Kimber walked along the long hospital corridor palpitating and then remained standing for a while at the door of Christian's room. It would be the first time she would see him conscious after the bloody massacre at the old factory building. Fourteen days had passed since. Most of that time Christian had spent at the intensive unit.

Quentin had fortunately missed his heart and got his shoulder instead, but because of the large amounts of blood he had lost and because of his affected lungs, the doctors were not sure he would make it. Kimber didn't move away from his bedside the whole time, even if he was spending most of that time in some twilight zone and he could hardly grasp any of what was happening to him.

She had cried from relief when twenty four hours ago she was told that he wasn't in mortal danger anymore and he could be transferred to an ordinary ward.

Kimber knocked on the door shyly and then pressed the handle down.

When she stepped in, Christian was half sitting, half lying on the bed, skimming through a magazine bored. A smile flashed over his face, "hey!"

"Hey," she said timidly, "you're awake," she put the magazines she had brought him down onto the small side table, "how are you?" She asked concerned.

Christian grinned wryly, "I think, comparing to two weeks ago, really well."

Kimber hung her head saddened.

"Come here!" Christian indicated with a hand gesture she should sit down onto the bed.

Kimber took place on the bed hesitantly, "I thought I would never see you again," she said quietly, "when Quentin shot you and I saw the amount of blood, I thought..." She didn't complete the sentence.

"I know," Christian grabbed after one of her ice cold hands, "the nightmare is over," he said, "Quentin is dead."

Kimber nodded, "and Kit's in jail."

"Sean told me you were the one providing the information that helped the police find Quentin and Kit."

Kimber lifted her head surprised, "Sean said that?"

Christian nodded, "yes, he meant you gave them directions with making them look somewhere near a train station. Without you the police wouldn't have never thought of searching the factory building next to the unused train station at all."

"Quentin was nuts!" Kimber said, "he wanted to determine with a pendulum which one of us should die. I suggested I would stay willingly, but he was obsessed with the idea of letting destiny decide."

Christian looked at Kimber distraught, "you wanted to die willingly?" He asked incredulously.

Kimber hesitantly nodded, "I thought he would let you go then."

"You wanted to die for me?" Christian still couldn't believe it. He looked at her clueless.

"I had myself convinced for several weeks that you were responsible for what Quentin did to me. I thought that I'd be a lot better without you on the mat. But I've completely ignored one thing in the meantime. And it was Alicia who'd reminded me of that again," Kimber lifted her head and looked deeply into Christian's eyes, "love doesn't die that easily," she said then quietly, "and I never stopped loving you, any time. Not even when Quentin abducted me and abused me. Thinking about our love made me stronger back then and that helped me survive," her voice was shaking a little as she continued, "and when I saw you again at the factory building I was sure I'd rather die than live on without you."

Christian felt a considerable knot in his throat. Kimber's love pronouncement surprised him, "I'm sorry about Alicia," he said quietly just to say something.

"She had the biggest heart and was the most lovable person I have ever known," Kimber said.

"Do you know were you gonna live?" Christian asked.

"At the moment I'm still staying with Sean and Julia. They were so kind to offer after Alicia..." Kimber's voice faltered.

Christian cleared his throat, "I know it's a little bit early for that, but when I'm back out from apartment is big enough for two."

"Is that an invite for me to live with you again?" Kimber asked surprised.

Christian nodded, "what do you say?"

Kimber held her head thoughtfully, "only with one condition," she said tentatively.

Christian lifted his eyebrows questioningly, "and that would be?"

"That we live there together as a married couple," Kimber slid down the bed and knelt down beside it. She took Christian's hand and looked deeply into his eyes, "I've wasted too much time without asking you this one question. Christian Troy," she started ceremoniously, "will you marry me?"

A smile flashed over Christian's features. He pulled her up to the bed and put his healthy arm around her neck, "I love you Kimber!" He mumbled, shortly before finding her lips for a gentle kiss.

When his lips parted a little from hers after a while, Kimber looked at him questioningly, "is that a yes?" She breathed.

Instead of an answer he pulled her a little more closer and silenced her again with a loving kiss that spoke of more than words could ever say.

The End