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Destiny, Interrupted

Chapter Fourteen


After that day, Harry wasn't willing to tell everyone just yet. He'd rather keep Sirius to himself on the beautiful, empty-except-them, island. Harry learned that Sirius knew what has happened since the day that Harry Granger left Hogwarts. He remembers everything up till the time he fell behind the veil. He had been filled in on those bits by Fate, who Sirius explained was, well, fate. Harry told him about his own Destiny. Sirius told him how he remembered missing someone and now knew that it was him. Harry told him how he wasn't willing to forget. Sirius didn't even try to explain what had accrued after his disappearance…it was too hard. Harry was alright with that.

They had a great time that week catching up. But they figured that after the week, they should go back. The appearance of Sirius caused quite an uproar. Everyone was pleased to see Harry happy again. When they explained what had happen, when Harry had left, they were surprised. Harry had never mentioned anything about it and Remus didn't remember at all. Apparently only Sirius regained the memories.

Harry found out that not all of Lily's friends were dead. Actually, they all were still around. Midori Kinomoto had married Ethan Storm. They had three kids, a girl his age, a boy around thirteen and a little girl about nine. They were still in England. Raena Storm was with a woman named Sierra Nights in Italy. They had twelve years old twin boys. Momiji Kinomoto went back to Japan and was engaged to a young woman named Sakura Shindo. Harry had already known the fate of Alice McAuthor and Frank Longbottom.

They decided to get married. Well, it wasn't really a marriage. It was more of binding your souls together…they wanted to be able to find each other next go round. The wedding took place on their island. Everyone of importance to them was invited. They didn't want to whole world knowing about their secret place.

It was a wonderful wedding. Beautiful skies, great people, beautifully dressed, though Harry had to convince Sirius not to cross-dress. Everyone was seated as the ceremony took place. Sirius placed his right hand over Harry's heart and Harry put his over Sirius'. Then Sirius placed his left hand over Harry's right and Harry did the same. It was hushed as they said their vows'…'If aught must be lost, 'twill be my honor for yours. If one must be forsaken, 'twill be my soul for yours. Should death come anon, 'twill be my life for yours. I am Given.' There souls were forever bound afterwards and they lived a long and happy life. They had three children. Their two sons were named James and Regulus and their daughter was named Lily. Both the Black and Potter names were carried on.