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Outcast Saga Lost in El Hazard world


Somewhere in the woods near of the Holy river of God on the Roshtaria side of the river.

A tall young man is running thru the dense vegetation holding on his hands a menacing looking black pistol, he is wearing a very dirty and damaged white t-shirt and what once was a dark blue jeans pants and a pair of boots, on his back it is a backpack tightly strapped on his back. His black hair is reaching on his shoulders and it is dirty with dried up substances of many colors and some leaves and twigs, in few less dirty parts his original hair color can be seen.

"Run!" he shouts to a girl that is a couple of meters ahead of him; she is wearing exotic clothes white pants and an ornated green robe over it, she has long light blue hair. She doesn't understand what he said but she clearly understood the meaning since they are being chased by group of seven bulgroms; she also knows that she would be hysterical on that moment because her intense fear of bugs, but the young man alien weapon frightens her even more with its bursts of thunders that can take down a bulgrom. She is inwardly cursing her curiosity that leads her to follow the young man with strange clothes.

Two days earlier in a small village.

A tall young man wearing very dirty dark blue pants, a white t-shirt and a backpack on his back enter on the village. The villagers back away from the path of the young man scared of him. The young man sighs and walks on the village main street clearly intending to just pass right thru it with out stopping.

A group of children whispers something and look at him, one of the older ones grab a stone of the size of an orange and toss it against the young man. The stone never reached the intended target. Midway on the flight it is turned into dust by a bullet fired from a menacing black pistol that appeared on the young man's right hand. All the villagers cringe with fear at the loud shot and the destruction of the stone. The adults grab the kids and run to their houses locking themselves inside while the man still with the gun on his hand walk thru the now empty streets.

He stops in front of a butcher shop and takes some pieces of dried beef and keeps walking moving away from the town, what he doesn't know is that a blue haired girl is following him from a couple dozen of meters away, she is curious about his appearance and that mysterious device that sounds like thunder and can destroy stones, she was also scared about his gun but her curiosity wins over her fears.

She follows him as he moves on the roads that lead to the woods bordering the Holy River of God, if it wasn't clear before now it was crystal clear that the young man was not born in El Hazard and had absolutely no idea to where he was going. Later on that day they ran down on a bulgrom patrol, the girl extreme fear of bugs triggered some water based destruction that nearly killed her on the process. The young man managed to grab her and run away from the bugs shooting them with his pistol. And that triggered a two day run from the bulgroms.

Present time not so far from the village.

Makoto and his friends, the three priestesses included are in one of the floating ships seeking for what the villagers called thunder demon and a girl that went missing. Makoto seriously doubted that it was actually a demon, the description of the so called demon weapon even a bit distorted sounded awfully similar to a firearm and Makoto was truly considering that the so called demon was an Earthling that got dragged to El Hazard as he, Mr. Fujisawa, Nanami and Jinnai.

"Mako-chan what you think of all this?" Nanami asked to Makoto while they look down to the woods trying to find the young man and that young girl. "Well Nanami I think that that demon that the people said that appeared here is just a person from Earth that somehow appeared on El Hazard and that thunder of his is a firearm." Makoto tells to his friend his theory.

"Well it makes sense. But why he hasn't spoken with anyone?" Nanami replied. "Maybe he isn't Japanese. Oddly enough people here speak Japanese and if that man doesn't he can't understand what others say and that means that he can't ask for directions or even ask for help." Makoto explained. "He is alone in a world that can be very hostile." Nanami nods understanding, she had her share of problems when first arriving in El Hazard. "Well at least Fujisawa-sensei is sober and if something bad happens we can count with him too." Nanami commented.

Everyone on the ship jump startled when hearing a quick series of shots with almost none intervals between each of them. "What the hell is that!" Shayla-Shayla screams shocked. "Shots!" Fujisawa screams. "Afura takes us to the direction of that sound!" Nanami shouts to the wind priestess that does so.

Few kilometers south from there the young girl is running on a rope bridge over a cliff, the young man is with his back turned to her and it is firing at many purple bulgroms. Green blood gushes from the bullet holes that the bullets tear on the bulgrom exoskeleton. The young man races to the bridge and as soon he crosses it he cuts the rope with a knife making the bridge fall and giving to him and the girl more time to run.

The girl stares at him while he removes an empty magazine from the pistol and trades it by a loaded one, she doesn't understand what he is doing, but she knows that as long he can do that they will be somehow safe. She trips on a root and falls down, the young man grabs her arm with his left hand and pulls her to her feet, she cringes with the rough treatment but she knows that on that moment there isn't time for gentleness.

She yelps in pain when the man tosses her away, she was going to protest but her words get stuck on her throat seeing a bulgrom clawing the man chest. The man yells in pain before firing on the purple bulgrom head. He runs to the girl and pulls her back to her feet again and makes her run.

Not so far from there the ship landed and the group is running to the direction of the shots moving to the edge of the woods from the clearing where they landed. Shayla-Shayla hits dead on the blue haired girl and both fall down. The group stops to help the two. "You got to help him!" the blue haired girl shouts to the red headed fire priestess.

Everyone jumps scared when a single loud shot echoes on the woods very different from the also loud but not so loud multiple shots from earlier. "What was that!" Afura asks surprised. "It is different from before!" "Let's move!" Shayla shouts to them, everyone nods and they move to the direction of the shot.

Not so far from there the young man is holding a Winchester styled gun with no shoulder stock, in front him about ten meters away there is a large red bulgrom with out its head. Moving the leaver the young man chambers a new round and fires at another bulgrom. A shrill laughter cuts the air and huge white flying bulgrom appears near of the battle site.

The smaller bulgroms stop fighting and move away from the armed young man. The bulgrom lands fifty meters away from the young man but the moving wind from the hug bug wings reach the young man that covers his eyes to protect them from the dust lifted by it. Over the giant bug are Queen Diva and Jinnai, whatever Jinnai says is missed since the armed man doesn't seem to understand, but the armed man actions are clear as a crystal.

The man levels his rifle at Jinnai and fires, a gust of wind prevents the bullet from meeting the intended target that was Jinnai's head, and instead the bullet hits Jinnai's left shoulder. The man quickly chambers a new round and aims, this time Nanami prevented the kill shot. The bullet scratched Jinnai's head cutting few of his hairs. Makoto froze when seeing Nanami running to the man and using both hands to raise the gun barrel while shouting "NO!" Queen Diva reacts fast and orders all the bulgroms to retreat knowing that she would be the next target of that diabolic weapon.

The priestesses and every Roshtarian of the group stares at the young man in shock, he alone managed to make the Queen of the Bulgroms retreat single handed. Nanami was about to shout at the man when he begins to cough hard. He lets go of the rifle and covers his mouth with his right hand. Nanami stares in shock seeing fillets of blood between his right hand fingers and then she notices the gashes on his shirt and chest.

"Mako-chan we need to help him he is badly hurt!" Nanami shouts to Makoto. Miz and Afura rushed to the young man side and help him to sit down. Miz removes the pistol from the man belt and hands it to Nanami hoping that the orange haired girl knows at least how to not make it sound again.

"Nanami you should put those guns on the ground." Makoto says looking at the weapons on the orange haired girl arms. "It is okay Mako-chan they won't fire anything." Nanami replied. "See that the upper part of the pistol is locked back? It means that it is empty and this rifle is with an expended cartridge on the chamber so there isn't danger." Makoto looks at the guns with more attention and notices the slide locket back with the empty chamber showing.

"His wounds are considerably bad because they are bone deep but none of his organs were hit by the cuts." Afura says while Miz bandages the young man chest. "Then why he was coughing up blood?" Fujisawa asks after gulping down some wine. "I believe that he broke one of his ribs and it poked his lung. Anyway it isn't too bad and we can move him and treat him."

"That is a relieve to hear." Alielle commented. Fujisawa and Shayla-Shayla helps the man to stand and they move to the ship, the blue haired girl moves with the group looking at the young man with a mix of fear and worry. Makoto walks close of Nanami; he knows very well why Nanami prevented the young man, well older than they are from shooting Jinnai, even disliking her brother she couldn't allow him to be killed in front of her eyes.

On the ship Afura sails to the village, Miz is near of the young man to make sure that he won't worsen during the trip. (Miss mind in giving my guns back to me?) The young man asks to Nanami in English. (I won't harm any of you, I only fired at those bugs and that man because he was leading them and it was to defend myself and that girl over there.) (Okay but unload them.) Nanami replied handing the guns to him. The young man opens his backpack and places the pistol there after releasing the slide, then he slowly moves the leaver ejecting the empty cartridge and does it again eight more times, each time ejecting a cartridge that he picks from his lap and places on a small pocket of his pack, Nanami nods satisfied seeing the empty rifle being placed on the pack.

Makoto and the others weren't happy seeing Nanami returning the guns to the young man, but seeing him unload it made the Earthlings relax. "It is all right those weapons can't harm anyone now." Makoto says to the Roshtarians. (What is your name?) Nanami asks to the man. (Himura.) He replied. (Benji Himura.) Nanami introduces herself and everyone else. Benji explains what happened since he arrived and how he got on the way of the bulgrom, Nanami translates it to everyone else.

They leave the girl on the village and give a better treatment to Benji. Miz helps him to wash the wounds and clean them, the priestess is impressed that they were much smaller than half an hour before, she hides her surprise and bandages him again. The water priestess tells to the others that he is fine enough to handle the travel to Floristica. Benji is with another shirt and pants, unlike the other one it is clean, the shirt was burned since was beyond repair, and the pants are in the pack inside a plastic bag.

On the long trip to Floristica Nanami explains to Benji what happened to her and the other Earthlings. The priestesses eye Benji with some suspicion after all it was the first time that they saw a firearm. Makoto is explaining to Alielle how the guns work and showing to her the empty cartridge that Benji discarded on the ship's deck, but the priestesses were also hearing it proved to be a precious information in case that Benji turned to be a enemy and attacked them with his guns, knowing that he have a limited supply of ammo and once that was over the guns would be useless comforts them.

End of the prologue.