That made two days that the priest, the former human and the young yokai had left to research the halfbreed. They had returned to the preceding village where they had stopped a few days earlier, thinking that without mean of transport, Gojyo couldn't have gone further. It was already far in the evening and they decided to continue their research by inspecting the bars.

They knew that their friend liked to frequent them. There were only two bars in the village, consequently they would know quickly. It's while entering the first that they saw the redhead at the back of the business, his elbows on the bar and showing them his back. Goku wanted to run in his direction but he was stopped by a firm arm covered with a long white fabric.

- "I am going to speak with him... alone." Sanzo's serious voice worried his two companions at his sides.

- "But Sanzo, we don't know why he had left and I think our presence can help" Hakkaï said calmly.

- "I tell you that I take care of that! Now, go back to the inn and don't wait for me! He will be again on the road with us tomorrow morning " The blond announced, slightly irritated. The two others glanced at him perplexly but didn't insist and decided to trust the priest.

They left in silence the practically empty bar and let Sanzo manage the situation. This one waited a short moment, trying to fix his thoughts and to slow down the beats of his heart which drummed against his chest since he had found the redhead. He inhaled deeply and of a determined step, moved towards the half-yokai.

- "A beer! " The monk ordered the barman while sitting on the stool which was just beside the halfbreed's. The tone and the timbre of the voice so well-known which had been just made hear, brutally made raise Gojyo's head whose nose had remained for a good moment plunged in his choppe.

He turned very slowly in the direction of the man who had just placed order, as if he feared that he was well who he thought. And it was well the case. His tanned face lost all of a sudden its pretty complexion and his eyes opened wide considerably.

- "Sanzo? … Is it really you? " The halfbreed asked in a breath and with a low and almost quavering voice.

- "Unless you have visions…" The priest answered simply, taking an interest in his glass standing in front of him. Very long minutes passed without none of the two men daring to speak, waiting, no, hoping that the other start to speak. But soon, the oppressive silence which reigned became unbearable for the blond who decided to break it.

- "Alcohol in the other village wasn't enough good for you so that you come again here? " He said ironically without meeting Gojyo's gaze by fear of betraying his uneasiness. The latter was conscious that he should say something, perhaps even explain himself, but after what he had done, he felt ashamed like never. What could he tell him? That he was the worst idiots? Sanzo should have understood it… It didn't matter, at least he had to apologize for having left the monk naked like a worm without the least word.

- "San… Sanzo… For the other evening… " He started with a hesitant voice which was immediately interrupted by the priest who wanted for nothing in the world to get back to this event more than unpleasant, not to say traumatizing.

- "Forget that! It was just a joke which went wrong! Let's not dwell on this! "

- "What? But… " The redhead was surprised, to say the least, and wanted to protest, however the blond interrupted him again.

- "We take again the road early in the morning! If you think you have drunk enough, go to bed! With the growing danger which threatens us as we approach our destination, your strength are far from being superfluous! " Sanzo Continued firmly. Then he added in a less aggressive tone: "Moreover, the two others miss you. They need you… "

- "And you… Do you need me? " At the question full with insinuations of the redhead, the blond felt his hands start to tremble. He drank his glass in one go, wanting obviously to leave the places. What he did, but not before having answered to the halfbreed.

- "I don't need anyone…" Gojyo remained a moment without moving. The solemn tone that the monk had tried to use, wasn't convincing at all and hadn't managed to hide the obvious despair in these few words. Once more, the halfbreed had believed to hear: "I need you! " Don't let him go, don't let him go! Without thinking longer, he threw his money on the bar, left promptly the place in which he had spent hours bemoaning, and started to run as fast as he could behind the white silhouette already far.

The streets were deserted in this late hour and Sanzo had already reached the entry door of the inn where they had stopped during the afternoon, when he was clutched by the wrist.

- "Forgive me! I beg you! " The monk turned over and look down at the halfbreed who had fallen to his knees trying to take again his breath. He met then his blood eyes, and remained speechless as he saw the emotion that those unveiled. He definitely didn't understand anything any more. Why Gojyo stood in front of him on his knees and begged him? It didn't make any sense! Did it make sense?

Sanzo didn't dare to move. The redhead realized to the rigidity of the man he hadn't released, that this one was disturbed and that he didn't know any more what to think of his paradoxical behavior. All this had been going on for a too long time. He had to say here and now to Sanzo what he really had on the heart. He had to be honest towards him.

- "Sanzo, I… Where to start?… I was stupid… It is true that until the other evening, I believed I was playing with you. I believe that I wanted, yes I wanted to try to control the hold that you had on me. This stupid game that I had started was only one means to reassure me… To persuade me that I didn't feel anything for you, that I was able to stand close to you without losing my mind… Perhaps that even unconsciously, I wanted to test you in order to know if I had a chance that you were interested in me. And the other evening, when I looked into your eyes, I understood that all I had done since the beginning, was lying to myself.

- "If you didn't play with me, then why did you leave as you did?" The blond wasn't sure he understood well what the redhead told him. Especially, he didn't want to be mistaken once again. If ever he had been mistaken.

- "I think that I had never dared to hope that you live up to my expectations, and when you did it, I wasn't prepared for it… and you cannot believe me, but I completely panicked when the reality concerning my feelings for you exploded in my face like a time bomb, reducing to dust all my heart's defenses"

- "What do you want to say exactly? " The monk's heart throbbed with the hope that maybe the halfbreed would tell him what he wished to hear since many weeks. Gojyo, still in a submissive position, surrounded Sanzo's thin waist with possessive arms and pressed his face against the belly of this last who didn't struggle.

- "what I want to say, it is that I was terribly disturbed and I needed to clear my thoughts. But now I know, Sanzo. I know that I was only a fool not to want to face the truth… The truth… it's that I really am a fool… a fool who was ready to do anything so that you look at me… a fool, slave of his love for you. Yes Sanzo, I am mad about you, and you're the only one who can do my happiness or my unhappiness"

The monk felt himself fall to this touching declaration. He was relieved that the redhead held him firmly because he knew that his legs would have let him drop to the ground at the time. He still didn't say anything and observed Gojyo who finally stood up until their noses touched, while tightening his hold on the waist and the back of the blond. As their lips brushed against each other, the halfbreed whispered with his voice still quavering with emotion:

- "I love you, Sanzo." These three little words were enough for the blond to succumb. He had no other choice that to let the redhead carry him, as his strengths went await from him. He knew then that the fortress before indestructible that his heart represented, and that he had built meticulously year after year, broke down literally when Gojyo drove him into a passonate kiss to prove him that he didn't lie.

They moved away their heads only when they felt they asphyxiated and that they absolutely had to take again air. They remained forehead against forehead, taking again their breath patiently. Then the halfbreed wanted to make sure that the monk had heard and understood him.

- "Say something… please… "

- "I believed that you hated me…" Sanzo confessed, opening his moving amethyst eyes that he didn't remember to have closed, to plunge them into Gojyo's.

-"If I could hate you, it would be surely to love you as much" The halfbreed said frankly while caressing the fine golden hair which fell on the priest's nape. Sanzo remained silent. However, now that he had confessed, the redhead hoped that the blond would dothe same. He took the face of this last between his broad hands in a reassuring manner.

- "Sanzo… I need to know... What's the nature of your feelings for me. Is it just lust? desire? Or… it's something else? " The monk blushed deeply and wanted to turn his head, but Gojyo's strong and large hands held his face firmly. He couldn't avoid answering. With a embarrassed voice he said slightly:

- "Let's say that I need you"

- "And…? "Gojyo wasn't going to be satisfied with this vague declaration which could mean all and nothing. Sanzo, who wasn't very gifted to express what he felt by words, gave back suddenly the passionate kiss that the other man had stolen to him a little earlier. Then, he said firmly:

- "I care for you and I want that you stay close to me! And if that isn't enough, then go to hell! " Gojyo burst of laughing at these words more than expressive. That was just like Sanzo!

- " It's enough, beautiful blond! "

- "Now, we need some sleep! I told you a few moments ago that we leave early in the morning! " The monk ordered while passing the door to enter the hall of the inn. However, the halfbreed was up for something more tempting than rest. While walking, he put his arm around the monk's neck and gave him at the same time a seductive and malicious smile.

- "Oh no, don't even think about that! I won't let you sleep before having show youhow to make it up... " To Gojyo's insinuation, Sanzo's cheeks were now of a bright scarlet color. However, the halfbreed had just thrown him a line that he wanted to respond, with a certain pleasure:

- "Humph… And I have to tie you to the bed this time to prevent that you flee again? " The blond was rancorous and didn't hesitate to let it know. That's mean! The redhead thought. But, he knew that Sanzo had a very good reason to bear him a grudge and preferred to take the remark not seriously as they arrived in front of the door of the room of this one who opened it without more waiting. And as they both entered the room, Gojyo finally answered with a voice burning with desire:

- "You know, it's an idea which deserves attention…" With his words, he captured once again Sanzo's lips, taking his time to like their taste. Although Sanzo was nervous with the idea of the immense step he was going to pass, he couldn't help himself but smile discreetly on Gojyo's lips, recognizing the unmoderate retort of the man. And as he closed the door behind them, he said with an amused expression:

- " CH'... Pervert! "


I really hope you've like it! It was my very first fic...