scotland to visit their only family alive. Those trips were when Maggie would ask Sophie never ending questions about EVERYTHING she could think of.

"Because sweety, they like it there, like you like it back home in France," Sophie answered her daughter stroking her daughter's hair. There wasn't any hint that she's her father's daughter on the outside, her appearance was ALL Sophie's. But, when you get to know her, her mind was like Langdon's, she was smart, and she questioned everything, every sign on the road, EVERYTHING. Maybe she inherited some of those traits from her mother, but she mostly, her father's brain was what she had.

"Why can't we go there faster? I remember oncle telling me that you went from France to were they lived in an hour," Maggie asked as the plane went into a landing. They have been traveling for two hours. ONLY two hours and her daughter had manged to exhaust her again.

Once in the car traveling to the church where her family stayed, Sophie noticed another car parked there. Visiting/Touring hours were soon to be starting, but that is going to be in four hours. The church was still closed to others but herself and the priest, but mass isn't in five hours. Her thought's got her worried and she seemed to have held her daughter's hand tighter than she should.

"Mommy! That hurts!" Maggie complained. Sophie snapped out of her dream and continued walking inside ready for what was going to happen. She took her daughter in her arms and took the gun out on the other.

"You can't come in. My grandmother is still sleeping, she shouldn't be disturbed," Sophie could hear her brother tell someone.

"Unccy?"Maggie asked rather loudly gaining the attention of her uncle and the man that he uncle had been yelling at.

"Maggie, how is that being quiet and staying safe!" Sophie freaked out as the man in the shadows stepped forward. It was him. It was the man she once loved. It was. ROBERT LANGDON.

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