Megumi leaned with her head on her hand and stared outside.

Another day.

Another day in which she still was a girl.

Another day in which Genzo was acting like an idiot.

She cringed slightly and a twitch near her eye appeared. Her free hand was firmly clutched around the edge of her desk and her knuckles tensed so much that they were white. Why couldn't the guy get a clue?

Why did he have to be so… uncool.

'#My blood runs cold, My memory has just been sold, My angel is the centerfold, Angel is the centerfold#'

Megumi could feel their stares on her as the awfully singing kept going through the speakers. Probably everyone in the school could hear it and they all knew for who the song was meant. She let her head fall on the desk with a loud thump.

'#It's okay I understand, This ain't no never-never land, I hope-#What the fuck are you doing in here, Kobayashi!

Megumi perked up and lifted her head to stare interested at the speakers. Was Hitomonji Kobayashi, arguably the most decent man amongst her pack of stalkers, there too? Things were getting better! At least, Hitomonji had stopped Genzo from singing.

'You are being an annoyance! Quit this!'

'You're just jealous that I found a way to show Megumi how much I love her!'

'You're only showing how much of an idiot you are!'

'I'll KILL you! Megumi-'

They could hear something fall through the speakers followed by the loud noise of a door slamming open.

'Genzo! What are you singing! Don't be so perverted about Megumi!'

There was a short silence.

'… only I am allowed to.'

'Tasuke Yasuda!'


'What are you all doing here! This microphone is for official announcements only! Get out!'

'Noooo! Megumi! I looooove youuuuuuuu!'

There was a high squeaking sound as the microphone suddenly was shut off and Megumi sighed. She would have to kick Genzo's ass again after school. Now really, when she was a guy again, she would never be like them.

"I will be a man amongst man!" Megumi suddenly shout out as she jumped up from her seat and raised a fist in the air. After a short moment of standing there, she realized how silent it suddenly was. A quick glance around showed that her classmates and the teacher were staring flabbergasted at her.

She grinned and rubbed the back of her head. "Teehee…" she sat down again and buried her head in her arms.

Alright, so maybe she was a bit weird too, but at least she had a good excuse!

The End