I own nothing. This is what I think should of happen in X-men 3 during the final battle.


"FALL BACK!" Logan screamed at everyone as Magneto hurled metal everywhere at everyone.

"Magneto." One of his henchman said to him. "There is a new mutant here. A five. Almost as powerful as Phoenix."

"Who?" Magneto asked pausing in his terror.

"She has so many powers. Even some of Phoenix's." She told him.

"Rouge." He whispered as he found her flying up in the air. Everyone seemed to pause as they watch Rouge face Magneto.

"You." She whisper to him in a low voice.

"Hello Rouge." He whisper back. He flick his wrist making big chuck of the Golden Bridge fly as her but she block the piece with a invisible force and it flew back at him. The piece fell to the ground.

"You going to lose." She whisper to her enemy.

"No, mutants are going to win, my dear." He told her in a loud voice.

"Yes, yes they will but not how you think. Look around you. Those who trusted you are dead. DEAD." Rouge scream the last word at him and Hank shot the cure in Magneto chest.

"Now you can't help them because as you would say you are a Homo-sapiens." Rouge said flying away just in time to catch a flash of black and red eyes. She smile at that direction knowing that person saw her smile.

Rouge heard Logan tell Ororo take everyone to safety. She saw Bobby help Kitty and Leech. She growled and went to help the helpless. Rouge saw Logan go to Jean slowly but surely. She stopped and floated in the air and watched as Logan kill Jean. Logan face broke into a million pieces as it happen. She lifted them to safety as the island started to explode.

The next day

"Rouge your back!" Bobby said walking into her room.

"Marie." Rouge told him.

"What?" he asked.

"My name is Marie." Marie told him smiling slightly.

"Did you get…..it?" he asked.

"No. Someone taught me control. He told me the trick for control. Didn't you see me?" Marie asked him.

"When?" Bobby asked trying to get closer.

"At the battle. I helped Hank distract Magneto as he gave the cure to him." Marie said shaking her head at Bobby. "But I saw you. I saw you kiss Kitty and not for the first time either."

"I didn't mean too, I love you Rouge." He told her.

"Marie. My name is Marie. Bobby don't worry about it because I meet someone." Marie told him.

"You meet someone?" he asked in a strangle whisper.

"He's great and I really like him." Marie told him smiling. "He taught me control."

"Don't you love me?" Bobby asked about to cry.

"I did love you……until I saw you kissing her. All my love died with that. But I think he is the one." Marie said smiling the biggest smile in a long time.

"As long as your happy." He whisper sitting on her bed.

"MARIE! Someone here for you!" Logan cried from downstairs. Logan was glaring at the man if front of him. He had on dark ruby glasses, old worn in jeans, a white muscular tank, and ratty brown dust on.

Marie smiled warmly and left Bobby to his own thoughts and on his break up. "Remy!" Marie said walking down the stairs and hugging him.

"Chere, Remy has missed you." Remy said holding her close.

"Of course you have. Remy this is Logan. Logan, Remy." Logan and Remy looked at each other for a long moment before shaking hands.

"Dumped ice man?" Logan asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Dumped himself when he kissed another girl." Marie said.

"Good." Logan said leaving to be in his own misery.

"Come on. We talk to Ororo about getting you a room." Marie said to her new boyfriend.

"How 'bout we share." He whispered in his thick Cajun accent. Marie giggled but shock her head.

"Later." She whisper back to him. They didn't notice the brown hair man upstairs staring at them with guilt.