Title: Paradise Skies (Cieux de Paradis)

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Rating: This will be an M rated story.

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She woke with a start, certain that she was late for work.

When she saw the ceiling fan turning in slow rotations and the gossamer curtains shifting in the early morning breeze, she remembered where she was, and relaxed back unto her pillow.

The television, set by automatic alarm to go off at eight thirty, flicked on and her bedroom was filled with the melodic sounds of violins which elicited a sigh from between her lips. Wasn't this really what life was about? Luxuriating on Egyptian cotton, relaxing to the sound of violins and revelling in the knowledge that work was not required?

Lord, what had happened to her? Work was her life! Her career meant more to her than anything else in the world.

Kicking aside the sheets, she climbed from the bed and stretched languidly, stepping into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

She admired the vibrant red and orange flowers, that seemed to explode against the white walls, and brightened the black granite. She rubbed the waxy petals, and turned to the mirror.

She looked healthy and rested, instead of feeling tired like she should have after yesterday's flight. Her hair was tousled, knotted around her cheeks, but she felt alive, not groggy. Her muscles needed no encouragement, she was ready to go!

In her bedroom, the sun leaked through the drapes, slanting in bright lines across the tiled floor, inching towards her bed. The violin symphony changed to a piano, and she swayed in tandem to the melody, squeezing toothpaste unto her brush. Today she planned on taking a trip to Grand Baie, the next town over, to the acclaimed bazaar that apparently sold all the ornaments she could want for her home.

Then, if they had time, she wanted to visit the biggest Hindu temple in the country, in the inland village, and the largest, Triolet.

For the first time since she came into consciousness, she thought of Booth. 'They'. He'd of course be travelling with her, pestering her and making inappropriate innuendos in his cocky manner. Yet, she had to wonder, if she really resented it so much, why could she see her cheeks turning the colour of the flowers in the vase?

Showering, Brennan thought of dinner the night before and how Booth had been the perfect gentleman all evening, commenting only on how amazing his Chinese seafood basket tasted. She had enjoyed his company simply because he hadn't been bombarding her with questions, and she hoped today would be much the same.

When she was dressed, Brennan knocked on Booth's door and listened for a long moment, suspecting that he might still be asleep. She knocked again, and started when a warm hand landed on her bare shoulder. She spun on her heel, turning to face him, dressed in shorts and a sleeveless shirt that displayed every inch of his firm, bronzed skin, Brennan inhaled. He already smelt of sun cream.

"Morning," he said gruffly. "You're up late," he tossed her an orange, and grinned. Brennan glanced at her watch and noted that it was only nine fifteen. Booth saw her expression and chuckled. "Yeah, I've been up from six. I went for a run along the beach." Brennan was assaulted by an image of him, moving along the pure white sands, along the edge of the water as the brilliant sun rose over the horizon and she had to remind herself that he was still standing there. "There's something so… liberating to be up at six, no worries, no stress and the day stretches before you, unfilled…" Brennan rolled the large orange in her hand and grinned.

"Well, actually, you're day is filled now," she dug into the back pocket of her shorts, a tan colour today, and passed him a map. "We have loads to do." Booth rolled his eyes, unfolding the detailed island map and studying the places she had starred. "I want to pick up some typical Mauritian ornaments for my house and then I was thinking we could check out the restaurants in Grand Baie, Vishnu really recommends this little place called-"

"Bones," Booth reached out, touching the bare expanse of her arm with his fingertips. She was immediately silenced. "How about we just take the day slowly, huh? Stop off where we want, drink some local beer and just have fun?" She was aware of how hot his skin was against hers, and how she'd have agreed to just about anything.

"I want to see the Maheswarnath temple in Triolet," she said slowly. Booth chuckled, slipping his key into his door and stepping into his room. She smelt him, and struggled not to inhale deeply. He took his backpack, slipped the map into the pocket and slung it over his shoulders.

"You'll never stop running, Bones…" he said. "Everything is a crazy rush. But by the time we leave this island, you will definitely have learned to take things…" she saw how his eyes raked leisurely over her body, from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes. "slowly." She felt as though something that clamped around her lungs, for she struggled to breathe.

Adjusting her own backpack, she cleared her throat. "I'm not used to taking my time," she said. "There are always too many things to do." Booth blinked.

"You'll be used to it soon." She was certain he was flirting with her. She had learnt to detect a male come-on, and Booth was definitely throwing her an innuendo. Her chest flushed, and she turned towards the door, dropping the orange into a bowl already filled with exotic treats. "So… Grand Baie it is, then." She tossed him a smile over her shoulder and shoulder. "What's so amazing about it, then?"

"What's so amazing about the local beer?" She tossed back. Booth paused to think.

"It's got a higher percentage of alcohol than most beers… isn't that enough?" She chuckled, rolling her eyes. "And, I'm on vacation," his hand dropped to the base of her back and his fingers shifted over the cotton shirt she wore. Brennan felt his breath against her ear and he bent to speak. "And for three days, so are you…" She had the strangest feeling that there was almost a promise in his statement. Brennan told herself to quit focusing on their shifting relationship. Wasn't she the one who'd been fretting in her bathroom less than an hour before? Wasn't it she who didn't want to contend with the change, just yet? So why was she perpetually stuck on the same mental subject of how things were different?

With the day stretched ahead, and the prospect of Booth's continually flirting looming over her head, she suspected that by mid afternoon, it would be she who would require the extra strong local beer.


Grand Baie – Gran' Bay – no emphasis put on the 'd'. This town is the most commercial part of the island (next to the capital city) It's named such because it has an enormous rounded bay, and the beach here is almost always busy.

Triolet – Tre-o-lay – This village is the longest on the island, and has the biggest Hindu temple. It is also, incidentily, where my husband lived for his entire life.

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