Sick Day for Marc...

Marc is really sick with the flu and Lu stays home with him but something happens that will change Lu's life for forever..

Disclaimer: All Characters belong to Lifetime.

It was 2:05 Thursday morning. It was cold and raining outside. Lu was a sleep. Marc sat up in his bed listening to it rain. He couldn't believe how bad he felt. He had felt bad earlier in the day but didn't want to bother his mom with it since she had been treating sick people all day. He had went to bed before she got home so he wouldn't have to answer any questions about what was wrong. But, now he had been sitting their for a while debating on weather to wake his mom up or not but had decide not to unless necessary. "Uhhh" marc said as he laid his head in his hands. "Oh god" marc said as he got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet.

Lu woke up when she heard marc throwing up "Oh no Marc! I knew something was wrong with him when he was all ready a sleep when I got home from work." Lu said to herself. She got up and walked quickly out of her room and into the bathroom where marc was kneeling by the toilet throwing up. "Honey are you okay." Lu asked him as she walked over to him knowing that he wasn't.

"I'm okay just a little sick sorry I woke you I didn't mean to" Marc said as he sat down against the wall in the bathroom breathing hard and shaking with chills. Lu squats down to his level. "No honey it's fine if your sick I need to be up with you." Lu said Lu puts her hand on his forehead and then feels his cheeks. "Oh honey you're burning! Here let me help you to the couch and ill take you temperature okay." Lu said sympathetically to Marc.

"Okay" Marc said irritated but didn't feel like arguing with her. Lu helped him up and helped him walk to the couch. Marc laid down and coughed. "I'm going to get my bag and ill be right back" Lu went and got her bag.

"Okay what all hurts" Lu asked him.

"Just about everything" marc said.

"How long have you been sick" Lu asked him as she sat down beside him.

"Since this morning but, I didn't want to bother you with it since you have to see sick people all day. Just give me a Advil and you can go back to bed I'll be fine" Marc said as Lu felt his head again.

"Honey can't you just let me take care of you we go through this every time you get sick. Just let me look you over and I'll leave you alone." Lu said as she took out her thermometer .

"Alright I guess" marc said.

"Okay let me take your temperature then." Lu told him gently.

Marc nodded his head yes.

Lu stuck the thermometer in his mouth. She took his pulse "Good Okay I'm going to feel you glands." Lu felt his neck where his glands are. "Your glands are a little swollen." Lu said as thermometer went off Lu took it out of his mouth. "Well honey you have a fever 104.9 we've got to get that down. Let me look at your throat." She shined a light down the back of his throat. "Your throat looks really bad." Lu took her stethoscope out of her bag. "Take a deep breath for me" she said as she listed to his lungs. "Again please" she said. "Okay your lungs sound good just a little congested how about you stay right here and I'll go get you something to take to see if we can get that fever down and are you still sick to your stomach?" Lu asked him.

"Yes" Marc said softly.

"Okay I'll get you something for that to." Lu said as rubbed his arm. Lu went and got him an Ibuprofen and a Finnegan for nausea. "All right honey sit up for a sec. and take this." Marc took the pills.

"I feel awful" Marc said.

"I know honey I'm sorry but , it sounds like you have the flu. Do you want to go back to bed?"

"Yeah but I don't want to be alone" marc said.

"Okay well do you want to come lay down with me in my room?" Lu asked him as marc lend against her while she rubbed his hair.

"Yeah I guess but I don't want to get you sick to." Marc said.

"Don't worry about that I had a flu shot earlier in the year so I can't get it. So you want to come lay down with me?"

"Please" marc said.

"All right baby I'll go get your pillow and you can come with me." Lu went and got his pillow. "Come on lets go to my room honey." Marc stood up and followed Lu to her room. He got under the covers and laid down. Lu laid down on the other side of him. Marc scooted over to be close to her. Lu noticed what he was doing and she pulled him close to her and put her arm around him.

"Mom…." marc said softly .

"Yeah honey" Lu said as ran fingers through his hair.

"Thank you…" marc said

" Your welcome honey I love you." Lu said.

"I love you to." Marc said softly as he drifted off to sleep.