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Destiny, Interrupted

Chapter One

Be Careful What You Wish For

"Harry, it's your destiny to defeat Voldemort." a man with a long silver beard said to a boy of sixteen with short, spiky black hair and emerald green eyes. "You can't not complete your destiny."

The boy named Harry glared at the older man. "I'm getting sick and tired of being told what to do Professor."

The old Professor took a deep breath. He was losing his temper with this boy and it was a first. "Harry…"

"Don't placate me." Harry said in a voice close to a growl.

"I'm not trying to placate you Harry. I just want you to understand that you were born with an important destiny and that you shouldn't go off and do stupid things."

Harry clenched his fist. "So is that all I am to you? Someone to kill of Voldemort? Someone to save the world? So, after I complete my 'destiny' I'm more then welcomed to do something stupid like go sky diving without a parachute and you wouldn't care?"

The Professor, who by now you know is Dumbledore, was debating whether he wanted to bang his head on the closest wall or knock some sense into this boy, but neither of these prevail. Instead he took a deep breath and let it go slowly. "Of course not Harry. I still wouldn't let you do anything stupid after you killed Voldemort. I still love you like a grandson, even if you are being thickheaded at the moment."

"I'm not being thickheaded! I'm just stating my opinion on my life. I think I should be able to do what I please without everyone worrying if their 'savior's going to die while playing Quidditch with Jr. Deatheaters!" Harry shouted.

"Harry, please, calm down!"

"I thought you weren't going to placate me!"

"Well, now you need it! Harry, it's not fair for you to complain about everyone! They have had to live with Voldemort longer then you and want him gone, and if the only way he will ever die is for you to fight him, then they want to keep you safe!"

You could feel the anger in the room as both males glared at each other. "I know Professor, but it's still my life! I didn't choose this destiny!"

"But it chose you!"

"I don't a rat's ass about destiny! Screw my bloody destiny! I'm sick of it! I want a normal life!" Harry shouted and started to stomp out of the room.

"Harry!" Dumbledore shouted as Harry got to the door.

Harry turned to him. "You know what? I hate destiny! Let it choose someone else for the job of savior of the wizarding world. I don't want it anymore. I never wanted it." With that said he opened the door, walked out and slammed it shut.

Dumbledore looked at the closed door and shook his head. 'He'll calm down.' He thought and went back to his desk.


'That man is so bloody infuriating!' Harry thought angrily and his stormed down the empty corridors. All the other students were in classes at the moment, so he had the whole place to himself to rant. 'It's my bloody life! Why the hell did destiny chose me anyways? I'm no better then anyone else!' Suddenly he stopped in the middle of the hall, looked up and shouted. "Why they bloody hell did you chose me destiny? You're so bloody stupid! I want a bloody normal life but did I ever get it? No! Are you going to answer me destiny!"

"I would, but I couldn't get a word in through that rant." A female voice said from behind him. Harry spun around quickly to see a girl of about thirteen with long black hair, dark, chocolate brown eyes, pale complexion and wearing Ravenclaw Hogwarts robes.

"What?" Harry asked.

"I'm Destiny. You kept shouting my name, but I never really could answer you seeing as you were screaming your head off." The young girl said.


"Yeah, Destiny McKelter? I'm a third year Ravenclaw."

Harry looked down, embarrassed. "Sorry, I didn't mean you."

"Oh." Destiny said. "You meant the other destiny." Harry could feel the girls' eyes on him. "Why do people always look up when their ranting about their life's?"

Harry looked at her. "What?"

The girl rolled her eyes. "Whenever you or anyone else rants about their life's, they always look up. It's not like fate resides up there."

Harry seemed slightly puzzled. "I really don't know…I guess it's a habit."

Destiny shrugged. "Yeah, probably." There was a pause. "What's your problem with destiny anyways?"

Harry thought. He was debating whether to tell her or not. He should, seeing as he dragged her into this. "I don't like what destiny gave me for a life. First, when I'm little, before I could even remember, my family was murder and left me to be with the Dursleys. Then since I came to Hogwarts, Voldemort has been trying to kill me because I supposedly am the only one who can kill him. Then I finally meet my parents' best friends for the first time in third year and one's a betrayer, one's cursed and the other one was wrongly accused. Then the bloody betrayer gets away and last year my Godfather, who was also the one wrongly accused, gets murder! And now I'm not aloud to do anything that might endanger my being! It's not fair!" There was silence after he said this. He looked embarrassedly at her. "Sorry."

"No, I'm sorry." The girl said quietly.

Harry looked up at her. "Why?"

She shook her head. "If destiny could redo anything, what would you want done?"

Harry thought about it but it didn't take long for him to come to a conclusion. "I'd have wanted to meet my parents and the rest of the Marauders, even if it's just for a little while."

The young girl smiled. "That's all?"

Harry looked up at her surprised but couldn't see the expression in her eyes, as they were turned to look out the window. "Yeah, why?"

The little girl turned her head back around and Harry's eyes went wide when he saw that the girls' eyes weren't a pretty brown anymore…they were dark as night. "Bon voyage, Harry." She said with a wave of her hand as if saying good bye.

Harry opened his mouth to speak but suddenly he couldn't find his voice…he couldn't feel anything but a falling sensation and the last thing he saw before all went dark was the little girl named Destiny McKelter from Ravenclaw waving good bye…


Hogwarts: November 2, 1976…

'When the hell did my life turn into such a mess?' a boy with long black hair and ice blue eyes thought sadly as he walked down the corridors of Hogwarts. 'First I get born into one of the darkest families in the world then I get kicked out because I don't want to be dark and live by their rules. Now my best friend is acting like a love sick puppy, my other one's not speaking to me, the other one's been acting sketchy and now I'm being officially disowned. Not the mention that all the available ladies aren't what I'm looking for…nothing's going right, and at the rate I'm going, I going to be a lonely old man with nothing to do but play with myself and get drunk…' The boy shook his head and his hair swooshed around his head. "Fate, you threw one hell of a ball at me…"

"I did not such thing." A male voice said from behind him. The other man turned around quickly and saw a fifteen or so male leaning against the wall. He had short, sandy blonde hair, sea-green eyes, a tan and a Hufflepuffs crested uniform on.

"What?" the man asked.

The Hufflepuff rolled his eyes. "You said Fate right? I'm Nicolas Fate and I just want to point out that I didn't throw a ball at you."

The other man smiled slightly. "Oh sorry, I wasn't talking about you."

"Oh." Fate said and there was a small pause. "You meant the other fate, didn't you?"

The man nodded. "Yeah. Sorry you had to hear me muttering."

The blonde man waved his hand dismissively. "Meh, no problem. I've heard worse."

The black haired man raised his eyebrow. "Really?"

Nicolas nodded. "Seems that I'm a pretty good listener…so, you want to try me?"


The blonde boy rolled his eyes. "You want to tell me why you're complaining? Like I said, I'm a pretty good listener."

The boy with black hair thought about. He didn't really know the boy but he had a feeling that he should tell him or at least, he'd listen. "Sure." And after that, it became all confusing. He told this boy he never met about everything that had been bugging him from his family to his friends to Quidditch. It felt good to tell someone and it took about ten minutes for him to completely finish. When he was done, he smiled at the younger man.

The boy that had been listening raised an eyebrow. "Okay, that was all nice and dandy, but now are you going to tell me the real reason you have been bumming around Hogwarts for the past couple weeks?"

The older boy was stunned. He had just poured his heart out and this boy didn't even care. "I thought you were good at listening?" he said angrily.

Fate rolled his eyes. "Yeah I am, that's why I know that's not those aren't the biggest problems for you."

He was shocked. He didn't think anyone would notice that there was another problem. "Yeah…there is another one…"

"Which is?"

"I don't love anyone."

"Excuse me?"

The blue eyed boy sighed. He really didn't like discussing what was in his heart, but, hey, may as well. "I mean, I love my friends but I want someone to love and to be loved back by."

The Hufflepuff smiled. "So, the biggest playboy in school is ready to settle down with one person?"

"Yeah…it's just, I don't think I will find anyone…"

"Why's that?"

"I just have this feeling I won't…"

"So you were complaining to fate that you had gone through enough and that you deserve a soul mate?"

The older man smiled. "Yes, that's about it." He couldn't see the other boys' eyes for he was looking at a painting.

"Is that all?" he asked quietly.

The other boy didn't think he heard him right. "What?"

"Is that all you want? A soul mate?"

He was shocked. "Yeah, that's all I want. Why? Do you know them?"

Slowly he turned his head and his blue eyes went wide. The other boys' eyes weren't sea-green anymore…they were pitch black. "Take good care of him, alright? He still has a pretty important destiny." He said.

Before the other boy could open his mouth, he felt like everything was closing in around him and a he saw the young Hufflepuff named Nicolas smirk and disappear. Everything still felt as if was closing in on him until something warm and heavy fell on him. Blue eyes looked up into widening emerald green eyes. The boy on top looked down and whispered, "Sirius?"

There was a quiet laugh surrounding them and a voice so soft that the boys could barely hear, but hear it they did…it said…"Be careful what you wish for…"