Chapter One.

A/N: I don't own the outsiders, and I'm completely

aware that this is a story that includes and OC

shipping with one of the gang. It doesn't matter

who's in the story as long as it's good. So don't

start flaming me because you dislike Whoever/OC

pairings. In case you haven't noticed there aren't

many girls in the books to pair them with. .

And since I'm not a fan of slash-writing (I read it,

but I couldn't write it. They're all so well written

and I could never top them) well, this is my only choice.

"Hey darling, wait up for a minute."

I was confused as to who'd be calling me 'darling'. The street had been empty only a couple minutes ago, after all. It was getting late and all I wanted was to get home, but the voice called out again.

"I'm not gonna hurt you."

For some reason I doubted that. The voice sounded slurred; drunk. Whoever was calling me was drunk. It'd be best to keep walking. Too bad curiosity got the better of me, and I turned around to see who was following me. It was... an old man? That can't be good.

"What's your name baby?"

I blinked. Was this old man calling me baby?

"Aurora," I replied calmly. "But everyone calls me Rory."

"Well Rory, you look like you've got a fine body. I think I'll take a better look."

Was he... going to rape me? Oh boy, this just wasn't my day. There was no one around to help me, and he was only centimetres away from me now. Oh god... I was going to die. Well, that's what I thought. But then a rock hit the man in the head, and a loud voice boomed out; "This is the police. Now step away from that girl before we are forced to take action." I guess that scared him pretty badly, sicne he ran away and all, but I knew it was just a couple boys fooling around.

They stepped out as soon as the man disappeared around a corner and I saw seven boys standing in front of me, their hair greased back looking tough. I guess I should thank them, huh?

"I guess I should thank you now, right?" I asked, tilting my head to the side slightly.

"You should, you should, Rory dear," said the one with sideburns.

"I see you overheard my name."

"Naw, I'm physic."


"I'm Two-Bit."

"Is that your real name?"

"Naw, It's Keith, but everyone calls me Two-Bit."

Turns out there was a Darry, Ponyboy, Dally, Steve, Sodapop and Johnny, along with Two-Bit. Ponyboy and Sodapop. Now those were some original names. But the one that caught my attention was Johnny...

"Hey, how old are ya anyway?" asked Steve, interrupting my thoughts.

"... Fifteen."

We were now at the Curtis house, and I really didn't know how they'd talked me into it. I'd told them I had to get home. My parents would be worried about me, and would probally send the cops out looking. She'd done it before, and I'd only been out with a group of friends. Yay mom, for making me look like an idiot.

"Can I at least phone home?" I asked Darry, who was the only one in the room at the time.


So after I'd phoned and said I'd probally stay for the night, and persuaded her to let me even though there were boys in the house that I'd be sleeping in. Paranoid parents much?

Hanging up the phone, I walked into the living room to find Two-Bit watching Mickey Mouse (A/N: because he is in all fanfics), and everyone else pretty much just sitting around. But we didn't know that, because this story needs some action, chaos was about to ensue. Yeah, you know what I'm saying. There was a flash of lighting and... the power went off. There were many shouts, and some swear words.



"Um... do we have any candles?"

The silence seemed to drag on for hours, until suddenly, Darry replied to that question.


I heard someone get up from the couch and frantically make their way around the house, bumping into many things along the way. It was pretty funny to me, until whoever it was tripped over my foot, and we both fell to the ground, me screaming all the way. And then a voice whispered in my ear; "What's the matter Rory? Scared of what lurks in the dark?"