He slips out into the night, the wind tugging at his cape. Behind him the Iron's household is bathed in a lonely night, and more importantly, in silence. He understands that, in his pursuit for vengeance, he has forever destroyed a family, but sometimes, he supposes, it's for the best. Sometimes if something's so corrupt it faces self-destruction anyway, it's the only decent thing to do. Especially if the corruption runs so deep that it becomes possible to manipulate their very emotions to your own bidding, to truly have them destroy themselves with nothing but careful planning.

Jean Irons will be alright. She'll find it hard at first, her new-found freedom. They'll buy the self-defence story she'll tell them. Iron's death will be a closed book, and so will that time of her life. But she'll learn. She'll learn to love the world beyond the bars.

Although, he thinks as he lands on a nearby rooftop over the streets of Camberwell, although it is unfair that the children should suffer. Will the boy ever forgive him for this?

I don't know, V thinks. I just don't know.

Sometimes the value of a human life is at a different price to different people. Irons could never understand that, could never comprehend that human life had a value at all, and even when faced with the end of his own, could not accept it.

And until the day he did, he'd always be doomed.

V smiles his permanent smile, and, his cape billowing out behind him, vanishes into the winter night.

The End