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"What did Lu say was wrong?" Peter asked Nick waiting on her to get their.

"Lana said Marc was dehydrated and had the flu" Nick said as he looked over some patient files.

Lu came in the Ambulance bay carrying Marc with his arms raped around her neck. "Peter!" Lu hollered for him when she saw him. Peter came over to her. "How are you carrying him isn't he to heavy for you?" Peter asked her surprised to see her carrying him.

"He's not as heavy as you would think and he was having a hard time staying balanced." Lu said to him.

"Lu we've got a curtain 5 open for him." Nick said to Lu. Lu followed him over and sat Marc down on the gurney. Marc Laid down on the gurney not saying anything.

"Marc Delgado 13 year old male dehydration…" Peter said until Lu interrupted him.

"Nausea, vomiting, Fever, sore throat, congestion, aces and pains, tiredness, and dizziness since yesterday. I want an IV of Normal saline wide open and a full work up CBC, TBT, Lights, white count the works. I want a IV of phangram for nausea!" Lu said barking out orders.

"Mom what's going on?" Marc asked weakly as he looked up at Lu.

"Baby their just going to taking some blood and I'm going to start you on a IV for Nausea and give you some IV fluids to re-hydrate you. Just relax I'll let you know what's going on when it happens" Lu said as she kiss on his forehead. It broke her heart to see him like this.

Marc just nodded his head to show he understood.

"Okay honey I'm going to put an IV in your arm so we can start your medicine and fluids." Lu said prepping his hand to put it in.

"Do it" Marc said as he looked away. Lu put his IV in and started it.

"Okay I need 500 MGS of Tylenol and a bed in pediatrics." Nick ordered.

"Marc we are going to move you up stairs and your going to have to stay over night" Lu said to him as they rolled him up to his room.

"Okay I guess" Marc said shutting his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Lu and Peter got Marc settled into his room

"Will you and Marc be okay for a while?" Peter asked Lu.

"Yeah I think were fine. He will be a sleep for a while" Lu said covering marc up.

"Okay I'll be back by later and I'm sure Lana will be by soon." Peter said

"Thanks Peter." Lu said to him

Peter Left the room. Lu sat their looking at Marc Lana Knocked on the door and came in the room.

"Hey" Lu said softly

"How's he doing?" Lana asked putting her hand on Lu's shoulder.

"He's okay for now I've got him on IV fluids and nausea medication. Thanks Lana" Lu said.

"No problem kid I'm just glad his doing okay." Lana said to her.

"I wish Bill would have called me yesterday morning when Marc first got sick." Lu said angrily.

"Well how much do you want to bet Marc didn't tell Bill he was sick. He's just like his mom want admit when he's sick or something's wrong with him." Lana said

"Okay Okay you've made your point." Lu said.

"Do you need anything?" Lana asked

"No I'm all right but thanks anyway?" Lu said

"All right I'll be by later holler if you need something."

"I will thanks Lana"

Lana left the room Lu set back in her chair. God I wasn't planning on this today. I'm so thankful I've got health insurance now since I'm working at Rittenhouse. Lu said to herself running her fingers through her hair and yawned. Lu sat their a second and fell asleep watching marc sleep. Two hours later Marc woke up and Lu was still sleeping. He couldn't believe how bad he felt and he was having a hard time breathing.

"Mom…" Marc said breathing hard trying to catch his breath. Lu didn't even move. "Mom" Marc said again grasping for air and panicking as the monitors started going off. Lu woke up to the monitors going off and nurses coming into the room. Lu got up and rushed over to Marc. "Mom..I ..I.. can't …breath…" Marc said gasping for air and passed out.

"Oh god Marc baby." Lu said franticly tiring to find out what was wrong. "I need a intubation tray NOW!" Lu hollered at the to the nurse in tears.