He hated them, he truly and utterly despised every last one of them… Draco Malfoy sat there and glared across the great hall, his eyes running down the list of students sitting at the Gryffindor table. First there was Collin and Dennis Creevey, the way they followed around Potter like a pair of puppy dogs and how they kept trying to take his picture, was pathetic.

His gaze then landed on Neville Longbottom, and he found himself cringing. Neville was completely handy-capped, a disgrace to pure bloods and not to mention the fact that he still somehow found a way to become friends with Potter. The next person he saw was Parvati Patil and Draco felt his face forming into a scowl. Draco knew very little about this girl, except the obvious fact that she was in no way pretty and that he had no idea how she had managed to capture someone like Potter to go to the Yule ball with her a few years ago. Most likely some sort of love potion.

Draco continued his scan of the Gryffindor table, deciding every last one of them was pathetic and immediately writing them off. A small frown formed on Draco's face when his gaze landed on Seamus Finnigan. The frown deepened as Draco watched Harry laugh at something Seamus said, he never did like him. Not only did Draco think all of his pranks were pathetic, he was also… well… he was just stupid... That's all there was too it.

The frown remained on Draco's face when his gaze swept over none other then Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. The two best friends of the golden boy, Draco's frown deepened. He truly hated the mud-blood, not only did she somehow find a way to beat him in every class, something that was not acceptable. But the way she always talked privately with Harry, she wasn't even good looking. There was obviously something going on between the two, which was just wrong.

The frown turned into a dark scowl as he looked over Ron Weasley. Not only was he a disgrace to wizards, poor, and pathetic at magic. It was also because of Ron that he, Draco Malfoy, wasn't friends with Harry. Why Potter would choose someone like the Weasel instead of him, he would never understand. Of course if he had known Harry and Weasley were friends then Draco would never have insulted the stupid prat, he was not an idiot. He would have found a way into Harry's good graces then eventually gotten rid of the Weasel. Draco scowled more as he watched Ron talk to Harry. There was no way Ron deserved to be Harry's friend, no way in hell.

The scowl turned into a dark glare as hiss gaze turned to the other Weasley. He eyed the girls red hair, her short skirt and the way she was leaning towards Potter. If looks could kill… well then Draco would be very happy and the world would have a lot less stupidity in it, not to mention girls who flirted with a certain raven haired boy. Draco watched as she twirled her hair and looked up at Harry thru her lashes. There was no shadow of a doubt that something was definitely going on there, something that had no right to be going on. Draco had watched for years as the youngest Weasley had giggled and swooned around Harry, but luckily to no avail. When it was obvious that Harry was in no way interested in the girl, Draco had relaxed. The next thing he knew Ginevra had grown up and had half the boys in the school after her, but of course she had to only be really interested in one person. The one person that she had no right to think she could have. Harry Potter…. HIS Harry. Draco continued to glare at the table, hating all of them for being the ones Harry trusted, for being the ones who got to sit beside him…

Yes there was no shadow of a doubt… Draco Malfoy was jealous.


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